Garden Hill Presbyterian Church baptisms

Garden Hill United Church from County Road 10 Although Perrytown had a Presbyterian congregation by 1831 (a mission ministered by Rev. Gordon of the First Presbyterian Church in Port Hope), their first church was constructed c1838 on lot 15 in concession 6, just west of the present Anglican Church. It was replaced with a new church with a seating capacity of 400 in 1851.

Walt Sammis of Florida writes

"My Hamill and Gray ancestors from Hope Township were founders and long-term members of the Perrytown Presbyterian Church, which I believe was founded in the 1840s. About 35% of those buried in the Perrytown Presbyterian Cemetery are my relatives, so you can see why I might be interested in finding the registers of the church.

I contacted many, many people searching for them, including the Presbyterian Archives and the United Church Archives, and the only 19th century records I could find are held by Rev. William Service, the pastor of the Garden Hill United Church, which is the direct descendant of Perrytown Presbyterian. He has the baptismal register from 1875 to 1914. It's small, just 9 pages of baptisms, 148 baptisms in all. He was kind enough to provide me with a copy of the register. Of the 148 baptisms in the register, 39 are my blood relatives, so the register was golden for me.

When my first cousin thrice removed, Thomas Albert Gray, died in 1877, he left a good part of the money needed for the construction of a new brick church. The congregation decided to build the new church in Garden Hill, so in 1879, when the new church was completed, the congregation moved from Perrytown to Garden Hill and the church became the Garden Hill Presbyterian Church. In 1925, when the Methodist and Presbyterian Churches in Canada joined to form the United Church, the church was renamed again as the Garden Hill United Church."

Our thanks to Walt for sending the material to us, and to Rev. Service for allowing us to present it on our site.

Surname Child's given name Father Mother Birth location Birth             Baptised        Officiant
HenryJamesMaxwell30 Jun 1875Rev. Wm Hodnett
GrayWilliam EarnestJamesHope16 Aug 1875Rev. Wm Hodnett
LiggettWalterRobertElizabethGarden Hill23 Jan 187424 Mar 1875Rev. Wm Hodnett
DyellAmelia LavinaA.J.Mary MargaretGarden Hill24 Jan 187424 Mar 1875Rev. Wm Hodnett
HamillRobertRev. Wm Hodnett
LiggettAmos WinfordRobertElizabethGarden Hill26 Mar 187515 Sep 1875Rev. Wm Hodnett
EllisonRobert JamesWilliamEliza06 Oct 1875Rev. Wm Hodnett
EllisonMartha RobenaWilliamEliza06 Oct 1875Rev. Wm Hodnett
Lewis(?)David G.03 Oct 1875Rev. Wm Hodnett
ArcherHilliardThomasJane Ann19 Oct 1875Rev. Wm Hodnett
CannJohnHenryIsabella27 Jun 1875Rev. Wm Hodnett
CannThomasHenryIsabella27 Jun 1875Rev. Wm Hodnett
CannSamuelHenryIsabella27 Jun 1875Rev. Wm Hodnett
CannIsabellaHenryIsabella27 Jun 1875Rev. Wm Hodnett
CorbettMaggie MaudRobert A.Emma09 Jan 1876Rev. N Clark
CorbettRobert ThornleyRobert A.Emma09 Jan 1876Rev. N Clark
CorbettFlorence MabelRobert A.Emma09 Jan 1876Rev. N Clark
CorbettMary JosephineRobert A.Emma09 Jan 1876Rev. N Clark
CorbettHerbert StanleyRobert A.EmmaPerrytown09 Jan 1876Rev. N Clark
HodnettWilliam AlbertWilliamRebecca C.Perrytown26 Aug 187509 Jan 1876Rev. N Clark
CaldwellJames HilliardJamesEllenPerrytown05 Apr 1876Rev. Wm Hodnett
WrightWilliam AlfredWilliamHarriett JaneHope19 Sep 1876Rev. Wm Hodnett
McElroyMinnie Ida MaudSamuel JohnJaneTownship of Hope16 Oct 187608 Nov 1876Rev. Wm Hodnett
DavisonWilliam John BertisJohnElizabeth GraceTownship of Hope29 Jul 187609 Nov 1876Rev. Wm Hodnett
GordonJoseph HamiltonWilliamSarah JaneTownship of Hope24 Aug 187511 Jan 1877Rev. Wm Hodnett
FinneyAndrewRobertHope22 Jan 1877Rev. Wm Hodnett
Halliday28 Jan 1877Rev. Wm Hodnett
ChestnutClara IolaAlexanderIsabellaGarden Hill05 Nov 187607 Feb 1877Rev. Wm Hodnett
LiggettLouisa MatildaRobertElizabethGarden Hill27 Dec 187629 Mar 1877Rev. Wm Hodnett
GrayJoseph Alexander WallaceJohnMaryClark Township04 Nov 187615 Apr 1877Rev. Wm Hodnett
LittleLilly MaudJosephEliza JaneHope23 Oct 187622 May 1877Rev. Wm Hodnett
IrwinThomas Arthur KennethRobertAnnie MarieHope15 Jan 187705 May 1877Rev. Wm Hodnett
HaskillNorman StanleyJosephSarah JaneKincardine Township05 Aug 187602 Jul 1877Rev. Wm Hodnett
HenryNorman MaxwellMaxwellElizabethTownship of HopeFeb 187728 Oct 1877Rev. Wm Hodnett
HamillArmina Ewing GertrudeRobertMary AnnGarden Hill12 Sep 187707 Nov 1877Rev. Wm Hodnett
ThompsonMargaretJamesAgnesPerrytown08 Dec 187430 Jan 1878Rev. Wm Hodnett
ThompsonSusannaJamesAgnesPerrytown05 Nov 187530 Jan 1878Rev. Wm Hodnett
ThompsonMabel FlorenceJamesAgnesPerrytown28 Jun 187730 Jan 1878Rev. Wm Hodnett
HornerEmmaJohnElizabethTownship of Hope09 Oct 187208 Jan 1878Rev. Wm Hodnett
CaldwellElly SpowersJamesEllen (deceased)Perrytown24 Feb 187830 Mar 1878Rev. Wm Hodnett
JohnstonThomas JamesRobertElizaKnoxville01 Feb 187816 Apr 1878Rev. Wm Hodnett
GrayRobert HarperJamesElizabethHope17 Jan 187821 Apr 1878Rev. Wm Hodnett
HodnettAmy IrenaeWilliamRebecca C.Perrytown27 Apr 187823 May 1878Rev. James Cameron, M.A.
DavidsonAlberta GertrudeWilliamLucyHope27 Feb 187817 Jun 1878Rev. Wm Hodnett
WrightJohn AlexanderWilliamHarriett JaneHope21 Jan 187723 Oct 1878Rev. Wm Hodnett
CorbettMaggie LouiseEphraimLouise AdelinePerrytown21 Nov 187823 Jan 1879Rev. Wm Hodnett
HaskillMargret Jane EthaleenJosephSarah JaneOakhill03 Oct 187818 Mar 1879Rev. Wm Hodnett
EllisonCharles HerbertWilliamElizaGarden Hill21 Sep 187823 Apr 1879Rev. Wm Hodnett
GrayHerman HowardWilliamFanny7th Con Hope20 Dec 187830 Apr 1879Rev. Wm Hodnett
GrayEarnest WillesleyJoseph BenjaminJessieGarden Hill02 May 187807 May 1879Rev. Wm Hodnett
HallidayMinnieThomasMaryHope03 Dec 187818 May 1879Rev. Wm Hodnett
PayneElizabeth Alice JaneWilliamElizabethHope16 Jun 187831 Aug 1879Rev. Wm Hodnett
HamillAmelia MabelRobertMary AnnGarden Hill31 Jan 188021 Apr 1880Rev. Wm Hodnett
WrightAmy MabelWilliamHarriett Jane9th Con Hope31 Feb 187919 May 1880Rev. Wm Hodnett
HodnettWilliam LindleyWilliamRebecca C.Perrytown12 Apr 188031 May 1880Rev. John Ewing - Mount Pleasant
GrayElizabeth Louisa JaneJohnMaryTownship of Clark03 Jan 187902 Jun 1880Rev. Wm Hodnett
DyellEdith MabelAlexanderMary MargaretGarden Hill24 Feb 188002 Jun 1880Rev. Wm Hodnett
GrayMaggie Teresa MayJoseph BenjaminJessie7th Con Hope11 Feb 188007 Jul 1880Rev. Wm Hodnett
LiggettRobert HenryRobertElizabethGarden Hill06 Apr 187918 Aug 1880Rev. Wm Hodnett
GrayMary Laura MabelJames C.Elizabeth7th Con of Hope02 May 188001 Sep 1880Rev. Wm Hodnett
CorbettAda TeressaEphraimLouisa AdelinePerrytown26 Aug 188014 Sep 1880Rev. Wm Hodnett
GrayLauretta LillianWilliamFanny A.Township of Hope18 May 188121 Aug 1881Rev. J W Boyd
GrayJames StanleyJames C.Elizabeth StewartTownship of Hope16 Oct 188129 Jan 1882Rev. B J Beathye
McElroyHerbert HowardJ.J.Jane (McKeown)Township of Hope19 Sep 188019 Oct 1882Rev. W H Jamieson
WaltonHarriett JaneJohnEmily (Campbell)Port Hope18 Aug 188122 Jan 1883Rev. W H Jamieson
CampbellThomas HerbertRobertAlice Jane (Wilson)Township of Hope10 Sep 188222 Jan 1883Rev. W H Jamieson
JohnstonWilliam BaxterRobertEliza (Armstrong)Township of Hope17 Oct 188226 Jul 1883Rev. W H Jamieson
GrayBertha BeatriceJoseph BenjaminJessie (Hamill)Township of Hope05 Oct 188215 Aug 1883Rev. W H Jamieson
McClungWilliam FrancisWilliamElizabeth (Smith)Township of Hope04 Mar 188319 Nov 1883Rev. W H Jamieson
GrayIrene LouisaWilliamFanny Ann (Eakens)Township of Hope31 May 188305 Feb 1884Rev. W H Jamieson
HamillEdith EvelineRobertMary Ann (Gray)Township of Hope19 Jul 188306 Feb 1884Rev. W H Jamieson
EllisonBertrandTownship of Hope17 Apr 1884Rev. W H Jamieson
JamiesonCyril ReginaldW.H.Esther Harriett (Foster)Township of Mariposa17 Oct 188118 Apr 1884Rev. A Leslie, M.A.
JamiesonLeonard FosterW.H.Esther Harriett (Foster)Township of Hope18 Aug 188318 Apr 1884Rev. A Leslie, M.A.
GrayJ.C.20 Jul 1884Rev. W H Jamieson
LittleGeorge HaroldWilliam H.Mary Jane (Stewart)20 Jan 188423 Jul 1884Rev. W H Jamieson
GrayWalter Henry WellingtonJohnMary (Hall)Township of Clarke19 May 188113 Oct 1884Rev. W H Jamieson
GrayMary Alice MaudeJohnMary (Hall)Township of Clarke19 May 188113 Oct 1884Rev. W H Jamieson
GrayLillian WinnifredJohn O.Sarah (Morrow)Township of Hope26 Sep 188425 Jan 1885Rev. W H Jamieson
StricklandWilliam HenryHenryMary Jane (Pollock)Port Hope29 Sep 188418 Jan 1885Rev. W H Jamieson
GordonJames RobertSamuelTheressa (Hodge)Hope29 Dec 188618 Apr 1887Rev. W H Jamieson
CuristonRoyal JamiesonSamuelMary Ann (Jamieson)North Gower19 Aug 188702 Sep 1887Rev. W H Jamieson
FergusonMary AileenJohnMartha (Davison)Hope19 Aug 188723 Nov 1887Rev. W H Jamieson
CorbettArthur LeonEphraimLouisa Adaline (Walsh)Hope06 Nov 188701 Feb 1888Rev. W H Jamieson
WrightHannah BradfordWilliamHarriett Jane (Ball)Hope25 Dec 188219 Apr 1888Rev. W H Jamieson
WrightCharlie StewartWilliamHarriett Jane (Ball)Hope02 Aug 188419 Apr 1888Rev. W H Jamieson
WrightEssie VictoriaWilliamHarriett Jane (Ball)Hope23 Dec 188519 Apr 1888Rev. W H Jamieson
MartinEstella MaudJohn C.Lorena (McKeown)Hope22 Mar 188815 Jun 1888Rev. W H Jamieson
GrayAlbert ClarenceWilliamFanny Ann (Eakins)Hope17 Sep 18871890Rev. W H Jamieson
GrayAnnie Laura MabelJohnMary (Hall)Manvers21 Nov 188720 Jun 1890Rev. W H Jamieson
GrayFrances HenriettaJohnMary (Hall)Manvers04 Dec 188920 Jun 1890Rev. W H Jamieson
GoodmanCharles FrederickWilliamAlexia (Bennett)Hope05 Oct 187422 Jun 1890Rev. W H Jamieson
GoodmanEvaWilliamAlexia (Bennett)Hope25 Feb 187822 Jun 1890Rev. W H Jamieson
GoodmanMary GraceWilliamAlexia (Bennett)Hope11 Dec 187922 Jun 1890Rev. W H Jamieson
GoodmanWilliamWilliamAlexia (Bennett)Hope10 Jul 188322 Jun 1890Rev. W H Jamieson
GoodmanEdward JamesWilliamAlexia (Bennett)Hope23 Oct 188622 Jun 1890Rev. W H Jamieson
MartinArthur McKeownJohn C.Lorena (McKeown)Hope04 Aug 189009 Oct 1890Rev. W H Jamieson
LittleReginald Harshaw KeithJohnMartha Anna Black (Keith)Hope13 Jun 189108 Jul 1891Rev. W H Jamieson
LittleErmintrude Annitta DoddJohnMartha Anna Black (Keith)Hope13 Jun 189108 Jul 1891Rev. W H Jamieson
GordonFlorence AnnieSamuelEleanor Theresa (Hodge)Hope Township08 Aug 189305 Oct 1893Rev. J A Bloodsworth
LiggettNellie Robena MargretSamuelMary Jane (Ellison)Perrytown31 Oct 189310 Apr 1894Rev. J A Bloodsworth
LockhartHeleneLawrenceMargaret (Ferguson)ElizabethvilleRev. Wm Johnston
GrayBlyth AuburnJoseph B.Jessie (Hamill)Peterboro14 May 189622 Jul 1896Rev. Wm Johnston
WrightMaggie MariaWilliamHarriet Jane (Ball)Township of Hope01 Jun 188821 Apr 1897Rev. Wm Johnston
WrightMinnie EllenWilliamHarriet Jane (Ball)Township of Hope01 Dec 188921 Apr 1897Rev. Wm Johnston
WrightRobert GeorgeWilliamHarriet Jane (Ball)Township of Hope07 Aug 189221 Apr 1897Rev. Wm Johnston
HornJosephine AngeliaAlexanderCatherine (Westwood)Oshawa01 Nov 185709 Jun 1897Rev. Wm Johnston
ByersIona EstherGeorge W.Henrietta (Lockington)Township of Hope07 May 189621 Dec 1897Rev. Wm Johnston
SmithMarjorie Agnes HellenAndrewSarah Jane (Lynes)Campbellcroft27 Jul 189809 Nov 1898Rev. Wm Johnston
WrightAlbert BriceWilliamHarriet Jane (Ball)Hope Township09 Aug 189718 Apr 1898Rev. Wm Johnston
DunbarMilton WarrenWarrenMary Ida Jane (Cooper)Hope Township22 Sep 189713 Apr 1898Rev. Wm Johnston
LiggettHarvey SamuelSamuelMary Jane (Ellison)Hope Township09 Sep 189812 May 1899Rev. Wm Johnston
ArmstrongMargaret JaneJamesMary JaneHope Township07 Sep 189812 May 1899Rev. Wm Johnston
ByersLilian MayRobertEliza Jane (Lockington)Hope Township10 Jun 189614 Jul 1899Rev. Wm Johnston
LiggettPercy ArnoldRobertElizabeth (Morrison)Garden Hill28 Apr 189118 Jul 1899Rev. Wm Johnston
LiggettAnnie MayRobertElizabeth (Morrison)Garden Hill29 Jun 189218 Jul 1899Rev. Wm Johnston
LiggettVera MinaRobertElizabeth (Morrison)Garden Hill25 Jul 189418 Jul 1899Rev. Wm Johnston
LiggettLilian SophiaRobertElizabeth (Morrison)Garden Hill09 May 189918 Jul 1899Rev. Wm Johnston
LiggettEdith Florence HellenRobertElizabeth (Morrison)Garden Hill09 May 189918 Jul 1899Rev. Wm Johnston
LittleJohn Vernon HowardJohnEliza (Haviston)Hope TpRev. Wm Johnston
ScottOlive MayJamesEliza Jane (Beavis)Township of Hamilto09 Jan 190128 Aug 1901Rev. Wm Johnston
GrayIvan Laverne HunterJ DuganEmily F. (Hunter)Garden Hill02 Jan 190104 Jul 1901Rev. Wm Johnston
GrayHazel Kathleen EakinsWilliamFannie Ann (Eakins)Township of Smith02 Apr 189904 Jul 1901Rev. Wm Johnston
SearlGeorge LawrenceJames HenryHarriett (Trew)Township of Hope01 Apr 189904 Aug 1901Rev. Wm Johnston
MuldrewSarah Martha HannahArchibaldMary Martha (Gordon)Township of Hope09 Sep 189904 Aug 1901Rev. Wm Johnston
HamillCharles Norman AlexanderWilliam HowardMary Ann (Argue)Township of Hope05 Nov 190225 Jan 1903Rev. Wm Johnston
CaldwellOlive SpowersJames HilliardLena Maud (Cooper)Township of Hope19 Jul 190311 Nov 1903Rev. Wm Johnston
LittleHazel WinnifredJames HarshawAdelaide Elizabeth (Weatherilt)Township of Hope14 Nov 190306 Jul 1905Rev. Wm Johnston
WaddellHelen AlbertaJacob AlbertLouisa Jean (Robb)Township of Hope13 Nov 190614 Mar 1907Rev. Wm Johnston
CaldwellJames WilliamJames HilliardLena Maud (Cooper)Township of Hope20 Dec 190609 May 1907Rev. Wm Johnston
CampbellPercy ElmerRobertSarah Jane (Moyse)Township of Hope20 May 190609 May 1907Rev. Wm Johnston
ByersRuby Mary EssieRobertEliza Jane (Lockington)Township of Hope02 Dec 190516 Jun 1908Rev. Wm Johnston
ByersGarnet WatsonRobertEliza Jane (Lockington)Township of Hope08 Dec 190716 Jun 1908Rev. Wm Johnston
WinslowMyrtle Elizabeth EdnaPercival CharlesMatilda Louise (Leggett)Township of Hope23 Nov 190418 Jun 1908Rev. Wm Johnston
WinslowOlive BillfordPercival CharlesMatilda Louise (Leggett)Township of Hope17 Mar 190718 Jun 1908Rev. Wm Johnston
HenryHoward Arthur AllenRobt Artemus WardCharlotte Anna (Thorn)Township of Hope12 Oct 190319 Apr 1906Rev. Wm Johnston
AllisonCyrus James AllisonAlexander CameronAngelia Josephine (Horn)Township of Hope24 Oct 189127 Nov 1909Rev. Wm Johnston
AllisonMay Elizabeth AllisonAlexander CameronAngelia Josephine (Horn)Township of Hope16 Dec 188827 Nov 1909Rev. Wm Johnston
Dun7:06 PM 19/12/2004barLawrence JamesAnson JamesMary Laura Mabel (Gray)Township of Hope14 May 190925 Nov 1909Rev. Wm Johnston
WaddellJoseph SamuelJacob A.Louisa J. (Robb)Township of Hope12 Aug 190925 Nov 1909Rev. Wm Johnston
WaddellRobb JohnJacob A.Louisa J. (Robb)Township of Hope28 Mar 191110 Jan 1912Rev. Wm Johnston
BeattyThelma Sarah IdaWalter ThomasPearl Edna (Brothwell)Township of Hope10 Oct 191003 Jan 1912Rev. Wm Johnston
GrayMargaret MabelW.E.Anna (Whittington)Township of Hope13 Mar 191317 Dec 1913Rev. Wm Johnston
BeattyStella Marjory MayNorton LewisBella (Retallick)Township of Hope30 Oct 191124 Jun 1914Rev. Wm Johnston
CameronEva MarjoryDavidHannah (Wright)Township of Hope11 Mar 190901 Jun 1909Rev. Wm Johnston
CoatesAudrey ViolaFranklin A.Amy Mabel (Wright)Peterboro06 Jan 190701 Jun 1909Rev. Wm Johnston
CoatesThelma EnidFranklin A.Amy Mabel (Wright)Peterboro08 Jul 190801 Jun 1909Rev. Wm Johnston
GordonHoward ManwellJames RobertIrene Sarah (Stapleton)Township of Hope13 Sep 191415 Dec 1914Rev. Wm Johnston

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