Hope Township obituary notices

Most of this collection was housed at the former Canton Pioneer School (SS #8), before being donated to the Port Hope Archives. Another group was donated to the Archives by Elaine Rostetter, while several have been obtained from indicated other sources. Additional information has been added from cemetery records (CemSearch).

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Surname Given name Age Relationship Died               Location Burial                    Remarks
AllelySusan68R/o Francis Allely (d1864)11 Jul 1882English Church Burying Ground, Perrytown
AustinJames76H/o Mariam Bye20 Jul 1895Port HopeMethodist Cemetery, Welcome
BarkwellRev. William John42S/o Stephen Barkwell & Agnes McComb28 Nov 1898TorontoUnion Cemetery, Port Hope
BarrettWilliam58H/o Charlotte (Eyre)09 Jul 1875Port HopeUnion Cemetery, Port Hope Michael Wladyka collection
BeattyMargaret (nee Johnston)84R/o James Beatty (d1857)21 Feb 1878St. Paul's Burying Ground, PerrytownFrom Elaine Rostetter
BeattyRobert5931 Oct 1894Hope Twp.Perrytown Methodist Cemetery
BeattyRobert Francis23S/o Robert Beatty06 Mar 1892Hope Twp.Perrytown Methodist Cemetery
BedfordElizabeth29Youngest d/o Robert Bedford & Mary Ann Marshall04 Jun 1879Bible Christian Cemetery, Welcome
BeggsElizabeth (nee Boyd)75R/o Robert Beggs15 Sep 1897CantonUnion Cemetery, Port Hope
BeggsRobert8004 May 1890Hope Twp.St. Paul's Church Cemetery, Perrytown
BlackRobert53H/o Elizabeth Smart20 May 1880Church of England Burying Ground, PerrytownFrom Elaine Rostetter
BondMary Agnes (nee Knox)26W/o Rev. Samuel Bond09 Aug 1872CantonHope Church Cemetery
BrandDaniel80H/o Elizabeth Sexton17 Mar 1872Canada Presbyterian Burying Ground
BrandMaria Ann5113 Mar 1882Union Cemetery, Port HopeListed as "Braund" in the burial records.
BrownscombeJames80H/o Melloney Pethick (d1868)05 Mar 1899UxbridgeUnion Cemetery, Port HopeFrom Thelma Lomas
BrownscombeWilliam H.67H/o Sarah Ann Found18 Jul 1916Union Cemetery, Port Hope
BurnhamSophronia (nee Gilchrist)82H/o Mark Burnham27 Nov 1883Port HopeSt. John's Anglican Cemetery, Port HopeMichael Wladyka collection
CampbellCaroline393rd d/o Thomas & Catherine Campbell14 Apr 1889English Church Cemetery, Perrytown
CampbellJane (nee Greer)73R/o John Campbell (d1872)09 Jun 1884Hope Twp.English Church Cemetery, Perrytown
CampbellJohn7814 Jan 1872Episcopal Church Burying Ground, Perrytown
CampbellThomas H.11S/o Robert Campbell10 Aug 1894Hope Twp.St. Paul's Church Cemetery, PerrytownFrom Elaine Rostetter
CassiePamela79R/o Rev. John Cassie (d1861)18 Jan 1896TorontoUnion Cemetery, Port Hope
ChambersJoseph Thomas7216 Sep 1897Hope Twp.Knoxville Cemetery
ClarkEliza (nee McCullough)72W/o James Clark02 Oct 1878Port HopeSt. John's Anglican Cemetery, Port HopeFrom Pat Hanley
ClarkJames81H/o Eliza McCullough (d1878)01 Aug 1887Port HopeSt. John's Anglican Cemetery, Port HopeFrom Pat Hanley
ClarkJoseph84H/o Ann Race01 Sep 1884Hope Twp.St. John's Cemetery, Port Hope
ClarkJulia38D/o James Clark & Eliza McCullough17 Nov 1886Port HopeSt. John's Anglican Cemetery, Port HopeFrom Pat Hanley
CockburnMary Ella (nee McGibbon)36W/o George Cockburn21 Feb 1899Smith Twp.Union Cemetery, Port Hope
CorbettJohn28Unmarried s/o Samuel & Margaret (Ferguson)07 Jul 1870PerrytownUnion Cemetery, Port Hope Michael Wladyka collection
CorbettLydia59H/o Robert Corbett03 Sep 1879Garden HillPresbyterian Burial Gound, PerrytownMichael Wladyka collection
CorbettSamuel92H/o Margaret Ferguson21 Jun 1880PerrytownUnion Cemetery, Port Hope Michael Wladyka collection
CurrelleyJane (nee Doney)71W/o Thomas Currelley11 Feb 1886Hope Twp.Union Cemetery, Port HopeListed as "Currelly" in the burial records.
CurrelleyThomas81H/o Jane Doney07 Feb 1892Hope Twp.Union Cemetery, Port HopeListed as "Currelly" in the burial records. Mike Wladyka collection
DaynardIda (nee Benson)21W/o James Daynard27 Aug 1891Port HopeUnion Cemetery, Port HopeMichael Wladyka collection
DeanEliza Jane65R/o Robert Dean14 Feb 1882English Church Burying Ground, PerrytownFrom Elaine Rostetter
DoddEdward7424 Dec 1882Port HopeUnion Cemetery, Port HopeMike Wladyka collection
DoddsSarah (nee Young)82R/o Thomas Dodds (d1885)24 Oct 1894CantonHope Church Cemetery, CantonListed as "Dodd" in the burial records. From Elaine Rostetter
DoddsWilliam38H/o Elizabeth Ann Retallick14 Feb 1884Hope Church Cemetery, CantonListed as "Dodd" in the burial records.
DunbarJames75H/o Loretta Caldwell16 Mar 1905PerrytownWelcome Cemetery
FairJohn Walter14 mS/o James & Elizabeth FairAug 1881Centreville Burying Ground
FergusonJohn62Br/o James H. Ferguson13 Dec 1887Hope Twp.Presbyterian Burying Ground, Perrytown
FergusonRose Ellen6413 Sep 1894Hope Twp.Presbyterian Cemetery, Perrytown
FergusonWilliam6407 Jul 1885Hope Twp.Presbyterian Cemetery, Perrytown
FoundWilliam James27S/o James. H/o Ann Cook29 Aug 1882WelcomeUnion Cemetery, Port HopeFrom Bill Dagg
FroomGrace70W/o George Froom06 Feb 1891Hope Twp.Perrytown Methodist Cemetery
FurbyWilliam81H/o Ann Manning (d1844)04 Apr 1881Port HopeUnion Cemetery, Port Hope
GardinerEdward Isaac21S/o Edward Gardiner & Mary Hagerman24 Mar 1875St. Paul's Church Burying Ground, Perrytown
GardinerJames38S/o Robert Gardiner29 Dec 1878St. Paul's Church Cemetery, Perrytown
GardinerMargery (nee Henderson)83W/o Robert Gardiner10 May 1897PerrytownSt. John's Cemetery, Port Hope
GardinerMary Jane (nee Gordon)48W/o Mark N. Gardiner20 Mar 1896Hope Twp.Methodist Cemetery, Perrytown
GistHenry4913 Jan 1881Bible Christian Cemetery, Perrytown
GlassMrs. Robert5904 Apr 1881Hope Twp.Methodist Cemetery, Elizabethville
GliddenJames75H/o Mary Curtis (d1883)01 Feb 1896Port HopeUnion Cemetery, Port Hope
GloynGrace74M/o Elizabeth Beatty (Robert) 23 Mar 1887Perrytown Burying GroundListed as "Gloyne" in the burial records.
GordonAnn Jane5323 Jan 1892Hope Twp.Presbyterian Burying Ground, Perrytown
GordonMary (nee Rennek)96R/o John Gordon17 Nov 1900Oak HillOak Hill CemeteryFrom Lorrie Norris
GordonWilliam3921 Jan 1877Presbyterian Cemetery, PerrytownFrom Elaine Rostetter
GrantCatherine Mary (nee Walker)52W/o Reuben C. Grant18 Feb 1894TorontoUnion Cemetery, Port HopeMichael Wladyka collection
GrimisonCatharine (nee Winters46W/o Frank Grimison24 Dec 1887Port HopeWelcome Methodist CemeteryFrom L. Vallee
HamillJames59H/o Rebecca Walsh20 May 1893Hope Twp.Union Cemetery, Port Hope
HamillRebecca (nee Walsh)45W/o James Hamill27 Jul 1884Garden HillUnion Cemetery, Port Hope
HamillWilliam85H/o Martha (d1873)01 Oct 1878Perrytown Prebyterian Cemetery
HarcourtIsabella (nee Millar)87R/o Joseph Harcourt31 May 1887Hamilton Twp.St. Paul's Church Burying Ground, Perrytown
HarnessRichard R.3705 Aug 1891Hope Twp.Zion Methodist CemeteryFrom Elaine Rostetter
HaydenAlbert Ernest6 mS/o Thomas Hayden07 Aug 1871Port HopeWesleyan Methodist Burying Ground, Port HopeFrom the Trent Archives
HaydenThomas F.27Eldest s/o Thomas Hayden06 Mar 1885Port HopeUnion Cemetery, Port HopeMike Wladyka collection
HenryMichael692nd h/o Margaret Monaghan23 Apr 1878KnoxvilleListed as "Henery" in the burial records. Orange Lodge funeral notice from Elaine Rostetter
HoldawayGeorge52H/o Eliza Austin22 Dec 1875Bible Christian Cemetery, Welcome
HughGeorge Earnest2S/o Joseph Hugh01 Nov 1884Port HopeSt. John's Anglican CemeteryFrom Larry Green
HughSamuel George35H/o Marion Masters15 Oct 1892Port HopeSt. John's Anglican CemeteryFrom Thelma Lomas
KirkDr. W.M.3323 Jul 1893Niagara FallsElizabethville Burying Ground
LeithIsabella68R/o Malcolm Leith (d1859)13 Aug 1872English Church Burying Ground, PerrytownFrom Elaine Rostetter
LiggetSamuel8114 Sep 1897PerrytownPresbyterian Cemetery, PerrytownNot found in the burial records under Ligget, Ligett, Liggett nor Leggett.
LittleIsabella68R/o James Little22 Sep 1894ZionPresbyterian Cemetery, Perrytown
LittleJames6917 Apr 1892PerrytownPresbyterian Cemetery, Perrytown
LittleNancy (nee Hamill)75W/o James Little04 Dec 1896Hope Twp.Perrytown Prebyterian CemeteryListed as "Agnes Little (nee Hamill)" in the burial records. Written in longhand.
LockingtonAnna Maria (nee King)74R/o Henry Lockington26 Apr 1898Hope Twp.St. Paul's Burying Ground, Perrytown
LockingtonWilliam4704 Jun 1881St. Paul's Church Burying Ground, Perrytown
LowesElizabeth (nee Crawford)86W/o James Lowes26 Jan 1886CantonCanton Methodist Cemetery
McBurneyElizabeth (nee Gardiner)81R/o John McBurney (d1869)02 Mar 1889PeterboroughCanton CemeteryFrom Elaine Rostetter
McBurneyJohn77H/o Elizabeth Gardiner06 Feb 1869Hope Church Burying Ground, Canton
McCallumEmma (nee Gifford)49W/o William Henry McCallum31 Jul 1898DaleUnion Cemetery, Port HopeMichael Wladyka collection
McElligottPatrick87F/o Elizabeth Lawson (Isaac)01 Mar 1891Hope Twp.Welcome Cemetery
McMahonJohn4516 Apr 1880Canton Cemetery
McMahonMary Ann4909 May 1889Port HopeCanton Cemetery
McMahonRosa81R/o Michael McMahon (d1860)30 Jan 1881near CantonCanton Cemetery
McMullenAndrew4529 Dec 1886Port HopeEnglish Church Cemetery, Cavan
MilliganPeter H. Muirhead36S/o David Milligan & Hannah Honey27 Jan 1882CantonUnion Cemetery, Port Hope
MounteerCharles55H/o Eliza Grant03 Nov 1886WesleyvilleWesleyville Cemetery
MullenWilliam81H/o Jane Bellamy07 Nov 1893CavanZion Burying Ground Michael Wladyka collection
NevilleJohn Henry26S/o Michael Neville & Maria Lockins06 Jul 1895Hope Twp.Welcome CemeteryFrom Faye Skitch
NevilleMaria (nee Lockins)80R/o Michael Neville (d1890)30 Mar 1904Hope Twp.Welcome CemeteryFrom Faye Skitch
NevilleMichael63H/o Maria Lockins17 Mar 1890Hope Twp.Welcome CemeteryFrom Faye Skitch
NobleJohn Alexander34S/o William Noble & Margaret Jane Beatty26 Feb 1889Hamilton Twp.St. Peter's Cemetery, CobourgHandwritten notice, issued in Port Hope, from Elaine Rostetter
NobleMargaret54D/o Ralph & Rachel Noble04 Jan 1894Hope Twp.St. Paul's Cemetery, Perrytown
Noble(Mrs.) Mary8416 Mar 1875St. Paul's Church Burying Ground, Perrytown
NobleRalph8101 May 1892Garden HillSt. Paul's Burying Ground, Perrytown
OkeSusannah (nee Honey)74R/o Thomas B. Oke (d1873)16 Jan 1884Port HopeBible Christian Cemetery
OrrRobert69H/o Charlotte Ellen16 Jan 1889Port HopeUnion Cemetery, Port Hope Michael Wladyka collection
ParkerJeremiah85H/o Ann Walker (d1865)19 Jan 1883South MonaghanBible Christian Cemetery, Welcome
PattersonGeorge68H/o Ann Noble (1874)15 May 1879English Church Burying Ground, Perrytown
PottsGeorge Alexander14Eldest s/o William Potts, Jr. & Rachel Patterson17 Jun 1885St. Paul's Church Burying Ground, Perrytown
PowersMaria Eliza29W/o Dr. Lafontaine Baldwin Powers17 Dec 1873Canton CemeteryFrom Elaine Rostetter
ProuseRichard63H/o Mary Jane Williams10 May 1888OsacaWelcome Cemetery
RaySara70W/o Samuel Ray29 Jan 1877Union Cemetery, Port HopeFrom Elaine Rostetter
ReelMary Ann51W/o Patrick ReelFeb 1875Union Cemetery, Port HopeFrom Elaine Rostetter. Burial records have her buried in St. Mary's R.C. Cemetery.
ReidHugh72H/o Eliza26 Feb 1887Garden HillOak Hill CemeteryPencilled at the bottom of the Mrs. Robert Glass notice.
RobbJohn73H/o Jeannett Rutherford29 Jul 1895Hope Twp.Perrytown Cemetery
RoucliffeMrs. James25 JanMethodist CemeteryHandwritten notice, signed "James Roucliffe", from Elaine Rostetter. 25 Jan is DOD, but no year given. There is a James Rowcliffe (d1899) buried at Perrytown.
RowdenWilliam72H/o Ann (d1871)14 Jan 1900Hope Twp.Welcome CemeteryFrom Carol Quirk
SalterElizabeth64H/o Peter Salter05 May 1880TorontoCanton CemeteryMichael Wladyka collection
ScamanHarvey36S/o Samuel & Jane Scaman12 Jun 1883Hope Twp.Union Cemetery, Port HopeBurial records have him buried in St. John's Anglican Cemetery.
ScamanJane66R/o Samuel Scaman, Sr. (d1877)20 Aug 1881St. John's Cemetery, Port HopeFrom Elaine Rostetter
ScamanSamuel, Sr.71H/o Jane02 Apr 1877St. John's Cemetery
ScottElizabeth (nee Kennedy)84R/o Samuel Scott (d1859)22 Aug 1887Port HopeUnion Cemetery, Port HopeMichael Wladyka collection
ScottWilliam67H/o Margaret Jane McIntyre?08 Apr 1900Port HopeUnion Cemetery, Port HopeMichael Wladyka collection
SmithEdward6530 Aug 1891Port HopeUnion Cemetery, Port HopeFrom the Robin Long collection
SymonsMary Ann (nee Weatherilt)29W/o Edward John Symons13 Feb 1880Mount Pleasant, Hope Twp.Bible Christian Cemetery, Welcome
TamblynJohn55S/o Thomas & Mary Tamblyn30 Nov 1882Hope Twp.Zion Church Cemetery
ThompsonIsabella (nee Harcourt)44W/o Marshall Thompson02 May 1887Port HopeUnion Cemetery, Port HopeMike Wladyka collection
ThompsonElizabeth (nee Kimball)69R/o Moses Thompson (d1880)22 Aug 1881Port HopeWesleyville CemeteryFrom Elaine Rostetter
TinkWilliam65H/o Mary Ann22 Jul 1885Hope Twp.Welcome Bible Christian Cemetery
TrewDavid Gibson73H/o Mary Jane Wilson25 Sep 1905Hope Twp.Oak Hill CemeteryFrom Lorrie Norris
TrewHenry Lewis32S/o Hugh & Mary Ann15 Sep 1903Hope Twp.Oak Hill CemeteryFrom Lorrie Norris
TruscottSusan Walters (nee Rowden)75W/o Lewis J. Truscott21 Dec 1903Port HopeWelcome CemeteryFrom Carol Quirk
WaddellSusan J.22D/o John Waddell & Isabella Mann24 Jun 1886Garden HillPerrytown Cemetery
WalkerMary Ann (nee Odell)79R/o John Walker (d1872)19 Jun 1879Family Burying Ground, near WelcomeFrom Elaine Rostetter
WallaceClarke88F/o William J. Wallace09 Mar 1894Port HopeBelmont Cemetery, Hope Twp.Mike Wladyka collection
WardThomas90H/o Mary27 Feb 1861St. Mark's Cemetery, Port Hope
WelchEdward48H/o Sarah Jane Wilson27 May 1892Port HopeUnion Cemetery, Port Hope
WelchLena (nee Merkley)81R/o David Welch. M/o T.M. Welch04 Apr 1884Zion Church Cemetery
WhiteBertha A.14Eldest d/o Richard White & Margaret Strong03 Apr 1896Hope Twp.Oak Hill Cemetery
WilcoxAlhanon07 Nov 1877Hope Church Cemetery, CantonFrom Elaine Rostetter
WilliamsArthur Trefusis Heneage48S/o John T. Williams & Sarah Ward. H/o Emily Seymour (d1882)04 Jul 1885Near Fort Pitt, NWTSt. John's Cemetery, Port Hope
WilliamsEmily (nee Seymour)432nd d/o Benjamin Seymour. W/o Arthur Trefusis Heneage24 Dec 1882Penryn Park, Port HopeSt. John's Cemetery, Port Hope
WilsonCelena (nee Trew)45D/o Hugh & Mary Ann. W/o Samuel Wilson02 Jul 1904Oak HillOak Hill CemeteryFrom Lorrie Norris
WilsonJoseph Spencer68W/o Martha Jane Reid10 Apr 1898Hope Twp.St. Paul's Burying Ground, PerrytownFrom Elaine Rostetter
WilsonMargaret (nee Buckingham)87R/o Samuel Wilson (d1879)07 Jun 1904Garden HillSt. Paul's Church Cemetery, PerrytownFrom Lorrie Norris
WilsonMary Ann (nee Aikens)64R/o Jason Wilson04 May 1897Port HopeUnion Cemetery, Port HopeMike Wladyka collection
WintersNicholas6213 Mar 1885Miscellaneous file (unknown)
WrightAlexander28S/o John Wright & Hannah Bradford18 Mar 1885Hope Twp.Union Cemetery, Port Hope

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