The Port Hope Model High School

Photo courtesy Port Hope Archives Port Hope Archives has, in its collection, two particular items of interest regarding Port Hope's early high school education.

The first is a transcription of part of the 1891-1892 attendance register for the Model High School, located in the old Presbyterian Church (erected in 1860 and since demolished) at the corner of North and Brown streets.

It opened as a High School in January 1873 under the principalship of Dr. A. Purslow. (Master B.F. Nicholls' 1880
report card

The first section lists the names of the boys attending at the beginning of January 1891.

Register No.Form IV boys
1Clark, George
2Scott, Fred
3Johnson, Robert
4Race, Cecil
5Evans, Charles
6McLean, Stanley
7Henwood, George
8Smith, Vernon
9Powers, Edward
10Hewson, Bruce
11Fallis, Morley
Register No.Form III boys
16Hamill, Norman
17Harcourt, Fred
18Budge, Victor
19Rosevear, John
20Gothwaite, Fred
21McMullen, Will
22Renwick, Walter
23Ross, Beverley
24Irwin, Geo. E.
25Inch, W. Edgar
26Kelly, Joseph
27Harcourt, George
28Tape, Edward
29Stanton, Ambrose
30Tonkin, Albert
31Stevenson, George
32Graham, John
33Craig, William
34Martin, Harold
Register No.Form II boys
40Curtis, Fred
41Fogarty, Cecil
42Burnham, Cecil
43Hagerman, Harvey
44McLennan, Jonathan
45Griffin, Vincent
46Moore, Samuel
47O'Brien, D'Arcy
48McLennan, Will
49McLennan, Arthur
50Best, William
51Greenaway, Will C.
52Haskill, Sanford H.
53Garfat, Fred
54Gill, Ernest
55Ross, Thomas
56Raymond, David
Register No.Form I boys
61Hayden, Charles
62Hall, Victor A.
63Clark, James C.
64McCallum, James
65Davison, Bertie
66McGahey, Charles
67Chestnut, Howard
68Budge, Sydney S.
69Kerr, John
70Smith, Arthur
71Hough, Alexander
72Wickett, Charlie
75McLean, Howard
76Stone, John
77Garfat, John
78Henwood, Charles
79Foster, Ervine
80Hewson, Fred
81Clemesha, Will
82Douglas, Frederic
83Andrews, Robert
84Maynard, Walter
85Roddick, Roderic

This next section lists the girls and some additional information taken from a section of the register dealing with admissions to the school. The extra material is limited, dealing with students already attending.

Form IV girls

Register No. Names Date of approved admission Parent or guardian Post office address Course selected Option selected
90Brown, EllaJan. 1892 (readmitted)South MonaghanSpecialFrench
91Cann, MaryThomas CannPort HopeSpecialFrench
92Strickland, IdaCaptain StricklandPort HopeSpecialFrench
93Sing, Edith
94McCallum, M.
95Hockin, Lillian
96Camelon, Maggie
97McCallum, W.
98Harmer, EmilyJan. 1892 (Readmitted))John HarmerPort HopeSpecialFrench
99Tapscott, Mabel
100Tapscott, Cora C.
101Burnham, A.
102Pearce, Bessie
103Cooper, Fanny
104Bray, Emma
105McCallister, Jennie
106Hamill, Alice
107Hamill, M.
108Perrin, LottieBensfortGeneralFrench
109Leach, FloraJames LeachPort HopeSpecialFrench

Form III girls

Register No. Names Date of approved admission Parent or guardian Post office address Course selected Option selected
113Moffatt, Maggie
114Henwood, Alice
115Weatherilt, May
116Chant, Gertrude
117Martin, Lottie
118Porteous, Minnie
119Lucas, Maggie
120Bickle, Ada
121Budge, Mamie
122McKay, Ethel
123Noble, Hattie
124Bennett, Mabel C.
125Guernsey, Kate
126Reeve, Lucy
127Maybury, Frank
128Fair, Maggie
129Wallace, Ella
130O'Brien, Emma
131Robinson, IsabelJan. 1891Port GranbyGeneralFrench
132Curtis, Mertie

Form II girls

Register No. Names Date of approved admission Parent or guardian Post office address Course selected Option selected
136Coleman, Nellie
137Walker, Bertha
138Powers, Robbie
139Kinsman, M.
140Kinsman, B.
141Robinson, Hattie
142Brand, Maude
143Hawkins, Gertie
144Pasmore, Jennie
145Lethbridge, Minnie
146Shepherd, Hannah
147Liggett, Mabel
148Wellington, Mabel
149Cook, Mary
150McLean, LizzieJan. 1891 (Readmitted)William McLeanPort HopeSpecialFrench
151Johnson, SaraJan. 1891JohnsonPort HopeSpecialFrench

Form I girls

Register No. Names Date of approved admission Parent or guardian Post office address Course selected Option selected
156Benson, Clara
157King, Hallie
158Tuer, Daisy
159Dunn, Nellie
160Sexsmith, Eliza
161Aiken, Mabel
162Trenbeth, Mabel
163Uglow, Mary M.
166Guernsey, BeatriceJan. 1891Major T.N. GuernseyPort HopeSpecialFrench
167Morton, AddieJan. 1891MortonCobourg RoadSpecialFrench
168Douglas, AlbertaJan. 1891John DouglasPort HopeSpecialFrench
169Norris, IreneJan. 1891Charles NorrisPort HopeSpecialFrench
170Short, AmyJan. 1891John ShortPort HopeSpecialFrench
171Liggett, FloraJan. 1891LiggettPort HopeSpecialFrench
172Hansman, EvaJan. 1891Michael HansmanPort HopeSpecialFrench
173Hillis, MaggieJan. 1891HillisRice Lake RoadGeneralFrench

This third section is comprised of information regarding female students who registered during the 1891-1892 years. We're currently trying to locate the owner of the original register, as there must be information about male students who registered during the same time frame.

Admission date Age Name Parent/guardian Post office Course Option
AprilShaw, AdaMrs. Mulligan (Aunt)Port HopeSpecialFrench
AugustReel, MabelJohn ReelPort HopeSpecialFrench
July 189113Scott, Ethel B.Robert K. ScottPort HopeSpecialFrench & Latin
July 189114Dawley, Mary G.Hiram DawleyCobourg RoadSpecialFrench
July 189114Paterson, Amy L.Mrs. Ch. PatersonPort HopeSpecialFrench & Latin
July 189113Sowden, JosephineMrs. Sandford SowdenPort HopeSpecialFrench
July 189112Gladman, MaryMrs. E. GladmanPort HopeSpecialFrench
July 189114Small, MayMrs. S. SmallPort HopeSpecialFrench & Latin
July 189113Hewson, LeilaThomas HewsonPort HopeSpecialFrench & Latin
July 189113Glass, Eva MaudGeorge GlassPort HopeSpecialFrench
July 189114Williamson, NellieWilliam WilliamsonPort HopeSpecialFrench
July 189115Cann, BeattieThomas CannCantonSpecialFrench
July 189114Braund, EvaJoseph BraundPort HopeSpecialFrench
July 189112Dayman, MinnieJohn DaymanPort HopeSpecialFrench
July 1891Shaw, IvaWilliam ShawMillbrookSpecialFrench
July 189112Corson, Sarah C.Captain CorsonPort HopeSpecialFrench
July 189114Douglas, EuphemiaWilliam DouglasPort HopeSpecialFrench
July 189114L'Esperance, FloraD.J. L'EsperancePort HopeSpecialFrench
July 1891Jackson, JaneJohn G. JacksonPort HopeSpecialFrench
July 189115Maybee, RosaMrs. Jarvis MaybeePort HopeSpecialFrench
July 189114Smith, Clara E.Robert SmithPerrytownGeneralFrench
July 1891Campbell, EdithH.S. CampbellPort HopeSpecialFrench & Latin
January 1892 (readmitted)Hamill, Letitia
July 1891Bickle, AnniePort HopeGeneralFrench
July 1891Kinsman, Emma B.CantonSpecialFrench
July 1891Delamere, LillianDelamereMindenGeneral
July 1891Wood, MaggieArchibald WoodMillbrookSpecialFrench
August 1891Barrett, ClaraGarden HillGeneralFrench
August 1892Hillier, JennieMrs.MillbrookSpecialFrench
Oct. 189113Wood, EthelFred. WoodPort HopeSpecialLatin & French
August 189215Mulligan, LouiseHenry MulliganMillbrookSpecialLatin & French
August 189213Wood, AnnieArchibald WoodMillbrookSpecialLatin & French
August 189213Ling, GertrudeHenry LingPort HopeSpecialLatin & French
August 189214Thompson, EllaThos. A. ThompsonPort HopeSpecialFrench
August 1892Crothers, Mabel G.Rev. W.J. CrothersPort HopeSpecialLatin & French
August 189215Burnham, AdellH.H. BurnhamPort HopeSpecialLatin & French
August 1892Robb, BerthaPerrytownSpecialLatin & French
August 189212Holdaway, NellieFred. HoldawayPort BritainSpecialLatin & French
August 189214Peacock, KateJohn W. PeacockWelcomeSpecialFrench
August 189213Nicholls, MarguerettaWill. H. NichollsPort HopeSpecialFrench
August 189212Dawkins, CarrieJohn DawkinsPort HopeSpecialLatin & French
August 189215Philp, EstellaHugh PhilpPort HopeSpecialLatin & French
August 189214Good, BessieMrs. Em. WainmanPort HopeSpecialFrench
August 189214Wilcox, EllaGeo. WilcoxPort HopeSpecialLatin & French
August 189213Purser, Florence Eth.Samuel PurserPort HopeSpecialFrench

The second item referred to is a training register (1884-1904), indicating that a number of the students listed above were training to become teachers. The register is entitled County Model Schools of Ontario Training Register - Special Report of Classes Taught (Registered No. 981: Dec. 28/8/84). The teaching period occurred during the months of October and November. The following are listed for the years shown.

1884  Emma Aldridge, Miss S. Coleman, Mary Dodds, Miss. J. Fanning, Ida Gould, Miss H. Windel, Miss B. Watson, Carrie Gladman, Willis Dean, L. Brown, Elizabeth Walker, Eliza Ballagh, Eva Wilkinson, Anne Stilwell, M. Tamblyn, Ida Venner, Thomas Pue, Wordsworth Porter, Eb Snider, Charles Carveth, George Conway, John Johnson, Wilbur Norris, Thomas Brown.

1885  William Muldrew, Thomas McLaren, Ella Wilson, Jessie Wilgar, Samuel G. Brown, Annie Warde, Minnie Soden (Sowden?), Sara Elson, Thompson Ballagh, Joheil Coolidge, Mary Cann, Annie Moore, John Odell, Hattie Walker, Miss A. Benson, Mary Hansman, Norman Tilley, Alma Nott, Maud Cooper, Lizzie Hewson, Herbert Barber, Archie Stilwell, Edith Riggs, Polly Creba(?).

1886  Melissa Haskell, Jennie Gist, Robert Simpson, Harry Bean, Flora Leach, Flora Carveth, AW Hooper, Edgar Russell, Ada Lowrie, Georgie Furby, Annie Fair, William J. Orchard, William J. Kent, Lila Armstrong, Minnie Halliday, Hattie Stark, WD McLaren, David Jamieson, Edgerton Doxee, Celia S. Paull, Annie Cheer, Louisa Gardiner, Charles Fraser, Ida Strickland, Nellie Richardson, Hattie Lough, William A. Parks.

1887  Laura Welch, Lottie Hamill, James A. Newsome, Fred Deyell, Minnie Anderson, Louise McIvor, James Berry, Harry Eagleson, Ida Strickland, Lizzie Dean, Robert J. Montgomery, Fred Everry(?), Alice Evans, Eppie Warren, Adam Watson, Peter J. Tyerman, Amanda Hamill, Bessie Allen, Thomas Dodds, Ettie A. Campbell, Lottie Perin, Melissa Haskill, William AM Bellwood.

1888  Allie Vance, Ada Linton, Fred Deyell, Martha Whittington, Jennie C. Reid, Neil Colville, Miss Lou MacWilliam, Maggie Nott, Kimball Morrison, Ethel Hall, Helen Cornish, Jonathan W. Russell, Mollie Booth, Lillian Delamere(?), Cassie Fox, Helen Hay, Gertrude Lewis, Herbert Smale(?)

1889  Tena Elliott, Jennie Small, Mr. H. Carveth, Alice O. Budge, Effie Larmer, Mr. Shaw, Emma Earl, Alberta Kelley, WH Hooper, Edith M. Lee, Lizzie McMaster, James Lawson, Belle Stephenson, Eppie Warren, SE Sanderson, Mary Harmer, Miss Bertie Tamblin (Tamblyn?), Mr. Pearce.

1890  Emma Brown, Maude Broughall, Edward M. Pearce, Ida Morris, Jennie Robinson, GG Fitzgerald, Aggie Benson, Aggie Watson, Upton Runnalls, NS McDonald, Rosa Henderson, Alberta Kelly, Morley Fallis, Bertha Sing, Edith Allen, George H. Dean, Della Fanning, Sarah Carr, B. Van Homrigh(?), AB McGill.

1891  Ella Fligg, Minnie Spry, Thomas F. Perkin, William Argue, Isabel Wilson, Emily Harmer, Maggie Lucas, John Lee, Laura McNeil, Jessie Hawthorne, Miss ML Carr, Fred Harcourt, Margaret Rogers, Lilley Prout(?), Ada Bickle, John Graham, Bertha McCulloch, Alice Hamill, Herbert Sanderson, F. John Jollow, Addie Staples, Alice Harmer(?), Norman Hamill, Edwin A. Tonkin(?), Ida Osborn.

1892  Miss Moffatt, Miss Deyell, Mr. Hawkey, Mr. Thorndyke, Mabel Tapscott, Miss Cook, Miss Camelon, Robert Stevens, Miss Scott, Miss McAllister, Mr. Grieve, Robert Johnston, Miss Washington, Miss Shaw, Miss Trull, Charles Evans, Miss Jennings, Miss Griffin, Mr. Riggs, Mr. Martyn, Miss Jolliffe, Miss Graham, Miss McCallum, Mr. Aikenson, Mr. Argue.

1893  Miss M. Weatherilt, Miss M. Aiken, Oscar Conlin, JH Bean, Jessie K. Laing, Mabel Liggott, Helen Coleman, Ambrose Stanton, Miss. F. Coatham, Agnes Orchard, LB Williams, NF Coombe, Miss E. Kelly, Miss A. Rowland, William Grieve, NE Inch, V. Osborne, Miss W. McCallum, Miss F. Cobbledick, Mr. McDonald, Miss Isabe Robinson, Kate Colville, CE Brown, F. Atkinson, Miss ME Haines, Miss AE Orchard, V. Budge, F. Thompson.

1894  Adella Dancaster, Mary Uglow, AN Mitchell, Wesley Hancock, Edith Sing, Eliza Sexsmith, Edith Scott, HC Rundle, Miss A. Hancock, Bertha Dancaster, EW Smale, CW Sleman (Sleeman?), Amy Armour, Ida Hughes, James W. Kelly, Gertrude Hawkins, Lottie Martin, Edith Mountjoy, Ada Shaw, JC Mills, Bertha Morris, Ethel Sharp, Nellie Coleman, William McMullen, Cora Tapscott, Lila Might, Frank Tribilcock, Robert Clarke.

1895  Grace Laing, Fred Davy, Richard Foster, James Benson, Mary E. Virtue, Minnie Lethbridge, Herbert Foley, Howard Chestnut, Jennie Jackson, Josie Sowden, William Inch, Frank Moore, Lena Davy, Fred E. Moroney, Norman Moyse, EW Allin, Agnes Orchard, Mabel Bennett, Stanley H. Pickup, Alex Hough, May Sparling, Charles Hayden.

1896  Emily Couch, Amy Short, HR Gray, John A. Wright, Fanny Ellenor, Carrie Syer, RS Rowland, William Law, Ellie Thompson, Stella Cobbledick, SM Hawkins, Edward Worden, Agnes Delamoure (Delamere?), Maude Brand, DR Moore, Roderick Roddick, Irene Jewell, Iva Shaw, J. Fletcher Chapman, Sidney Cole, Daisy Tuer, Carrie Grose, TJ Ryan, Charles P. Henwood, Rhoda Black, Etta Wilcox, William Trenouth, Clarence Race, Isabella Lawrie, Jennie Johnston, HR Philp.

1897  Edith Campbell, Minnie Rogers, Mamie Cochrane, William Law, Lillian McLean, Ethel M. Wood, Hannah Staples, Walter Thorndyke, Gertrude M. Sing, Annie Waddell, Mabel Kennedy, John A. Thompson, Ethel Trebilcock, Helen Caldwell, Katie Peacock, George W. Peters, Lila M. Might, Clemie Mackie, Louise Barker, John A. Wright.

1898  Edna Fielding, Edwin Best, Harold Pickup, Lillian Gamsby, Emma Sackville, Lorenzo Dunbar, Ethel Sackville, Clara Beer, Russell Smale, Myrtle Jenkins, Ethel Rose, Arthur McRoberts, Nellie Holdaway, Florence Carson, Richard Hoskin.

1899  Minnie B. Anderson, Florence M. Galbraith, William Bennett, Stella M. Blackburn, Winona M. Eilbeck, William G. Dewey, May L. McGorman, MA Rickard, Charles S. Hawkins, Clara Carson, Susie H. Hutchison, Fred R. Phillips, Edith M. McColl, May A. Elliott, Amy E. McKowan (McCowan?), Eva J. Roberts, Edythe A. Preston, James Whitehead, Ethelwyn M. Sparling, Katie S. Peacock, Elma Walker, Helen B. Lough, AF Johnston, Horace Wood, Estella M. Philp, Blanche Clarke, AN Tabscott (Tapscott?), Annie Davidson, Ada L. Ward, Edgar G. Trick, Minnie Weatherilt, Florence Robertson, Edith B. Maybee, Charlotte H. Dayfoot, Lillian F. Merrill, Minnie F. Weston, Annie Walters.

1900  Ella Coulter, Julia Boyd, Kenneth K. Robertson, Minnie Mann, Mary Coffey, George Blodgett, Zella Lapp, Aggie Carson, Gerald Byers, Lillian Marett, May McNaughton, Harry Johnson, Jessie Tuer, Amy Rooney, D'Arcy Davidson, Eunice McNaughton, Eva Crookshank (Cruickshank?) Addie Macklam, Eva Galbraith, Minnie Downs, Fred Phillips, Annie Walter, Helen Drewry (Drury?), Maud McElroy, Florence Cheffins, Hattie Might, William Jones, Tena Ferguson, Robert Ely.

1901  F. Lillian Archer, Laura G. Wilson, Delbert Armstrong, Nellie Hall, Florence Purser, Ada Fair, Matthew Sutton, Alda Williams, Flora Boskill (Bouskill?), Fred McColl, Maud Pickup, Gertrude Gardiner, Adam Miller, Helen C. Kemp, Alice L. White, Eber Hurl, Bertha Galbraith, Stella I. Purser, John McKenny, Ethel Ward, Olga Brand, Egerton Byers, Fanny E. Boundy, Nellie Mitchell, Bessie W. Lucey, Edna M. Brock, Margaret Thomas, Fred Tuer, May Mitchell, May Huycke, Helen G. Morris, Iva E. Doyle, Ethel M. Sing, Julyan E. Lang, John W. McDonald, Florence C. Phillips, Celai Hutchinson, Thomas G. Murphy, Ethel Purdy.

1902  Charles A. Brady, Nona Burnham, K. Helena Dauncey, Carrie Dunnett, Helen Fraser, Norma Gliddon, Susie Hawkins, Susie A. Hinman, Flossie Martyn, Leona McBride, Fred J. O'Connor, John J. O'Sullivan, Kathleen Patterson, Samuel W. Pickup, Ethel Purdy, Alice M. Richards, Eva L. Rutherford, Heber Sisson, Ethel M. Smith, Frank Staples, Robert Stocker, Alberta Wight, Bessie P. Winter, Alfred Wilson, Harold B. Wood, Helen M. Young, James P. Smart.
All students at the school were not residents of Port Hope.

1903  Wilma Fair (Canton), Blanche Wilson (Lifford), Stella Nichols, Olive Frederick (Campbellford), Florence Kerr (Cold Springs), Alma Thomas (Newcastle), Mabel Sutton, Violet Scott (Port Hope), Ruby Kerr (Cobourg), Laura Coe (Cavan), Mary Squair (Orono), Mary McCallum (Port Hope), Grace Boggs (Cobourg), Ethel Walker (Colborne), Owen Pollard (Canton), John Isaac (Norham), Raymond Humphries (Warkworth), Byron Burwash (Baltimore), Brock Pengelley (Bailieboro), Harry White (Port Hope), Edward Sackville (Bewdley), James McDonald (Bowmanville).

1904  Frances J. Drummer(?) (Vernonville), Isabel W. Handley (Millbrook), Edith W. Henderson (Port Hope), Winnifred K. Henry (Newcastle), Florence A. Hunter (Orono), Edith E. Hutchinson (Bailieboro), Rachel H. Johnston (Colborne), Robina E. Johns (Hampton), Alida J. Lapp (Brighton), Loretta Murray (Grafton), Pearle Purser (Port Hope), Lillian Rae (Port Hope), Maud L. Scott (Bowmanville), Ella Staples (Bethany), Edith W. White (Port Hope), Rose E. Wimbles(?), Eva J. Wickett (Bowmanville), Helena J. Waddell (Orono), Stanley E. Burnham (Port Hope), George W. Bunton (Welcome), Thomas W. Davidson (Camborne), Carleton K. Fotheringham (Cavanville), Stace H. Gaudier (Port Hope), Charles R. Gummow (Cobourg), Thomas W. Halligan (Plainville), Alex R. Lord (Grafton), Kenneth K. Pearce (Welcome), Raymond Richards (Codrington), John G. Staples (Bethany).

A typical entry from this register

Miss Amanda Hamill

DateSubjectClass or DivisionGPTP1TP2TP3TP4MRemarks
October 18, 1887ReadingIIc401617151538
November 2, 1887ReadingIIIs361617151536Lacks vivacity
November 3, 1887GeographyIIIs401717151640
November 7, 1887ArithmeticIVj401817161642
November 9, 1887GeographyIVj441918171748
November 15, 1887GeographyIVs482017181850
November 30, 1887ReadingIc502015181850
Marks were given for:
  • Governing Power: ability to excite interest and sustain attention (60)
  • Teaching Power:
  • Preparation (20)
  • Language: distinctness of enunciating, fluency, tone of voice, pronunciation, grammatical accuracy (20)
  • Methods of giving questions and of receiving answers (20)
  • Detection and correction of errors (20)
  • Manner: general appearance, energy, animation, sympathy, self-possession, tact (60)

In 1902, more anecdotal material regarding teaching experiences was added along with the marks. For the complete entries of any of the students listed in the training register, please contact the Port Hope Archives for charges.

Peter and Barbara Bolton - Port Hope, Ontario