Port Hope soldiers who won distinction on the Field of Honour

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This page in the Book of Remembrance lists the soldier and his award. Additional information has been added under "Comments". Hyperlinked names direct to the photographs and/or biographies of those who gave their lives.

The Good Conduct Badge was an upside-down chevron or stripe worn on the lower sleeve, awarded to a soldier with the rank of Private for serving his first two years without being charged or having a written reprimand against his name in the Regimental Orders. He showed up on time, followed orders, kept his uniform and weapon clean, kept his physical fitness up, and did all duties as assigned.

The Military Medal (MM) was awarded to personnel below commissioned rank (therefore acting and temporary Majors were eligible) or Warrant Officers "for acts of gallantry and devotion to duty under fire". Silver bars were given for subsequent awards.

The Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM) was awarded to Warrant Officers, non-commissioned officers, and non-commissioned members serving in any of the sovereign's military forces, "for distinguished conduct in the field". It was the second highest award for gallantry in action (after the Victoria Cross) for all army ranks below commissioned officers and was available to Navy and Air Force personnel also for distinguished conduct in the field.

The Military Cross was awarded to Commissioned Officers of the rank of Captain or below "for distinguished and commendable service in battle".

NameField of Honour descriptionComments
Frederick Byron Adamson (805432) Military Medal
Military file
(17 Jun 1891:Port Hope - 25 Jan 1970:Port Hope) Son of Charles Robert & Minnie (Haskill). Husband of Eleanor Maud Walker. Served in France as a gunner. Wounded twice.
"Awarded the Military Medal for bravery in the field."
Newspaper item
Evening Guide: 14 February 1918
David Brown Bell (59053)Military Medal & Bar (1918).
Mentioned in despatches.
Also awarded the Good Conduct Badge (1916).
Military file
Military file
(14 Aug 1887:Galashiels, Scotland - 27 Aug 1918:France) Son of George & Mary Ann (Brown). Husband of Annie Boyd Nelson.
Newspaper item
Evening Guide: 27 Nov 1916
Newspaper item
Evening Guide: 24 Apr 1918
Thomas Leroy Chambers (91616)
(Not included in the Book of Remembrance)
Military Medal
Military file
(03 Jun 1897:Hope Township - 08 May 1917:France) Son of James Edward and Eva Charlotte (Cann).
James Clement (300037)Military Medal(17 Dec 1884:Ayrshire, Scotland - 16 Mar 1964:Oshawa) Husband of Margaret Smith. Only war-related injury reported in his service file was a sprained arm from falling off a horse in Rouen in 1917!
Newspaper item
Evening Guide: 14 Sep 1918
Elmer Edmunds (1063013)Military Medal
Also awarded the Good Conduct Badge (1918). Military file
(06 Nov 1895:Peterborough - 1986:Martintown, Ontario) Son of Archibald & Ida (Stephenson). Husband of Margaret Hazel McIntyre.
Gilbert Edwards Military Cross
Military file
(01 Oct 1880:Zion, Hope Township - 11 Sep 1917:France) Son of William & Agnes (McKinstry).
Newspaper item
Evening Guide: 14 Mar 1918
Harold Victor Fox (195079)
Harold Fox
Military Medal
Also awarded the Good Conduct Badge (1917).
Military file
(24 Apr 1897:Bailieboro - 22 Mar 1985:Peterborough) Son of Matthew & Annie June (Nixon). Husband of Gladys McBride. The Military Medal was awarded for his "acts of bravery during the heavy fighting on August 8, 1918 at Marcelcave".
[A group photo with Jack Tutton, Harold Fox, Stan Staples, & Clarence Clarke can be seen here.]
Francis Darrell Gifford (412587)Military Cross.
Mentioned three times in despatches.
(03 Nov 1889:Port Hope - 1960:Colborne) Son of Francis Sweetland & Mary Wallace (Smart). Husband of Laura Gerald. Advanced from Lieutenant to Major.
Newspaper item
Evening Guide: 30 Jun 1917
John Stanley Walker Giles (196952)Military Medal (21 Oct 1880:Tottenham, England – 12 Jun 1965:Sunnybook Hospital, Toronto). Served in France. Awarded Military Medal in London 03 Apr 1919. Married widow Annie May Frederick (nee Weese) 26 Apr 1919:Port Hope.
Joseph Davis Golding (59382)
Joseph Golding
Military Medal
Joseph Golding MM
(20 Sep 1893:Manchester, England – 09 Mar 1956:Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto). Served in France. Awarded the Military Medal "For exceptional bravery and daring in action. When ordered to cover the consolidating parties in the captured position he took his gun to an advanced point and although buried five times by enemy shell fire, he each time repaired until the work was completed". Married Norma Hamly 10 Nov 1920.
Newspaper item
Evening Guide: 29 Nov 1916
John Holden (50429)
Military Medal
John Holden MM
( 22 Sep 1876:Preston, England - 08 Aug 1918:Marcelcave, France) Son of George & Rachel (Hindle). Husband of Elizabeth Ann Fletcher. Previous military service in the Ambulance Brigade in the South African War.
Newspaper item
Evening Guide: 18 Sep 1917
Roy Chislett Honey (805232) Good Conduct Badge (1918)
Recommended for Military Medal.
(27 Mar 1896:Hope Township - ?) Son of John Cornelius & Annie Bertha (Chislett). Awarded the Good Conduct Badge in 1918, but no evidence of Military Medal in his service record. Accepted for Commission on the field. Married Olive Morgan 08 Oct 1925:Toronto.
Frank German HuyckeWon Lieutenant's Commission in the Royal Navy. (26 Dec 1879:Peterborough – 18 Jul 1958:Toronto). Son of Irwin & Maria (Birdsall). Spent three years in the Army; one as a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy. Wounded twice in naval engagements. After 11 Nov 1918, engaged in mine sweeping. Sailed for Canada 25 Feb, arriving 07 Mar 1919. Married Helen Finn 01 Oct 1925:Toronto. [Information from George Sweanor. No service file found.]
Archibald Henry Freer Martyn (305554)Military Medal (29 Dec 1896:Cardiff, South Wales, England - ?) Son of Henry & Louisa (Prier). Awarded the Military Medal for "bravery in the field" 13 Mar 1918.
Married Ethyl Mary Paxton 22 Sep 1926:Toronto.
Gorum Harold OgdenCroix-de-Guerre (06 Aug 1893:Port Hope – 11 Jun 1962:Detroit, USA) Son of Daniel Edgar & Mary Ruby Alfaretta (Powers). Husband of Alvena Edna Werth (married 1919; divorced 1948). Father of Jack Harold Ogden. Married Isabel Carlton 1948:Detroit. Joined US Army for both World Wars.
Frank Punchke (805568)
(Not included in the Book of Remembrance)
Russian Cross of St. George Newspaper item
Evening Guide: 21 Mar 1918
George Harrah Ralston
George Ralston
Distinguished Service Order (DSO) & Bar
Several times mentioned in despatches.
Ralston awards
(22 May 1866:Rio de Janiero, Brazil – 23 Jun 1938) Son of William Poultney & Margaret Elwood (Harrah). Husband of Marie Louise Genevieve Pasmore. Mentioned in despatches several times "for gallant and distinguished conduct in the field. Advanced from Major to Brigadier General.
Newspaper item
Evening Guide: 09 Nov 1918
Hilton Laurence Roache (412633)Military Medal (14 Jun 1891:Cobourg – 26 Jan 1961) Son of Patrick & Mary Anne (Delanty). Husband of Gladys Irene Johns. Awarded the Military Medal 03 Jul 1919.
Egerton Cairns SniderRecommended for Military Cross & Belgian Cross
Once mentioned in despatches.
(28 Feb 1896:Mt. Forest – 05 Dec 1968:North York) Lieutenant. Son of Eber Egerton & Jane Dryden (Cairns). Husband of Madge Virginia Gipson. Won Captaincy on field. Adjutant R.C.R.
Stanley Joseph Staples (195213)Recommended for Military Cross
Arthur Sydney Taylor (805173)Military Medal & two Bars (2nd Bar presented by the Prince of Wales 25 Oct 1919:Kingston)
Taylor awards
(16 Dec 1895:Great Yarmouth, England - 20 Oct 1965) Son of Robert & Anna (Barker). Emigrated 1902. Husband of Mary Emily Dann.
Newspaper item
Evening Guide: 22 Dec 1917
William Earl Trumper (412642)
William Trumper
Military Medal
Trumper MM
(23 Jan 1894:Napanee – 21 Oct 1943:Port Hope) Son of George Franklin & Esther Augusta (Babcock). Served in France. Gunshot wound to shoulder and forehead 1916; gas poisoning 1918. Awarded the Military Medal at Passchendaele 08 Nov 1917: "This man was acting as a company runner and twice in the early morning carried messages back to Battalion Headquarters through a heavy barrage. In the afternoon the front line Coy was subjected to a very heavy barrage and Pte Trumper was sent forward to ascertain his situation. In spite of the terrific shelling he worked his way forward and returned with valuable information, having to pass through a very heavy barrage both going and returning." Awarded a Bar 1919.
Newspaper item
Evening Guide: 19 Jun 1918
Francis Thomas George Waghorn (45534)
(Not included in the Book of Remembrance)
(1) Military Medal
(2) Bar to Military Medal
(3) Distinguished Conduct Medal
(4) Military Cross
Frank's WWI medals
(04 Apr 1893:Kent, England - 12 Mar 1975:Hampshire, England) Son of george Penfold & Kate (Mills). Husband of Constance Muriel King.
The following information was provided by the family.
(1) For brilliant participation in the rescue of a disabled armoured car & successful withdrawal of a field gun from the front line barrier on the Massines Road in the operation on the night of 14th/15th December 1915.
(2) During the attack on Vimy Ridge on 09-11 April 1917, was senior NCO with the Machine Gun Battery of eight guns, which was following up and supporting the Infantry with overhead fire. He set a fine example of coolness & bravery under heavy shell fire, and materially contributed to the working & handling of his Battery, in spite of cold & fatigue, working incessantly without rest until the Battery was withdrawn on the night of 11 April 1917.
(3) For conspicuous gallantry & devotion to duty while in charge of four machine guns when his Officer was wounded. He frequently dug out his guns & cleaned & repaired them as they became buried.
He also dressed in the open & evacuated six men. Though wounded, he remained in action until the Battery was relieved fifteen hours later.
(4) For conspicuous gallantry in action. He ws in charge of part of a Motor Machine Gun Battery & took a leading part in the capture of an important enemy strong point, which constituted a serious gap betwwen our Allies and ouselves. He set a very fine example of coolness & courage to his men, whom he handled in a manner that was much admired by an Allied Commander.

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