Hope Township soldiers
World War I

From the 24 Dec 1918 issue of the Port Hope Evening Guide

Hope Township Soldiers

Sixty-four Answered the Call — Eleven Killed — One Died at Sea and Two Are Missing

The following table is a list of young men from the Township of Hope who donned the uniform for army service in any capacity.

Eleven lie buried in France, one died at sea, and two are missing. Others are badly maimed and some slightly wounded, but the thought of those, however loved and mourned, should not deter us from showing our unbounded gratitude and esteem to the returning brave ones who went forth fired with the same purpose as their less fortunate comrades.

It may be said of this list, as of that compiled for Port Hope, that there may be some omissions or errors, but we will be pleased for any corrections.

You can read biographies and/or see photographs of the soldiers by clicking the linked names.

Austin, George
Austin, Norman
Austin, William
Barham, Leonard (Killed)
Beatty, Edward J.
Beatty, Richard
Bebee, Harold
Bebee, George
Bell, George W. (Killed)
Brothwell, Frank
Brothwell, Horace
Brothwell, Lewis
Bryan, William
Bosnell, George
Campbell, James D. (Killed)
Campbell, John R.
Clark, Joseph
Clarke, Charles (Killed)
Clarke, Fred (Killed)
Clarke, Orley
Caldwell, Leonard
Colin, Percy
Colin, Victor
Cook, Robert
Dobie, William
Edwards, Gilbert (Killed)
Frost, Leonard
Greer, George
Greer, William
Halliday, James (Killed)
Hancock, Robert
Howard, Philip
Johns, Walter
Lindsay, Wilfred
Lingard, Fred
Lingard, Roy
Mason, Harry (Killed)
McCann, Edward
McGahey, Robert
Mouser, Thomas (Died at Sea)
Munroe, William
Palmer, Wilbert
Peacock, Wilbur
Peters, Ewart
Peters, John
Raby, Arthur (Killed)
Rawlingson, Herb
Robb, David
Rowe, Fred
Rowe, Stanley
Sleeman, George
Sleeman, Norman (Missing)
Spring, Charles
Taylor, Arthur
Taylor, Kenneth
Teeny, Fred
Tufford, James
Waddell, William
Walsh, Thomas (Missing)
Williamson, George
Wilcox, Henry
Yates, Lawrence (Killed)
Youden, Harry
Youden, William (Killed)

Peter and Barbara Bolton - Port Hope, Ontario