Port Hope Harbour

GTR harbour plans (1854)

On 10 November 1852, the Grand Trunk Railway Company of Canada (GTR) was incorporated with the intention of building a railway between Montreal and Toronto. The GTR contract in Port Hope and Hope Township was completed by 01 September 1856, with the first through train, with three first-class cars and three second-class, stopping in Port Hope 27 October 1856. Eventually four passenger trains were passing through Port Hope daily.

The first image below is taken from a map prepared by George Tate, dated 25 May 1854, in preparation for the link across Hope Township. The projected roadbed can be seen across the much-different Ganaraska River. The marshland islands that comprised the delta of the river are clearly defined, as are the harbour lands and surrounding streets, some of which bear different names from those of today - Wharf Road (Mill Street), Side Rd. (Hope Street South), and Kingston Road (Peter Street and Highway 2. Various buildings, including the Town Hall, Helm's Foundry (appears as Elm's), the Victoria Tavern, and a second tavern are marked.

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Peter and Barbara Bolton - Port Hope, Ontario