A compilation of local families, submitted by John Pomeroy:

Descendants of Benjamin Anderson/Hannah Wilson of Ireland (Mary Lou Reid)

Descendants of William Anderson/Mary Woods (c1822) of Ireland. Both a group sheet and a more detailed family history have been submitted. (John W. Cross)

Bensons of Port Hope (Steve Gray -

Descendants of Abraham Best/Ann Bennetts of Hope Township, also Tabb and Snell families (Ken Beecroft)

Descendants of John/Jane Bruce (c1840) of Perrytown (Norma Johnston)

Descendants of Thomas Bye/Sarah Holdaway (c1815) of Hampshire, England, and John & Mary McComb (c1845) of Scotland/Ireland (Bill Skitch -

Descendants of Hugh Cunning/Martha Stanley (c1800) of Gaspe, Quebec. Son Abner is listed in the 1871 Port Hope census. (Marian Wight -

Descendants of Thomas Edwards/Mary Bradley of Hope Township (Ken Beecroft)

Erasmus Fowke of Derbyshire/1794 (Libby Toop)

Robert Garnett/Susannah Cook of Essex c1820s (Michelle Dunn)

James Carson Gray/Elizabeth Emma Stewart of Garden Hill c1840s (Paul Lackey)

Descendants of Frederick William Hackett (Ireland)/Julia Emma Hooper (Port Hope) (Art Hackett)

Descendants of Edmund Harwood/Fanny Summers of England c1850 (Steven Cavanaugh)

Descendants of Morice Hay (1796:Scotland) and Christian Marshall (1794:Scotland)/Ann Standage (1812:England)/Sarah Harris (1810:Port Hope) (Leigh Hay-LeBlanc)

Descendants of Thomas Hayden/Matilda Ada Wallace of Port Hope (Ian Hayden Westell)

The William/Rachel Hill & John/Jane Vint families of Hope Township c1850 (Jaimie Walker)

Descendants of George Hogg/Margaret Douglas of Port Hope (Ruth McKenna)

Descendants of William Holdaway - including Staples and Pillsworth connections (Linda Holdaway -

The Philip Thomas Kellaway family of Port Hope in the 1800s (Don Kellaway)

The Hamilton Leith/Marion Currie family of Port Hope (1818:Enniskillen, Ire.) (Stephen Leith -

Descendants of Samuel Lithgow/Helenor Magee (c1800) of Ireland (James Hamilton)

Descendants of John Moise/Susannah Nancekieville (c1765) of Devonshire, England (Dennis Moise)

The Patrick Porteus family (Pat Allan)

Descendants of Nicholas and Hannah Rose (c1800) of Gaspe, Quebec. Daughter Hannah (Rose) Cunning is buried in Port Hope Union Cemetery. (Marian Wight -

James A. Smith/Sarah Ann Redfearn of Port Hope c1870 (Gord Dandy)

Descendants of Walter Symons, originally of St. Tudy, Cornwall, England (Robert Symons -

The Isaac Vanorder (Vanidor)/Sarah Ann Howe family (Robert Vanidour, passed away 10 December 2013 in London, Ontario)

The Hugh Walker/Mary Johnston family (c1805) of Hope Township (Edgar Walker -

The Wickett family of Port Hope (Mary Lacey)

Peter and Barbara Bolton - Port Hope, Ontario