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United Counties of Northumberland and Durham Court Records fonds

These court records were removed from the Court House in Cobourg, Ontario by the late Judge Harry Deyman and placed in the Trent University Archives for preservation. They were processed with the assistance of a grant from the Strategic Grants Committee, Canadian Research Tools Division of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

This fonds was donated by Judge Harry Deyman.
Associated material located at the Archives of Ontario, Toronto.

This important group of papers was organized and processed courtesy of a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.
Bernadine Dodge, University Archivist (1984)

This is the finding aid for the UCND: Court Records - Inquests for Port Hope/Hope Township only (260 entries). For other Northumberland-Durham inquests, further aids for the vital statistics and/or the assessments and collectors' rolls, please go to Trent University Archives.

List of inquests generated from the database follows: Report gives name, address, age, sex, date of inquest, and cause of death (COD). In some instances, items in brackets have been added that give additional information were taken from other sources:;; and

Name Address Age Sex Date Cause of death Notes
Clancy, MichaelPort Hopen/aMJan. 10, 1832Hanged himself - temporary insanity brought on by intemperance - strangulationClerk of Mark Burnham
Robertson, RichardsonPort Hopen/aMFeb. 6, 1845Natural causes
Martin, WilliamHope Twp.n/aMFeb. 28, 1845 Cutting a tree which fell onto him
Hall, AnthonyHope Twp.n/aMMar. 6, 1845 Cutting a tree which fell onto him
Mitchell, ?Hope Twp.infantFJune 13, 1845A fit from a disordered bowelD/o Betty Mitchell
Wilson, James A.Hope Twp.n/aMSep. 15, 1845Drowned accidentally
Rider, ?Hope Twp.InfantFOct. 19, 1845Natural causesD/o Sophia Rider
Wilson, Mary AnnePort Hopen/aFOct. 30, 1845Natural causes
Hughes, JamesHope Twp.n/aMFeb. 25, 1846Died of wounds - frozen to death
Gray, MaryHope Twp.[79]FMar. 17, 1846Visitation of God
Moraghan [Monaghan?], MaryHope Twp.n/aFMar. 19, 1846Wounded by person or persons unknown and died of injuries
Little, JohnHope Twp.3MApr. 6, 1846Suffocated and drowned in a well
Howes, DavidHope Twp.n/aMAug. 21, 1846Fell from Port Hope wharf into Lake Ontario and drowned
Unknown PersonHope Twp.n/aMOct. 24, 1846Drowned in Lake Ontario. Note: on his shirt "Oliver Sprowls or Sprowde" Hope Twp.
Unknown PersonHope Twp.n/aMJuly 11, 1847Supposedly the body of William Johnston, died of natural causes - small pox
Campbell, EllenHope Twp.n/aFAug. 20, 1847Natural causes - dysentry
Gibbs, WilliamHope Twp.n/aMAug. 21, 1847Accidentally drowned
Robbins, WilliamPort Hopen/aMAug. 30, 1847Natural causes - dysentry
Morie/Morris, DrewHope Twp.n/aMSep. 11, 1847Fell in well situated on the property of James Clarke
Brown, CharlesHope Twp.n/aMSep. 25, 1847Natural causes
Walsh, Mary AnnePort Hope[4.5]FOct. 6, 1847Drowned in a mill raceD/o James of Port Hope
Elsey, Mary AnneHope Twp.n/aFOct. 10, 1847Found drowned in Smith's Creek near Samuel J. Power's sawmill
Boot, KeithPort Hopen/aMApr. 8, 1848Self poisoning
Brock, SamuelBedford's Mill/Hope Twp. at the home of his father, Thomas Brock.[23]MMay 3, 1848Drowned, suffocation, accidental, by misfortune in Luke Bedford's mill pond
Adams, WilliamPort Hope[39]MDec. 1, 1848Drowned in Lake Ontario at Port HopeFound east of Port Hope harbour Nov. 30
McKee, JohnPort Hopen/aMJan. 24, 1849Exposure to the cold while intoxicated near John Reynolds' Hotel
Kennedy, JohnHope Twp. at James Pottin'sn/aMFeb. 11, 1849Visitation of God
Moughan [Monaghan?], MaryHope Twp.n/aFMar. 5, 1849Died of bruises and wounds
Wright, MaryCon. 6, Hope Twp.n/aFApr. 27, 1849n/a
Hill, JamesHope Twp.n/aMJuly 11, 1849Side of barn fell on him during a barn raisingSon of William Hill
McFeteritch, William HenryHope Twp.InfantMJuly 19, 1849Infant boy run over by a loaded wagon driven by a 12 year old boy at Brownston's saw mill, 1 mile north of Port Hope
McGill, Johnn/an/aMOct. 6, 1849Deceased described as a "coloured man" found drowned on the beach at Port Hope
Jordan, LewesaHope Twp.ChildFOct. 13, 1849Burned to death playing with matches
Reilly, ThomasPort Hope/Hope Twp.n/aMOct. 15, 1850Accidentally fell out of wagon which passed over bowels causing death.Wagon driven by Joseph Reilly from Con. 7, Cavan Twp. Oct. 13 at Port Hope, Walton Street
Flemming, MaryPort Hopenearly 4FNov. 11, 1850Burned by her clothes catching on fire; died almost instantly
Roper, Anne JanePort HopeInfantFAug. 31, 1851Overdose of laudinum incautiously given - stage accident
Smart, JosephPort Hopen/aMDec. 25, 1851Excessive drinking and through its effects, he died
Bruce, DavidPort Hopen/aMApr. 9, 1852A fit caused by ardent drinking
Harris, WilliamPort Hopen/aMAug. 28, 1852Esther Greenlee fell on his chest and abdomen causing his death due to weakened condition of the lungs (fluid buildup)
Davis, MathewPort Hopen/aMAug. 31, 1852Excessive drinking and confinement in the lock-up room (gaol) with no provision for lighting and ventilation. Did die Aug. 3
Hullighan [Houlihan?], JamesPort Hopen/aMMay 30, 1853Natural causes
Jamison, JosephHope Twp.n/aMDec. 27, 1853Intoxication and exposure to the cold, fell from his horse on Lakeshore Road, near Francis Little's Tavern
Conway, DavidPort Hopen/aMFeb. 27, 1854Intoxication - fell off sleigh near 1st toll gate on Peterborough and Port Hope road
Nixon, JanePort Hopen/aFApr. 22, 1854Excessive intoxication - died in lock-up (gaol) for public nuisance
Wells, WilliamPort Hopen/aMMay 5, 1854Cut his throat with a razor while labouring under mental derangement
Lavery, ThomasPort Hopen/aMJune 17, 1854Drowned. Much testimony to the effect that he had been murdered but coroner's jury did not speculate. Note: Deposition Dr. George Perks post mortem at Gilmour's Pond
Nixon, CharlesPort Hopen/aMNov. 15, 1854Excessive indulgence
Melbourne, JuliaPort Hopen/aFDec. 20, 1854Suicide by drowning. She was a depressed person with prior suicide attempts. Caused by a temporary fit of insanityInformation of witnesses - stitch marks on throat from 6 years before when she tried to commit suicide
Dowling, ThomasHope Twp.n/aMJan. 5, 1855Fell from his wagon while intoxicated. Died instantly
Hobbs, JohnPort Hope15MApr. 13, 1855Drowned in Gilmour's mill pond or Port Hope Creek. Had been under the ice and not found for 6 or 7 weeks
Cornett, WilliamHope Twp.n/aMJuly 20, 1855Intoxicated and hit by a wagon
Skitch, John ThomasPort Hope8MAug. 18, 1855Died while helping his father clean a wellS/o William & Anne (Burney)
Lennard, WilliamPort Hopen/aMOct. 18, 1855In a natural way, old and sick
Taylor, ?Port Hope14MNov. 18, 1855Apparently swept off the wharf on Oct. 2 while family was waiting to board boat; family searched all next day but then had to continue journey. Boy found floating in the harbour
English, WilliamHope Twp.n/aMJan. 30, 1856Labouring on the Port Hope and Lindsay Rail Road. Bank gave way while working on road bed
O'Brine [O'Brien], Lucius [Lucas]Port Hope[50]MMar. 12, 1856Visitation of God
Moore, FrederickPort Hope[6]MMay 21, 1856Suffocated and drowned on Bearnish's mill pond.S/o the widow Moore
Dixon, WilliamPort Hopen/aMJuly 4, 1856Suffocated and drowned in Port Hope harbour
McGowan, Michael W.Port Hopen/aMJuly 9, 1856Found dead in the woods near Grand Trunk Rail Road Depot. May have slashed his throat with a razor - body badly decomposed
Watson, Phelix - alias Philip WardPort Hopen/aMAug. 31, 1856Lunatic - drowned in harbour after throwing himself off the wharf
McDonald, MichaelPort Hopen/aMSep. 9, 1856Run over by a train 1/2 mile west of Port Hope
Harris, SamuelHope Twp.n/aMSep. 17, 1856Died while chopping wood; tree fell on him
Argue, WilliamPort Hopen/aMApr. 1, 1857Fell under railroad cars
Mulligan, ThomasPort Hope[8]MMay 10, 1857Found drowned in North Grand Trunk Rail Road Quarry May 9. Born June 10, 1848, s/o Robert Stephen Mulligan
Devenah [Devaney], Thomas HenryPort Hope[11]MMay 23, 1857Accidentally drowned in Beamish's mill pondS/o Patrick Devaney
Trouse, WilliamPort Hopen/aMJuly 2, 1857Found drowned in the new harbour at Port Hope
Best, DavidHope Twp.n/aMJuly 3, 1857Burnt to death in his home by his own hand while intoxicated
Heron, JohnPort Hopen/aMJuly 14, 1857Found drowned in Lake Ontario
Townsley, Hiram O.Hope Twp.n/aMSep. 8, 1857Fell from the cap of the flume of the mill race upon a slab
Campbell, RobertPort Hopen/aMDec. 4, 1857Drowned with Stephen Paddock while trying to rescue the captain and crew of the schooner "Niagara of Oshawa"
Paddock, StephenPort Hopen/aMDec. 4, 1857Drowned with Robert Campbell while trying to rescue the captain and crew of the schooner "Niagara of Oshawa"
McGimsie, JohnPort Hopen/aMDec. 13, 1857Suffocated and drowned in Lake Ontario
Hutchings, GeorgePort Hopen/aMMar. 20, 1858While trying to fix a chain to stop logs, he was hit by a chunk of ice and fell into the water and was carried away
Carruthers, EllenPerrytown/Hope Twp.n/aFFeb. 17, 1859Deranged state of mind, mixed and took strychnine. SuicideHousekeeper of William Henderson
Manning, Mary AnnPort Hopen/aFJuly 24, 1859Fire
Allen, William HenryPort Hope5MAug. 17, 1859Drowned in mill pond
Stead, JamesHope Twp.n/aMMar. 11, 1860Fell through hole in barn floor due to intoxication
Riches, Williamn/aChildMAug. 29, 1860Strangled at the farm of Edward Riches
White, ThomasPort HopeChildMJune 17, 1861While trying to board a schooner in the harbour, fell off and drowned
Donahue [Donohue], Patrick [Jr.]Port Hope10MAug. 26, 1861Was asleep on the track and run over by the Port Hope - Lindsay train near Molson's Mills. Father was in the habit of beating his wife and locking his 5 children out of the house. Children were "in dread" of himBelieved to be s/o James & Margaret (Enright)
Cransby, John PrestonPort Hopen/aMApr. 7, 1862While intoxicated, threw himself into the harbour and drowned
Smith, ThomasKnoxville/Hope Twp.[14]MJuly 8, 1862Epilepsy or falling sickness caused his death while chopping woodS/o Thomas & Margaret (Monaghan).
Allen, JamesHope Twp.[71]MSep. 24, 1862Being a lunatic, cut his own throat
Wade, ThomasHope Twp.[54]MOct. 13, 1862Excessive drinking
Hays, DanielPort Hopen/aMMar. 14, 1863Accidentally while coupling cars. Railroad accident
?, SusettePort Hopen/aFJuly 14, 1863Poor quality of bloodItalian servant of Dr. Dewar of Port Hope
McMahon, JohnPort Hope[38]MSep. 12, 1863Accidental drowning; fell off railway bridge at Beamish's MillH/o Ann McNamara
Corby, ThomasPort Hopen/aMSep. 17, 1863Rail Road accident while coupling cars of the Port Hope and Peterborough Rail Road
Gladman, GeorgePort Hope[63]MSep. 24, 1863Run over by Grand Trunk Rail train in Hope Twp. Accidental
McCreary, JamesPort Hopen/aMSep. 28, 1863Accidental; fly-wheel fell on him in the drill shed
Howard, PatrickHope Twp.n/aMSep. 29, 1863Excessive drinking
Redman [Redmond], ThomasPort Hope[21]MNov. 3, 1863Drowned"Redmond" in cemetery records
Ellis, JamesPort Hopen/aMFeb. 1, 1864Railroad accident. Fell between cars of train
Hogan, JamesHope Twp.n/aMApr. 2, 1864Accidentally burned to death in his shanty
Findlay, WalterPort Hopen/aMMay 31, 1864Accidentally drowned in harbour while intoxicated
Abraham, RobertPort Hopen/aMAug. 7, 1864Drowned in Port Hope harbour after falling off wharf
Wright, James AlexanderPort Hopen/aMNov. 5, 1864Accidentally killed while coupling cars for the railroad
Mary Kerr's InfantClarke Twp.Infantn/aNov. 14, 1864Stillborn. Kerr walked from Newtonville to Port Hope and baby was born on the side of the road
Gosling [Goslin?], WilliamHope Twp.n/aMNov. 23, 1864Visitation of GodBelieved to be h/o Euphemia (Crossen)
Jenkins, Henry JamesHope Twp.2MNov. 26, 1864Fell into rainwater cistern and drowned
Hawe, AnnePort HopeInfantFJan. 16, 1865Infant d/o James Hawe Jr. suffocated while sleeping
Summerville [Sommerville?], JanePort Hope[44]FFeb. 6, 1865Accidentally falling between platform and train while locomotive was movingW/o Thomas Sommerville (d1879) in cemetery records.
Evans, EdwardPort Hopen/aMMay 3, 1865From the effects of intemperance
Fishly, ?Hope Twp.InfantFAug. 19, 1865Lack of Nourishment. Prudence Fishly's illegitimate daughter
Fishley, Prudence [nee Kinsman]Hope Twp.[24]FSept. 28, 1865By fits to which she was subjected, which was accelerated by the death of her illegitimate offspring"Fishley" in cemetery records
Crawley, GeorgeHope Twp.n/aMOct. 11, 1865Fell down the stairs in his own house
Irwin, GeorgeHope Twp.n/aMNov. 16, 1865While chopping wood, a tree fell on him
Rogers, JosiahPort Hopen/aMNov. 28, 1865Died of injuries received while trying to jump on the fender of a train locomotive
Manning, JohnPort Hopen/aMJan. 2, 1866Fell into harbour while intoxicated
Sleeth, JamesHope Twp.[53]MApr. 25, 1866Softening of the brain due to excessive drinking and tobacco hastened by exhaustion
McMullen, WilliamPort Hopen/aMAug. 23, 1866From a fall
Chartran, Eliza JaneHope Twp.[16]FAug. 31, 1866Inflamation of the liver and intestines possibly from efforts to abort, but she had never been pregnant according to the coroner. Her mother accused her employer, Elias Sculthorp of seducing and then poisoning Eliza"Chartrain" in cemetery records; died 26 July, d/o J. and J.A.
Rattle, J.M.Port Hopen/an/aSep. 4, 1866Drowned in harbour
Clarke, DavidPort Hopen/aMOct. 1, 1866Fell from train he was working on
Beatson, EllenPort Hopen/aFNov. 5, 1866Mental excitment and exertion while pregnant. Near confinement single woman"Ellenor" in cemetery records, died Oct. 25
Laven, JohannahPort Hopen/aFNov. 30, 1866Drowned in creek near Port Hope. W/o Patrick
Heenan, ElizaPort Hopen/aFApr. 22, 1867Intemperance and exposure.
Philps [Philp], JohnPort Hope[4]MMay 15, 1867Drowned in the harbour"Philp" in cemetery records, s/o John & Elizabeth
O'Connors [O'Connor?], Mr.Port Hopen/aMJune 10, 1867Drowned
Higgins, ThomasHope Twp.[37]MJuly 3, 1867Run over by a train
Bassett, JamesPort Hope[12]MJuly 5, 1867Drowned in Lake OntarioSon of James
Beatty, JohnHope Twp.[50]MJuly 7, 1867At Elizabethville, took essence of colchicum and brandyBorn Co.Fermanagh, Ireland, s/o James &Margaret
Tarry, JohannahPort Hopen/aFJuly 13, 1867Uterine hemorrhage
Coffin, RichardPort Hopen/aMJuly 20, 1867Run over by the Victoria fire engine
Hennesy [Hennessy?], JamesPort Hopen/aMJuly 20, 1867Run over by train"Henessy" in cemetery records
Brokenshire [Brockenshire?], Henrietta F.Hope Twp.n/aFAug. 8, 1867Natural causesAll evidence pointed to her having been beaten to death by her husband
Trainer [Traynor?], RobertPort HopeChildMAug. 19, 1867Lack of care
Murphy, SamuelPort Hopen/aMSep. 9, 1867Run over by two railroad cars
Best, RobertHope Twp.[20]MSep. 18, 1867Excessive quantity of alcohol, subsequent exposure and want of careS/o George & Martha (Elliott). Click on the name for the full inquest
McGill, RobertHope Twp.n/aMOct. 21, 1867Old age and heart disease
Cunningham, WilliamHope Twp.[31]MOct. 28, 1867Drowned while intoxicated
Thorndyke, ElizabethHope Twp.[16]FApr. 1, 1868Natural causes brought on by exposure to coldD/o Robert & Hannah; died Mar. 10
Little, PeterPort Hopen/aMMay 20, 1868Drowned in a stone quarry
Morrow, ArthurPort Hopen/aMJune 2, 1868Drowned while moving timber at Beamish mill pond
Davis, ? - alias BrownPort Hopen/aMJuly 14, 1868Unknown causes while aboard the steamer "Passport"Coroner notes the man is "coloured"
Cosgrove, WilliamPort Hopen/aMSep. 12, 1868Drowned while trying to save a small boy from drowning in Port Hope Creek
Brooks, SarahHope Twp.n/aFOct. 15, 1868Accidentally burned to death while intoxicated
Cribbin, MichaelPort Hopen/aMNov. 13, 1868Run over by a train
Doyle, AndrewHope Twp.n/aMJan. 18, 1869Intoxication and exposure
Fillion, FrancisPort Hopen/aMApr. 19, 1869Drowned in Port Hope harbour
McCrea, JamesHope Twp.84MSept. 6, 1869Rupture of the heart
Miller, Sarah AnnPort Hopen/aFFeb. 2, 1870Natural causes of confinement
Jones, WilliamHope Twp.n/aMFeb. 10, 1870Excessive drinking
Haskell, WilliamHope Twp.[21]MFeb. 11, 1870Injuries received from blows and kicksS/o Wallace & Elizabeth; died Feb. 3: Eldon, Ont. of "intemperance"
Dean, RobertHope Twp.[77]MMay 19, 1870n/aFarmer, born Ireland
Oke, Hattie [Harriet]Hope Twp.[1]FMay 29, 1870Suffocation while choking on a nut
Walton, CharlesPort Hope[57]MJuly 26, 1870Pulmonary apoplexyH/o Eliza Jane Clarke
Parsons, Arthur Sr.Hope Twp.[74]MAug. 29, 1870Choleric diarrhea
Quinn, FrederickPort Hopen/aMNov. 26, 1870From injuries received while coupling the railroad cars
Coulter, GeorgePort Hope[40]MMar. 22, 1871Ruptured blood vessel in the lungs
Walpole, WilliamPort Hope65MMay 15, 1871Excessive use of ardent spirits
Wisher, JamesPort Hopen/aMJune 19, 1871Drowned in the harbour
Pope, GeorgeHope Twp.[23?]MJune 10, 1871From injuries while coupling rail road cars 2 miles west of Port HopeToronto residence. GTR fireman
Perks, GeorgePort Hope[51]MJune 17, 1871From injuries received from his horseM.D. & Coroner
Ward, PatrickPort Hope4MJuly 21, 1871Drowned in a creek leading to the harbour
Wilson, RobertPort Hope[46]MAug. 1, 1871Excessive use of alcoholDied July 30
Phillips, JosephPort Hope[6]MAug. 8, 1871Drowned in Port Hope harbour
Mitchell, KennethHope Twp.n/aMNov. 19, 1871Visitation of God - Held at the home of Roderick Mitchell
Broad, Eliza AnnHope Twp.4FDec. 30, 1871Clothes took fire, child burned to death"Ann Eliza" in cemetery records
Brand, DanielHope Twp.[80]MMar. 14, 1872Old ageH/o Elizabeth Sexton
Wright, SamuelHope Twp.[34]MMar. 18, 1872Overdose of a poison called Laudenum or timeline of opiumS/o William & Rebecca (McKee); died Mar. 17, according to the cemetery records
Henry, AndrewHope Twp.n/aMMay 13, 1872Apoplectic fitEmployee of John Curtis
Young, WilliamWelcome/Hope Twp.[31]MMay 16, 1872An attack of ague and complicationsFarm worker at John Peacock's of Welcome; died May 15
Telesford, Dion JohnPort Hopen/aMJune 6, 1872Excessive Drinking. Note: unknown stranger
McLeod, NormanPort Hopen/aMJuly 20, 1872Run over by a train
Stewart, WilliamHope Twp.n/aMAug. 10, 1872Exhaustion by the intense heat and old age
Morin, MichaelPort Hopen/aMSep. 3, 1872Accidentally drowned in Beamish's mill pondEmployee of the Midland Railway Co. Died Aug. 29?
Barrett, JohnHope Twp.n/aMSep. 14, 1872Effects of old age and exposure
Hutchinson, IsabellaPort Hopen/aFMar. 17, 1873Drowned in Port Hope Creek while intoxicated
McNaughton, JohnPort Hope[79]MOct. 18, 1873Drowned while intoxicatedF/o James
Mavers, JamesPort Hopen/aMNov. 22, 1873While doing his duty as a brakeman
Crawford, DavidPort Hope[49]MFeb. 14, 1 874Natural causes
McNall, Electa Ann [nee Henry]Port Hope[38]FSep. 3, 1874Knocked down and run over by a team of horses D/o James & Catherine. First w/o Lafayette Washington McNall
Carmichael, JamesPort Hopen/aMNov. 26, 1874Through a ruptured bladder caused by direct personal violence
Ward, George Charles [Jr.]Port Hope[29]MApr. 26, 1875Found drowned in the harbourS/o George C. Ward
Maybank, ThomasPort Hope[20]MJuly 24, 1875Drowned in the harbourS/o Matthew & Anne
Truscott, Lewis JohnPort Hope[24]MAug. 6, 1875Fell from moving train
Burk, ThomasHope Twp.[60]MOct. 6, 1875Natural causesH/o Mary McNamara
Mimms, John [Jr.]Port Hope[25]MOct. 30, 1875Train collisionS/o John & Harriett (Hunt). H/o Margaret Henry
McDermott, AndrewPort Hope[37]MDec. 13, 1875Exhaustion after loading the wood car of the Midland Rail RoadH/o Susannah McCormick
Clarke, Frank TaskerPort Hope15MMay 25, 1876Drowned in Lake Ontario. Was out in an unsafe boat with his brother, Fred, and a friendS/o Capt. Richard & Susannah (Fisher)
Brockinshire [Brockenshire?], RichardHope Twp.[42]MJuly 8, 1876Heart disease
Kennedy, JamesHope Twp.n/aMJan. 11, 1877Excessive drinking
Cavanagh, ThomasPort Hope[21]MMar. 20, 1877Injuries while performing his duty on the trainS/o Christopher & Mary
Armstrong, EdwardPort Hopen/aMJuly 11, 1877Drowned in harbour
Gifford, EllenHope Twp.[29]FSep. 12, 1877Hit by a train
Poulter, Sarah JanePort Hopen/aFSept. 22, 1877Accidentally run over by a trainW/o John
Clench, Thomas BartonPort Hopen/aMDec. 13, 1877Fell through the viaduct of the Grand Trunk Rail RoadEldest s/o Freeman & Eliza (Cory)
Higgins, WilliamPort Hopen/aMFeb. 25, 1878Strike on Strangulation from vomitStriker on the Midland Railway. Died of intoxication
Gibson, JohnPort Hope[54]MMay 24, 1878Suffocation from choking
O'Brien, RobertPort Hope[18]MJuly 5, 1878Drowned in Beamish's mill pondS/o carriage maker John & Jane (Miles)
Swain, RobertPort Hope[32]MAug. 7, 1878Suffocated by escape of steam from steam tug "Albert Wright"
Sidey, JohnQuay's Crossing/Hope Twp.[35]MSep. 3, 1878Run over by trainS/o Dr. Sidey, Bewdley. Asleep on track
Massey, JamesPort Hopen/aMFeb. 5, 1879Accidentally caught the shaft of McCabe Mills
Hill, RobertPort Hopen/aMApr. 21, 1879Found drowned in the new harbour
Sharp, WilliamPort Hope[17]MOct. 1, 1879Accidental discharge of gun
McFarlane, MackieHope Twp.n/aMOct. 31, 1879Exhaustion brought on by sickness"Mickey McFarland" in cemetery records. Pensioner living at Ball house 6 miles west of Port Hope on Lakeshore Road
Bowler, Harvey WilliamPort Hopen/aMOct. 31, 1879Fireman injured while on or near a trainGTR freight collision 2 miles west of Port Hope; Dec. 26
Smith, ?Port HopeInfantMApr. 5, 1880Stillborn of Miss Smith, Port Hope
McElroy, JamesHope Twp.[80]MApr. 10, 1882Run over by a trainH/o Mary Jane. Died Apr. 8
Thompson, AlexanderPort Hope[65]MJune 30, 1882Wagon crash. Evidence includes a diagram of the accident siteH/o Eleanor (Alexander)
Unknown ManHope Twp.60-65MMar. 12, 1883Articles found on the body indicate he was a tailor by trade; died from exposure to cold
Wing, JamesHope Twp.[30]MMay 3, 1883Natural causes of heart diseaseFound dead by side of RR track
McCabe, JamesPort Hope[39]MOct. 11, 1883Shot in self defence by Constable William RankinEscapee from the Kingston Penitentiary; outside the Turner House hotel, Oct. 10. Click on the name to access the full inquest
Unknown WomanPort Hope[22]FJuly 29, 1884Run over by a train.Likely Minnie Victoria Albert Dawson,age 22, d/o Richard Dawson & Harriet Barnard; died July 28
Seaman [Scaman], HarveyPort Hope[36]MJuly 2, 1893Gunshot wound by another personDied June 12, s/o Samuel & Jane. Accidentally shot by George Cooper
Bradshaw, Michael LewisPort Hope[22]MOct. 2, 1894Horse and wagon hit by train at Barrett's crossingS/o Jeremiah & Margaret (Gearns)
Oke, Harold SilasMastwoods/Port Hope[18]MMar. 20, 1895No inquest necessary. Killed by a falling treeS/o William Silas & Elizabeth Ann (Jeffery)
Long, Robert WalterPort Hope[38]MSep. 24, 1896ApoplexyS/o James & Catherine
Booth, Julia Ann [nee Driscoll]Port Hope[76]FFeb. 3, 1897Burst a blood vessel; natural causes and no inquest necessaryR/o William
Davison [Davidson], AndrewPerrytown/Port Hope[70]MApr. 22, 1898Hit by a train
Gordon, Annie MildredCanton/Hope Twp.[13]FJuly 21, 1898Drowned in Canton Mill pond, either accidentally or by suicide. No inquest necessaryD/o Joseph
Haight, Milo[Port Hope][59]MOct. 17, 1898Found drowned in Port Hope harbour, whether from accident or otherwiseSailor
Gruinson/Swinson [Grimison], JamesHope Twp.[79]MOct. 24, 1898Natural causesWidower on own; died Oct. 23
Beatty, Henry VictorElizabethville/Port Hope4MMay 29, 1899Neglect caused by belief in Christian ScienceDied May 26, s/o Richard F. & Jennie, of scarlet fever
Dodds, Mrs. [Florence]Port Hope[55]FJuly 1, 1899Fell down the stairs with a coal oil lamp, set herself on fireOf Port Dover, visiting the Fergusons on Ridout Street
Graham, Mary E. [nee Farrow]Hope Twp.[17]FAug. 8, 1899Suicide by poisoning - ingestion of cedar oil, apparently in an attempt to terminate a 6-month pregnanctD/o John & Martha (Bradley). W/o Robert George Graham
Bassett, JamesPort Hope[82]MApr. 6, 1900Heart disease - no need for inquestDied Mar. 22. S/o Thomas & Mary. H/o Margaret Brice
Hughes, MichaelPort Hope[64]MJan. 21, 1901Run over by engine on Grand trunk train
Milne, JohnPort Hope[70]MNov. 17, 1901Heat exhaustion at his residence
Malone, MaryPort Hope[75]FDec. 19, 1901Natural causes
Douglass, WilliamPort Hope[66]MMar. 12, 1902Drowned when he fell off a platform at Barrett's Dam near Ontario StreetH/o Susan Johnson
Woods, JohnPort Hope[75]MMar. 24, 1902Heart disease
Thoms [Toms], Mrs. Thomas [Elizabeth Jane]Port Hope[53]FApr. 14, 1902Death caused by epilepsy induced alcoholismD/o William & Elizabeth (Weir). W/o Thomas. Died Apr.13
Malone, MaryPort Hopen/aFJune 13, 1902Natural causes
Chanso, Francescon/an/aMJune 13, 1902Italian rail worker, crushed under a moving train while trying to board it after being forbidden to do so
McNaughton, Joseph W.Peterborough[7]MJuly 17, 1902Died at William Goheen's Hope Township farm, of tubercular disease of the lungs causing syncope of the heart. Note: improper medical treatment from Christian Scientists
Long, Harold LesliePort Hope[6]MOct. 27, 1902Diphtheria, complicated by pneumonia. Christian Science treatment resulting in deathS/o William Edgar & Martha Ann (Symonds)
Wannamaker, JamesPort Hope20MOct. 30, 1902Injuries received from a blow from a passing train 2 miles west of Port Hope
Everet [Everest], BenjaminPort Hope/Toronto[22]MJan. 21, 1903Port Hope train wreck with Thomas MathewsS/o Thomas & Elizabeth Mary (Hoffmeister)
Matthews [Mathews], Thomas J.Port Hope/Toronto[27]MJan. 21, 1903Port Hope train wreck with Benjamin Everest"Mathews" in cemetery records (buried Toronto). H/o Beatrice Marsh
Walker, Davidn/a[77]MSep. 27, 1903Cancer of the brain. Note: Dropped dead on the road near John Wright's farm, Hope TownshipH/o Mary Adams
Bradley, JohnToronto[65]MNov. 25, 1903Heart disease.Found dead in Room 7, Queen's Hotel, Port Hope.
Ferguson, GeorgePort Hope[82]MNov. 28, 1903Effects of chronic alcoholismDied Nov. 21
Floddy [Floody], GeorgePort Hope[43]MDec. 21, 1903Struck by a train while walking on the tracksS/o Charles & Margaret. H/o Mary Black
Archer, JohnPort Hope[84]MMar. 21, 1904Natural causes - apoplexyH/o Ann Susannah Howe
Ashley, William CharlesPort Hope[56]MJuly 28, 1904Hit by a Grand Trunk train on the Midland branch; blames conductor
Smith, JosephPort Hope[30]MAug. 22, 1904Fell from a GTR train in Port Hope due to his own negligence and misconduct
Watson, JohnVillage of East Toronto[37]MSep. 16, 1905Struck by a GTR train west of Port Hope while intoxicated
Ferguson, RobertPort Hope[40]MJan. 26, 1907Exposure to severe cold while intoxicatedS/o late George
McMullen, JamesPort Hope/Campbellcroft75MFeb. 12, 1907Found at home [Con. 8/Lot 15] dead of cold and exposureSingle br/o Catherine
McMullen, CatherinePort Hope/Campbellcroft[70]FFeb. 12, 1907Found at home [Con. 8/Lot 15] dead of cold and exposure.Single sis/o James
Jamieson, LouisePort Hope20FApr. 9, 1907Suicide by drowning at Port Hope harbour."...after her lover, who had seduced her, had left, immediately before she threw herself into the lake, on a voyage to Oswego". D/o Frederick Jamieson
Singer, John A.n/a[23]MJune 24, 1907Brakeman killed by shunting cars at the Port Hope GTR stationS/o George & Ellen (Armstrong)
Wright, Harry B.Toronto[20]MJune 24, 1907CPR telegraph lineman, electrocuted by a live wire with worn insulationLived in Toronto
Baxter, JamesPort Hope[64]MJune 25, 1907Suicide by carbolic acid.Died June 24. H/o Caroline Harris
Halford, Richard DelbertHope Twp.9MAug. 03, 1907Fall from a wagon. Note: Wagon owned by butcher Orison Keeler and driven by 10-year-old Norman AndersonThe horse bolted when frightened by an automobile driven by H.H. King. S/o Richard & Rose
Wallace, WilliamPort Hope[56]MJune 29, 1908Suicide by carbolic acid poisoningFound in a shed of the Queen's Hotel June 24
Neville, Henryn/a[28]MSep. 18, 1908Fracture of the skull when struck by a GTR engineDied Sep. 11
Spry, Cecilia [nee Greenaway]n/a[84]FNov. 13, 1908Natural causes, probably of cardiac syncopeD/o William & Cecilia (Jacobs). R/o Samuel(d1900)
Phillips, Eddy LouisPort Hope6 weeksMDec. 20, 1908Cold developed into capillary bronchitis. Note: never saw a doctorS/o Arthur William & Celina (Cobet)
Paeden, [Winnifred I.]Port Hope[2 days]FDec. 6, 1909Convulsions. Found buried in a yard Illegitimate daughter of Miss Florence Irene Paeden
Ennis, Lena Elizabeth.Port Hope[11]FJan. 17, 1910Convulsions from uremic poisoning caused by exposure after scarlet feverD/o Albert & Martha (Cobet)
Benson, FrankPort Hope[48]MMay 19, 1910Found dead of heart failure in bed at Howard's Hotel, following two or more weeks of excessive intoxicationUnmarried railway contractor. Born Sweden; died May 10
Colter [Coulter?], Edith AnnPort HopeInfantFNov. 24, 1910Infantile convulsions and natural causes
Taipale/Taifrale, EmilPort Hope/Springville27MDec. 6, 1910Suicide by hanging on the James O'Hara farm, SpringvilleA foreigner, perhaps Russian
Fishleigh, John WesleyPort Hope[60]MJan. 6, 1911Accidentally drowned in the Port Hope harbour while intoxicatedBody found Nov. 8, 1911. S/o Bartholomew & Elizabeth (Brombell). H/o Mary Elizabeth Smith
Nash, Mary [nee Hughes]n/aF[60][Jan 9], 1911Excessive use of intoxicating liquors and exposure to coldD/o James & Anne. H/o Henry
Hornby, George H.Port Hope[17]MJune 1, 1911Accidental drowningDied May 27
Mercer, William MarkPort Hope[50]MJuly 19, 1911Injuries sustained during the explosion of a retort at the Port Hope Sanitary Factory.Married s/o Alfred & Mary (Hudson). H/o Emma Gill
McMahon, Wilfred J.Port Hope[12]MAug. 2, 1911Drowned after going beyond his depthS/o Thomas & Mary (Quinn)
Darling, Albertn/a[44]MNov. 10, 1911Accidental drowning in the File Factory pondGTR section man. S/o Robert & Jane (Johnston). H/o Elizabeth (Veals)
Prouse, Charles FrederickOsaca/Hope Twp.52MJan. 19, 1912Pneumonia and lack of medical attentionDied Jan. 17. S/o Richard & Mary Jane (Williams). H/o Mary Ann White
Sisson (male)Port HopeStillbornMFeb. 9, 1912 Found in a shed owned by Thomas & Alice Lawrence on Apr. 27, 1912. Placed there by father, unbeknownst to his mother, who thought he should be buried in the gardenS/o John & Rachel Ann (Hobbs)
Little, Myrtle I.Port Hope22FMar. 17, 1912Drowned in the Ganaraska River while in a depressed mental conditionD/o Thomas & Mary Jane (Bateson)
Shaw, William GeorgeMimico/Port Hope30MApr. 12, 1912Fireman involved in a train collision outside Port HopeS/o John & Elizabeth (Bactarge)
Reid, George E.Cobourg/Port Hope[about 32]MApr. 13, 1912Died of injuries resulting from a GTR collision a quarter mile west of Port HopeDied Apr. 12
Stevens, William OliverPerrytown/Port Hope[12]MMay 27, 1912Accidental gunshot wound to head by Everett Yates (12)Barnardo Home boy at the Roland Yates' farm, born Gloucester Co. 1900, s/o William & Sarah Ann (Mainstone); died May 21
Spotton, HenryPort Hope[43]MAug. 11, 1912Excessive use of alcohol/alcohol poisoningWidowed s/o Arthur & Frances (MacDonald). R/o Florence Helen Cleave Parsons(d1899)
Phillips, FredrickWesleyvillen/aMSep. 30, 1912Injuries sustained as a result of being thrown into a large circular saw while trying to cross a log at Elijah Barrowclough's sawmillBarnardo Home boy
Ramson, EarnestPort Hope[34]MOct. 15, 1912Injuries sustained when caught in machinery at the Standard Ideal Company and went into shockMarried s/o John & Henrietta (Mounser)
Tuer, ThomasPort Hope[41]MNov. 6, 1912Contact with a live wire belonging to the Port Hope Electric Light CompanyS/o Thomas & Elizabeth Jane K. (Kilshaw)
Gorman, JosephPort Hope[45]MJan. 6, 1913Perforation of the walls of the stomach - excessive use of alcoholDied Jan. 5
Curtis, Susannah Elizabeth [nee Saisbury]Port Hope[48]FJan. 30, 1913Drowned in a state of an unsound mind - suicideD/o William & Sarah Ann (Thompson). 2nd w/o Walter. Died Jan. 21
Bowen, Emeline [Thertell]Port Hope[51]FJun. 16, 1913Fell into a cistern and drowned. Cause of fall was epileptic seizureDied June 13. W/o John Wesley
Mousell [Monsell], Jane [nee Dodds]Port Hope[74]FSep. 10, 1913Natural causesD/o Edward & Mary Lillian. W/o Peter
Andriola, AntonioPort Hope25 [19]MNov. 26, 1913Railway construction work; was run over by a trainBorn Italy. Married
Black, DonaldPort Hope35MMay 28, 1914Fell off Grand Trunk train while trying to steal a rideS/o Thomas & Margaret (Lee)
Rowe, JessiePort Hope/Cobourg - House of Refuge75FJun. 20, 1914Natural causes
Brother, HelenaPort HopeInfantFJun. 23, 1914Illegitimate child (one of twins) of Ameka Brother; malnourishedSee Mary Brother
Kennedy, Mary AnnPort Hope[53]FJul. 27, 1914Suicidal drowning [in a cistern]Unmarried d/o David & Elizabeth (Bateson)
Brother, Mary W.Port HopeInfantFAug. 6, 1914Underdeveloped and malnourished; one of twins of Ameka BrotherSee Helena Brother
Herring, Cecil Roy TapscottPort Hope[24]MSep. 21, 1914Epileptic convulsionsUnmarried s/o Fred & Minnie (Tapscott)
Johnston, RobertPort Hope[80]MOct. 25, 1914Natural causesS/o Robert & Mary (McCormick). H/o Elizabeth Teresa Armstrong
McMahon, RobertPort Hope[33]MNov. 23, 1914Run over by a Grand Trunk trainUnmarried s/o John & Mary Jane (Foley)

Peter and Barbara Bolton - Port Hope, Ontario