Port Hope people who went to the United States

The following article was taken from the 05 Jul 1889 issue of the Port Hope Weekly Guide.

Our Wandering Boys

The Export of Blood, Brains and Bones
A Partial List of Our Young Men Who Have Gone to Better their Condition in Uncle Sam's Domain

(Revised and corrected)
The Restrictionists tell us that it is not the proper thing for us to export our surplus produce to the United States; that as loyal citizens we ought to deal exclusively with the Mother-land. Be that as it may, we are exporting to the States the very life's blood of this Canada of ours, viz, our young men.

We are indebted to Mr. Jos. Hooper, for the following list of natives of this town and its immediate vicinity, who have left Port Hope and taken up their residence in the United States.

Why is this thus? We await an answer.

Name Location
Anderson, HarryColumbus, O.
Austin, JamesRochester, NY
Austin, WilliamPennsylvania
Anderson, GeorgeChicago, Ill.
Anderson, Ed.Rochester, NY
Ashford, Wm.California
Ashford, WilsonCalifornia
Ashford, JosephCalifornia
Ashford, NelsonIowa
Ashford, JohnIowa
Armstrong, JohnDakota
Addy, Robt.New York
Alilen, A.A.Minneapolis
Ballagh, WilfredDallas, Texas
Bates, EdRochester, NY
Bates, JosephRochester, NY
Bates, LewisRochester, NY
Bates, RichardRochester, NY
Black, CharlesRochester, NY
Black, DavidRochester, NY
Bevan, GeorgeRochester, NY
Billingsley, J.R.Port Huron, Mich.
Billingsley, A.R.Minneapolis, Min.
Brockenshire, EdBuffalo, NY
Budge, Walter L.Kentucky
Budge, CharltonColumbus, O.
Barrowclough, N.Rochester, NY
Barnett, F.A.Louisville, Ky.
Baulch, WillRochester, NY
Black, AlexMerrill, Wisconsin
Black, NormanMerrill, Wisconsin
Black, WilliamMerrill, Wisconsin
Black, FredMerrill, Wisconsin
Burns, FredWisconsin
Brownscombe, AlbertChicago, Ill.
Ballagh, W.T.Appleton City, Mo.
Bevan, Geo. T.Toledo, O.
Billingsley, AndrewSpringfield, Ill.
Brodie, FrankSyracuse, NY
Brown, ---Philadelphia
Boulton, D'Arcy Chicago
Booth, CharlesMontana
Booth, Freel
Booth, Tom
Bletchford, ---
Byington, Ed. L.Colorado Springs
Bisset, Wm.Bad Axe, Mich.
Brophy, Wm.
Bigelow, CharlesBrooklyn
Boyce, LewisKansas
Boyce, HarveyKansas
Boyce, WorcesterKansas
Boyce, MarkKansas
Bedford, FranklinIowa
Beatty, John W.Michigan
Baker, Jas.Ohio
Bartlett, F.Grand Rapids, Mich.
Byam, AllenNew York
Bletcher, JosephMichigan
Bletcher, BarnabasMichigan
Bowen, WarrenIllinois
Bowen, OrvealIllinois
Bowen, IsaacIllinois
Cherry, Fred D.Albany, NY
Carey, T.J.Grand Rapids, Mich.
Clemes, CharlesNew York
Church, JamesDetroit, Mich.
Crocker, W.Boston
Carson, Dr. J.W.Lake Park, Minnesota
Carson, DavidDetroit, Minn.
Cochrane, JohnMontana
Cook, JamesGrand Rapids
Collings, W.Butte City, Montana
Cornish, JohnToledo
Craig, T.D.San Francisco, Cal.
Clarke, JohnSan Francisco, Cal.
Corbett, E.S.Oswego, NY
Cavanagh, MilesBuffalo, NY
Cushaw, ErnestChicago, Ill.
Cummings, JayChicago, Ill.
Craig, JosephSt. Paul
Craig, ArthurSan Francisco
Craig, AlSan Francisco
Cameron, A.Aberdeen, Dakota
Clancy, BarneyMichigan
Cleghorn, ---Kankakee, Ill.
Carveth, WilliamChicago
Craig, RobertMississippi
Coughlin, JohnCouncil Bluffs
Coughlin, M.Council Bluffs
Carter, GeorgeNew York
Corker, ThomasBrooklyn, NY
Corker, WilliamBrooklyn, NY
Corker, HenryBrooklyn, NY
Cleghorn, John
Cleghorn, Edward
Cleghorn, Wm.
Croft, FrankRochester, NY
Clarke, Robt.California
Coots, John [Coates?]New York
Curran, DavidDetroit, Mich.
Cribben, PatrickBuffalo, NY
Choate, NathanIowa
Choate, DavidIowa
Choate, Wm.Illinois
Choate, RichardCleveland
Chrysler, Geo.Cincinnati
Corbett, Jas.New York
Craig, Jos. W.Minneapolis
Croft, Geo. F.Buffalo, NY
Dayman, EdDetroit, Mich.
Dayman, F.L.Detroit, Mich.
Dayman, SamuelRochester, NY
Deyell, JohnRochester, NY
Donglass, Ed [Douglass?]Indiana
Donald, JamesLos Angeles
Dean, HenryRochester, NY
Devany, Wm.Michigan
Dickson, Dr. JamesOgdensburg
Dundas, Albert
Day, John D.Denver, Col.
Day, GeorgeDenver, Col.
Doney, JohnHoneygrove, Texas
Dyer, John Jr.Rochester
Ellis, Dr. M.H.St. Paul, Minn.
Earl, Dr. E.Rochester, NY
Elliott, JamesRochester, NY
Edmunds, JohnWilliamsport, Pa.
Eyres, BertDenver, Col.
Ford, Henry W.Bradford, Pa.
Fogarty, CharlesPort Huron, Mich.
Fogarty, HarryChicago, Ill.
Fogarty, WillBuffalo, NY
Fogarty, RichardCleveland, O.
Fike, HowardRochester, NY
Fanning, James M.New York
Ferguson, RobertRochester, NY
Fraser, WilliamMontana
Forbes, Dr.New York
Fursdon, ThomasMinneapolis
Fenton, AlfRochester
Gothwaite, JosephNew York
Gurney, E.Cincinnati
Gilchrist, SamuelRochester
Gott, JohnWarsaw, NY
George, AlbertMelbourne, Australia
Gillett, H.Buffalo, NY
Gillett, AlfBuffalo, NY
Gillett, Ed.Buffalo, NY
Green, WillKankakee, Ill.
Green, CharlesBradford, Pa.
Green, ThomasBradford, Pa.
Gibson, JohnAlaska
Gibson, JamesKansas City
Gifford, EzraChicago, Ill.
Gifford, SamuelPittsford, NY
Gifford, AlfredPittsford, NY
Gifford, Wm.Chattanooga, Tenn.
Gibson, GeorgeMinneapolis
Gracey, AlfRochester, NY
Gladman, ErlandDuluth
Gurton, DavidOswego, NY
Grant, E.R.Hartley, Delaware
Grimison, JamesNebraska
Gist, JamesBangor, Pa.
Galvin, JamesRochester, NY
Galvin, RichardRochester, NY
Galvin, Wm.Rochester, NY
Galvin, EdwardRochester, NY
Gifford, OraTycoma, Wyoming
Gullen, EdwardNew York
Grant, LummisIllinois
Grant, JohnIllinois
Grant, WhitneyMichigan
Gordonier, WilsonMichigan
Hamly, RobertDetroit, Mich.
Harcourt, MathewDetroit, Mich.
Harper, C. EdGrand Rapids, Mich.
Henderson, W.G.Detroit, Mich.
Helm, GeorgeNew York
Helm, AlfBoston
Hacker, FredRochester, NY
Healy, Geo. R.San Francisco, Cal.
Halliday, FredKansas City, Col.
Hales, GeorgeMichigan
Hales, FredColorado
Hales, HermanPortland, Oregon
Harrison, T.Minnesota
Hamly, Wm. H.Chicago, Ill.
Hamly, FrankChicago, Ill.
Hamly, H.T.Denver, Colorado
Hamly, FredDenver, Colorado
Hewson, SamuelBoston, Mass.
Hawkins, EdOswego, NY
Hawkins, Ed L.Chicago, Ill.
Hooper, JosephWalla Walla, W.T.
Hooper, HarryPort Huron, Mich.
Hooper, WillGrand Rapids, Mich.
Howell, Wm.Omaha, Nebraska
Howell, RichardOmaha, Nebraska
Howell, Herb.Omaha, Nebraska
Howell, HarrySan Francisco, Cal.
Hawkins, ArthurRochester, NY
Helm, DavidChicago, Ill.
Hunter, ThomasSt. Louis
Hales, JeromeChicago, Ill.
Hamilton, ---
Harry, RichardBuffalo
Hartley, RobertTexas
Hills, Wm.Rochester, NY
Hills, JohnRochester, NY
Hills, FredChicago, Ill.
Hills, ThomasCleveland, Ohio
Haskill, ---Illinois
Hanna, GeorgeIllinois
Hanna, Wm.Iowa
Hunt, M.H.Michigan
Hunt, W.L. [The Great Farini]London, England
Harvey, WilliamBuffalo
Hayden, Wm.Buffalo
Hudson, Wm.
Hutchinson, Wm.Wisconsin
Henry, Robt.Michigan
Henderson, AbrahamNew York
Hawkins, Wm.Kentucky
Hunter, Wm.Warsaw, NY
Hagerman, NelsonNew York
Irwin, Charles Ed.Buffalo
Innes, Robt. S.Kenton, Ohio
Jones, BenChicago
Janes, JohnHouston, Texas
Johns, WilliamChicago, Ill.
Jones, RichardPullman, Ill.
Jacobs, J.V.Troy, NY
Jacobs, J.E.Troy, NY
Johnston, Robt.Ogdensburg
Kerr, J.C.Dakota
Knapp, B.Chicago, Ill.
Kellaway, WinfieldRochester, NY
Kellaway, WilliamRochester, NY
Knight, CharlesChicago, Ill.
Kirkpatrick, JohnBuffalo, NY
Kerr, J.H.Alpena, Mich.
Kennedy, Wm.
Knapp, Ed.Buffalo
Knight, Ed.
Luxon, W.Rochester
Lordon, D.St. Paul, Minn.
Libbey, WalterRochester, NY
Lockwood, FredDenver, Colorado
Little, Jos.New York
Little, R.Buffalo
Little, JohnBuffalo
Lawson, George C.Los Angeles, Cal.
Lawson, Wm.Denver, Col.
Lawson, Thos.Denver, Col.
Lawson, ArtimusDenver, Col.
Long, Henry F.Grand Rapids
Long, Alfred J.Detroit
Lynn, JohnRochester, NY
Leslie, Wm.Morris, Minn.
Lonsdale, JohnNewark, NY
Lake, Fred, and sonsRochester, NY
Lordon, Thos.St. Paul, Minn.
Little, JamesBuffalo
Lockwood, Wm.New York
Liddel, ---
Lees, EdMinneapolis
Leslie, JohnSan Ledro, Cal.
Martin, ClintonRochester, NY
Marshall, JohnRochester, NY
Maples, JohnRochester, NY
Martin, FrankRochester, NY
Marshall, Wm.Chicago, Ill.
Mason, W.J.Fairport, NY
Misson, WilliamRochester, NY
Misson, George
Misson, John
Maitland, AndrewKansas City
Marshall, JohnErie, Pa.
Mackie, JamesButte City, Montana
Moffatt, WilliamDetroit, Mich.
Moffatt, JohnDenver, Col.
Moffatt, CharlesRochester, NY
Mason, JamesSt. Louis
Mounteer, AlbertPhiladelphia
Montgomery, J.A.Los Angeles, Cal.
Montgomery, GeorgeLos Angeles, Cal.
Moffatt, JamesNew York
Martin, WilliamMelbourne, Australia
Marshall, ThomasDenver, Col.
Montgomery, HughChicago, Ill.
Montgomery, EdwardChicago, Ill.
Montgomery, RobertDenver, Col.
Machesney, Wm.Minnesota
Masters, WilliamNew York
Masters, EdGardiner, Mass.
Maloney, MartinBuffalo, NY
Maloney, JohnBuffalo, NY
Maitland, RalphRochester, NY
Mitchell, John R.New York
Morrow, CharlesChicago, Ill.
Munson, JamesBuffalo
Mathews, JosephWatertown, NY
Mathews, WilliamWatertown, NY
Murphy, GriffithNew York
Maguire, J.C.New Jersey
Marshall, Robt.Berjen, NY [Bergen, NJ?]
Margetts, W. R(?).New York
McGimsie, E.H.Chicago, Ill.
McGimsie, ThomasChicago, Ill.
McGimsie, GeorgeChicago, Ill.
McChesney, ---Chicago, Ill.
McKee, Wm. J.Detroit, Mich.
McKee, JamesDetroit, Mich.
McCabe, JohnChicago, Ill.
McLean, JamesChicago, Ill.
McGinnis, Wm.Pennsylvania
McGinnis, CharlesPennsylvania
McGinnis, RichardPennsylvania
McClung, RichardRochester, NY
McMaster, Wm.Boston, Mass.
McMaster, HenryElmira, NY
McCormick, MichaelSaratoga, NY
McManus, Chas.Chicago, Ill.
McKay, Wm.Buffalo, NY
McVity, ArthurChicago
McFarlane, H.Chicago
McFarlane, JamesPort Huron
McFarlane, JohnHuchison, Kas.
Macdonald, DonaldLouisville, Ky.
McNall, JamesMinneapolis
McCurdy, D.Battle Creek, Mich.
McGibbons, EdNewburg, NY
McBurney, D.E.Syracuse
McBurney, E.W.Rochester
McGee, Jas.Albion, NY
McCormack, BarneyNew York
McCreery, Thos.Detroit
Newburn, RichardJersey City
Nelson, Wilbert
Nelson, Fred
O'Halloran, ThomasChicago
O'Brien, Thos.Detroit, Mich.
Over, A.E. [Olver?]Michigan
Philp, WaltLos Angeles, Cal.
Powe, T.H.Muskegon, Mich.
Powers, F.A.New York
Powers, Dr. WillisConnecticut
Philp, H.Los Angeles, Cal.
Peverett, AlNebraska
Peverett, Wm.Nebraska
Parsons, JohnPennsylvania
Passmore, Wm.Denver
Pethick, JohnChicago
Philp, HarryBuffalo, NY
Philp, R.Buffalo, NY
Pitt, T.N.Chicago
Perkin, W.R.Ontario, Cal.
Pearce, JohnBuffalo, NY
Pearce, GeorgeBuffalo, NY
Powers, CorneliusPennsylvania
Potter, DavidIllinois
Potter, PhilipIllinois
Potter, PhilanderIllinois
Potter, Dr. E.S.Illinois
Potter, SylvesterIllinois
Quay, FrankChicago
Raine, DonaldNew York
Rutherford, JamesDakota
Russell, WilliamPine Station, Penn.
Russell, AlPine Station, Penn.
Russell, JosephWilliamsport, Penn.
Russell, R.G.Millway, Penn.
Ritchie, AlbertWisconsin
Roberts, JohnRochester
Rubidge, DavidDenver, Col.
Rubidge, AlfredCalifornia
Rubidge, Robt.California
Rowson, JohnGrand Rapids, Mich.
Rowson, JamesGrand Rapids, Mich.
Rowson, ---Grand Rapids, Mich.
Randall, FredKansas City
Russell, H.C.New York
Richardson, AlfMelbourne, Australia
Richards, Chas.Rochester, NY
Rose, JosephMichigan
Rose, FredMerced, Cal.
Reynolds, F.Buffalo
Richardson, Wm.Buffalo
Russell, Wm.Pennsylvania
Rowe, Wm.New York
Ray, GeorgeCharlotte, NY
Rubidge, Robt.Denver, Col.
Randall, J.C.Michigan
Randall, J.F.Michigan
Randall, RalphMichigan
Ritchie, JohnSan Francisco
Ritchie, Wm.Iowa
Sanders, WilliamDetroit
Smart, AlexanderIllinois
Spry, SamuelDakota
Slack, ThomasRochester
Slack, JosephRochester
Smith, ---Buffalo
Smith, ---Buffalo
Stephens, Fred L.Montana
Salter, G.B.Dennebrog, Neb.
Salter, FredDennebrog, Neb.
Salter, Frank Dr.Dennebrog, Neb.
Sevey, M.Pennsylvania
Stansbury, RichardBoston
Smart, CrawfordMontana
Spotten, DavidMichigan
Spotten, ArthurMichigan
Sanders, CalebMichigan
Smith, JohnCalifornia
Sheehan, JohnBuffalo
Stevens, JohnRochester
Stevenson, JacobBoston
Stephens, Wm.Chicago
Stephens, Ben., Jr.Moreland, Ill.
Smith, ArthurChicago
Stratton, WalterBuffalo, NY
Smith, W.B.New York
Smith, DavidNew York
Slack, WilliamRochester
Stevenson, Alf A.Grand Rapids, Mich.
Steen, WilliamMinneapolis
Stevens, FredRochester
Salter, Dr. P.H.Norfolk, Nebraska
Sloan, AndrewPort Huron
Sloan, ArchibaldKentucky
Sloan, JamesNew York
Smith, Wm.Colorado
Stevenson, JohnPatterson, NJ
Stevenson, FrancisPatterson, NJ
Stevenson, WilliamPatterson, NJ
Straw, JosephIllinois
Smith, FrankCalifornia
Stephenson, JohnCharlotte
Shortt, L.H.San Francisco, Cal.
Stevens, JohnCanandagua
Thompson, WilliamBuffalo, NY
Tempest, CharlesLouisville, Ky.
Throop, Dr. D.C.Rochester
Topley, JohnPhiladelphia
Tozer, JosephRochester
Tuttle, FrankRochester
Tuttle, CharlesRochester
Trenbeth, JohnHelena, Montana
Trenbeth, WilliamIllinois
Tempest, CharlesKentucky
Thompson, JosephIowa
Thompson, AlfredIllinois
Thompson, JohnIllinois
Thompson, HenryIllinois
Thompson, EliIllinois
Walker, DavidChicago
Ware, JosephMontana
Ware, Geo.Saginaw, Mich.
Ware, Thos.Saginaw, Mich.
Ware, JohnKansas City
Wittman, LeonardRochester
Wittman, AlbertRochester
Welch, JohnRochester
Watson, CharlesRochester
Wood, FredRochester
Warner, RobertRochester
Wade, ThomasDetroit
Walker, RobertDenver
Wilcock, Wm.South Carolina
Wilcock, ThomasBrooklyn, NY
Wright, AlbertPhiladelphia
Walton, JohnPhiladelphia
Walton, RalphPhiladelphia
Wood, Fred D.New Hampshire
Warner, WilliamAlbany, Mississippi
Wilcock, MarkNew York
White, ThomasNew York
White, EdNew York
Welsh, HenryLouisiana
Williams, SilasSan Bernardino, Cal.
Wrightson, TerranceChicago
Woods, W.L.L.Wilmington, Del.
Welch, Frank M.Generrett, Louisiana [Mayor of the town]
Welch, AlbertGenerrett, Louisiana
Welch, WilliamKansas City
Webster, C.L.Eau Claire, Mich.
Webster, JohnEau Claire, Mich.
Webster, GeorgeEau Claire, Mich.
Webster, WilliamEau Claire, Mich.
Wade, HenryChicago
Wakely, FrankDetroit, Mich.
Waddell, ???

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