Port Hope and Hope Township marriage notices

This information has been gathered from the following sources, but is not complete. Further entries can be found in these books:

Groom Residence Bride Residence Date Location Remarks
Allan, John Toronto Anna Maria Kidd Co. Armagh, Ire. 08 Apr 1835 St. John's Church, Port Hope D/o late George Kidd
Allen, James Port Hope Maria Brown Cobourg 26 Dec 1845
Andrews, James M. Saratoga Springs, NY Rosanna Brown Port Hope 09 Jul 1840 Port Hope 2nd d/o John Brown
Armour, Robert Port Hope Marianne Burton Ireland 08 May 1848 Port Hope S/o Rev. Samuel Armour. D/o Rev. E.J. Burton, Prebendary of Dysart, Ire.
Armstrong, James R., Jr. Toronto Emma Mary Fleming Port Hope 14 Dec 1852 St. John's Church, Port Hope D/o late Rev. C.B. Fleming; gd/o Thomas Ward
Baines, Thomas Catharine Banks Bewdley 15 Jun 1837 Port Hope Eldest d/o William Banks
Barrett, William, Jr. Port Hope Charlotte Elizabeth Eyre Cobourg 22 Dec 1842 Cobourg Eldest d/o Thomas Eyre
Bawbell, Thomas Otonabee Sarah Goodlad Scotland 19 Sep 1831 Port Hope
Bice, Elijah Port Hope Elizabeth Merkly Port Hope 31 Jan 1835
Bloomfield, John Sarah Edwards Hope Twp. 25 Nov 1852 St. John's Church, Port Hope 2nd d/o Nathaniel Edwards
Boswell, John Crease Hamilton Twp. Mary Ann Sowden Hamilton Twp. 20 Jun 1832 Port Hope Eldest s/o Hon. Walter Boswell. D/o Wm. Sowden
Bovey, Richard Hope Twp. Mary Ann Greenaway Hope Twp. 09 Jul 1852 Cobourg
Bowen, Warren/Warner Hope Twp. Jane Collier/Collen Hope Twp. 29 Feb 1832 Marriage Bonds at Duoro
Boyce, Artemas Hope Twp. Loretta Lewis Cobourg 26 Mar 1834 Marriage Bonds at Cobourg
Brent, Charles Kingston Mary Hannah Ward 17 Jun 1847 Port Hope 4th d/o Thomas Ward
Brinkerhoff, John Chicago, Ill. Septima S. Penton Port Hope 28 Nov 1839 D/o William Penton
Brogdin, George Port Hope Matilda Sophia Hornby Port Hope 02 Feb 1854 D/o William Hornby
Brown, George Hope Twp. Caroline Savage Cobourg 11 Nov 1833 Marriage Bonds at Cobourg
Brown, James Hope Twp. Mrs. Jane Mary Story Hope Twp. 23 Oct 1823
Brown, Noble Hope Twp. Sarah Kennedy Hope Twp. 06 Oct 1849
Bryans, Jonathan Hope Twp. Helena Howden Hope Twp. 12 July 1853
Budge, Robert Port Hope Eliza Oliva Stephens Port Hope 01 Feb 1855
Burnett, Thomas Scotland Eveline Lumsdan Scotland 20 Sep 1831 Port Hope
Burnham, William Port Hope Susannah Bastedo Flamboro East 15 Oct 1836
Burns, John Hope Twp. Betsa Soper Hope Twp. 21 Jul 1804 Marriage Bonds
Burton, F.H. Ann Jane Brown 12 Jun 1845 St. John's Church, Port Hope Youngest d/o late John Brown
Caldwell, Samuel, Jr. Hope Twp. Miss Mulligan Hope Twp. 23 Jun 1852 Port Hope
Cann, John Hope Twp. Hannah Wilson Hope Twp. 24 Jan 1846
Carruthers, William Port Hope Mary Underwood Hamilton Twp. 11 Apr 1845
Cassie, Rev. John Port Hope Pamela Kidd Co. Armagh, Ire. 14 Sep 1840 4th d/o late George Kidd
Choate, Jacob, Jr. Hope Twp. Margaret Bowker Glanford 13 Jan 1827 Marriage Bonds at Ancaster
Cleghorn, Duncan Hope Twp. Hannah Agar Hope Twp. 08 Aug 1845
Clifford, Andrew Port Hope Margaret McCaslin Port Hope 16 Jul 1845 Port Hope
Convey, Simon Hope Twp. Sarah Atcheson Hope Twp. 06 Jul 1846
Dark, John Hope Twp. Eliza Wragg Clarke Twp. 08 Nov 1847
Davies, John F. Toronto Elizabeth Bastedo Flamboro East 16 Sep 1844 Port Hope Youngest d/o David Bastedo
Dawson, William Monaghan Twp. Miss Dodds Hope Twp. 14 Dec 1843
Dayman, Humphrey Port Hope Ann Beamish Port Hope 06 Feb 1845 3rd d/o William Beamish
Dickson, Rice Cobourg Jane Might Port Hope 19 Mar 1844 Port Hope Eldest d/o John Might
Donay, Joseph Port Hope Mary Ann Knowles Port Hope 13 Nov 1845 Cobourg
Doney, John Port Hope Ann Tamblyn Hope Twp. 23 Oct 1849
Farley, Horace Hope Twp. Eliza Morrow Hope Twp. 14 May 1833
Fitzpatrick, Henry Amherst Miss Ramsay Hope Twp. 20 Aug 1831 Hope Twp. Eldest d/o Mr. Ramsay, formerly innkeeper at Port Hope
Fleming, Rev. C.B. Lower Canada Elizabeth Ward Port Hope 12 Feb 1833 St. John's Church, Port Hope 3rd d/o Thomas Ward, Barrister-at-law
Flindall, Thomas Hope Twp. Meriam Annett Mills Hope Twp. 10 Oct 1855
Foot, John late of north Hill, Cornwall Lydia Barrett Hope Twp. 07 Oct 1851 At residence of f/o bride
Fortune, James B. Cobourg Maria Jane Lang Hope Twp. 17 May 1845 Eldest d/o James Lang, of Lang-dale, Hope Twp.
Fothergill, Charles Port Hope Eliza Richardson Pickering 19 Mar 1825 Port Hope
Furby, G. Manning Port Hope Jane Peters 22 Jul 1856 Maple Grove, Hopeville At Maple Grove, residence of f/o bride
Furby, William Port Hope Ann Manning Peterborough 1831 Peterborough Date not given, but published 12 May 1831
Gardner, Robert Hope Twp. Margery Henderson Hope Twp. 13 Jan 1834 Cobourg
Gerrans, James Port Hope Amelia Dayman Hope Twp. 09 Nov 1843
Gifford, Wellington Hope Twp. Anne McCoy Hope Twp. 29 May 1841
Gillett, Hiram Margaret Kidd Co. Armagh, Ire. 10 Oct 1842 Port Hope Youngest d/o late George Kidd
Goheen, Robert Hope Twp. Ann Goheen Darlington 27 Nov 1856
Goodwin, Richard Dawson Port Hope Marianne King Port Hope 27 Aug 1845 St. Peter's Church Eldest s/o Jas. Goodwin, of Enniskillen. Youngest d/o Rev. Steward King
Green, William Hope Twp. Ann Thorndike Hope Twp. 07 Feb 1834 Marriage Bonds at Cobourg
Greenaway, William Hope Twp. Ann Blatchford Port Hope 23 April 1853
Hagerman, Joseph Hope Twp. Charlotte Augusta Wilder Hope Twp. 03 Jul 1833
Hagerman, Nicholas Hamilton Twp. Hannah Russell Hope Twp. 04 Jun 1833 Marriage Bonds at Cobourg
Hall, Joseph B. Kingston Catherine Smith 06 Aug 1842 Port Hope D/o John D. Smith
Haney, Thomas Hope Twp. Catharine McMillen Hope Twp. 10 Dec 1852
Harris, William Hope Twp. Eliza Gifford Hope Twp. 13 Mar 1847 D/o late G. Gifford
Hartley, John A. Peterborough Rebecca Henthorn Peterborough 15 Nov 1855 Port Hope Eldest d/o J.T. Henthorn
Hawkins, Azel Hope Twp. Minerva Farley Hope Twp. 08 Sep 1830 Marriage Bonds at Duoro
Hayter, Alfred Edward Cobourg Sabina Dayman Hoar Hope Twp. 15 Feb 1853 Cavan 3rd & youngest d/o William Hoar
Healy, Capt. G.M. Port Hope Eleanor Syer Port Hope 06 Mar 1852
Henderson, John Port Hope Sarah Ann Fraser Hope Twp. 05 Jul 1856
Henderson, John Port Hope Isabella Jamieson Port Hope 23 Dec 1852
Hill, Richard Port Hope Sarah Sarvis Port Hope 18 Mar 1854 Port Hope
Hitchens, William Cobourg Eliza S. Runmens(?) Port Hope 14 Nov 1833 Marriage Bonds at Cobourg
Howe, Doctor Port Hope Caroline Lang Hope Twp. 30 Aug 1843 Hope Twp. Youngest d/o James Lang, JP, at Langsdale, Hope Twp.
Howell, R.S. Port Hope Mary Jane Cottingham Port Hope 09 July 1853
Hunt, Thomas Miss Soper Port Hope 27 Mar 1835 Port Hope
Hunter, Thomas Port Hope M.A. Mather Port Hope 01 Dec 1853
Jane, Bennet Robert Port Hope Mary Ann Fry Cavan Twp. 22 Jul 1854 Wesleyan Parsonage, Port Hope
Jones, Ralph Prescott Christiana Sowden Hamilton Twp. 22 Jul 1841 Port Hope 3rd d/o William Sowden
Kells, Christopher Port Hope Charlotte Might Port Hope 19 Jan 1847 Port Hope 2nd d/o John Might
Kells, Thomas Hope Twp. Sarah Ann Dean Hope Twp. 22 Sept 1853
Kirchhoffer, Nesbitt Port Hope Julia Read Surrey, Eng. 20 May 1840 St. Mark's Church, Niagara 2nd d/o Edmund Read, of Wandsworth, Surrey, England
Kirwin, Stephen Hope Twp. Louisa Preston Hamilton Twp. 22 Sep 1851
Lang, James Port Hope Jane Whiteford Montreal, PQ 29 Aug 1848 26 Upper Alexander Street D/o late William Whiteford
Lang, Robert Caroline Burton Queen's Co., Ire. 27 Jul 1847 St. John's Church, Port Hope 5th d/o Rev. Prebendary Burton, Rector of Dysart, Queen's Co., Ireland
Lister, Peter Cobourg Isabella Robson Cobourg 28 Nov 1845 Port Hope
Marshall, Charles Port Hope Elizabeth Grey Port Hope 08 Feb 1853
Martin, William Port Hope Grace Matthews Port Hope 18 Oct 1852
McDonell, Murdoch Port Hope Margaret Julia Lane Co. Tyrone, Ire. 15 Oct 1836 Port Hope 4th d/o late George Lane, of Woodbrook, Co. Tyrone, Ireland
McLaren, Robert Pickering Mary Broadfoot Hope Twp. May 1846 Hope Twp. At residence of Alexander Broadfoot, Sr., JP
McMann, John Port Hope Lucinda Jane Brown Port Hope 25 Nov 1853
McNinn, John Port Hope Rachel C. Robertson Port Hope 22 Nov 1853 Wesleyan Parsonage, Peterborough
McWatters, John Courtenay Armagh Eliza Jane Jellett Port Hope 20 Aug 1835 Belfast, Ireland Eldest d/o Morgan Jellett, late of Moira, Co. Down, Ire., now of Port Hope
Meredith, H.H. Cobourg Margaret Brown Port Hope 22 Sep 1840 Port Hope 3rd d/o John Brown
Might, John Port Hope Catherine Lee Prescott 19 Sep 1844
Milligan, Andrew Port Hope Jane Culross Port Hope 23 Apr 1846 Grafton
Mitchell, Jacob Clarke Twp. Bersheba Millson Hope Twp. 1846 Hope Twp. Date not given, but published 09 Sep 1846
Mitchell, John Whitby Ann Pollard Hope Twp. 09 Jan 1845
Morgan, James Port Hope Catharine Baker Cavan Twp. 30 Sept 1853 Bride formerly of Rochester
Morrow, James Hope Twp. Ann Tamblyn Hope Twp. 30 Sep 1845
Morrow, William Cavan Sarah Morrow Hope Twp. 26 Feb 1833 Hope Twp.
Mounteer, Charles Hope Twp. Eliza Grant Hope Twp. 30 Nov 1853
Perry, horace Port Hope Martha Mitchell Port Hope 08 Mar 1849
Pimperton, Joseph Ohio, US Matilda McDonnel Port Hope 08 May 1845 Port Hope
Plees, Rev. H.E. Eastern District Catherine Jellett Cobourg 03 Jul 1851 Port Hope 2nd d/o Morgan Jellett
Porter, William Port Hope Martha McChesney 02 Sep 1842 Cobourg Eldest d/o John McChesney
Readhead, John Hope Twp. Martha Alexander Smith Twp. 11 Jan 1835 Peterborough
Reed, Joseph Clarke Twp. Mary Crawford Hope Twp. 05 Dec 1836
Robertson, Peter Port Hope Sarah Whitt Nottingham, Eng. 02 Oct 1851 Toronto At residence of m/o bride
Robinson, Samuel D. Hope Twp. Susan Millson Hope Twp. 17 Oct 1849
Roblin, John Ameliasburgh Harriet L. Elliott Port Hope 28 Jun 1855 Port Hope At residence of Francis Beamish, br-in-law/o bride
Scott, James Port Hope Louisa Sophia Stevenson Port Hope 10 Nov 1849 Port Hope
Seney, George Hope Twp. Miss Gibson Hope Twp. 1845 Date not given, but published 05 Mar 1845
Shepherd, Rev. Edmund Eliza Ann Lang Port Hope 04 Feb 1835 Eldest d/o James Lang
Sherin, Thomas Mount Pleasant Harriett Morrow Hope Twp. 28 Nov 1853 D/o Alexander Morrow
Shortt, Rev. Jonathan Port Hope Isabel Julia Harper 07 Aug 1850 St. George's Church, Kingston D/o late Lt. Col. Harper, Royal Engineers
Smart, David Port Hope Miss Wallace Otonabee 20 Sep 1825 Port Hope
Smart, George Port Newcastle Elizabeth Margaret Ruttan Port Hope 26 Oct 1852 Port Hope Eldest d/o Charles S. Ruttan
Smith, Dr. William M. Charlotte Percival Ward 10 Aug 1841 Port Hope Youngest d/o Thomas Ward
Smith, Elias P. Port Hope Sophia Soper Port Hope 13 Mar 1833 St. John's Church, Port Hope
Smith, James Mary Ann Jane Henderson Emily 17 Mar 1836 Port Hope Eldest d/o John Henderson, late of Kilkenny, Ireland
Smith, John D. Port Hope Augusta Woodworth Bridgewater, NY 13 Sep 1833 Bridgewater, NY Sister of Isaac Woodworth
Smith, Joseph Hope Twp. Eliza Hall Hope Twp. 10 Dec 1851 Cobourg
Smith, Mr. Euphemia Owston 01 Mar 1842 Port Hope Youngest d/o William Owston
Spalding, John Peterborough Margaret Cleghorn Hope Twp. 11 Jan 1842 Hope Twp. 2nd d/o J.W. Cleghorn
Sprague, George M. Cobourg Emeline Saxton Hope Twp. 13 Feb 1837 Hope Twp.
Stafford, John Port Hope Esther Marshall Port Hope 31 May 1847
Stephens, David Hope Twp. Louisa Wheeler Darlington 28 Oct 1832 Darlington
Stone, Othniel Port Hope Phebe Bennett Port Hope 10 Nov 1832
Stone, Otteniel Port Hope Rhoda Bennet Port Hope 10 Dec 1831 Port Hope
Thomson, John Hope Twp. Jane McDiarmit Tecumseh 09 Apr 1832
Trick, Richard Hope Twp. Mary Ann Coad Hope Twp. 08 Oct 1849
Waddell, Robert Needham Port Hope Angeline Esther Jones New Jersey 25 Nov 1852 Port Hope 3rd d/o William jones, late Sherriff of NYC
Waddell, W. Port Hope Catherine Robinson Port Hope 18 Oct 1832 Eldest d/o James Robinson
Wadleigh, Phinas R. Port Hope Albira Tibbetts Colborne 09 Jun 1831
Wallis, William Eliza Brown 27 Dec 1832 Port Hope Eldest d/o John Brown, MPP for Durham
Ward, Ely W. Rose Hill, Port Hope Jane S. Bailey 01 Jan 1847 Rose Hill, Port Hope 2nd s/o Thomas Ward. Eldest d/o Assistant Commissary General M. Bailey
Ward, George C. Port Hope Harriett Amelia Brent Quebec 01 Feb 1836 Toronto D/o William Brent
Ward, James J. Rose Hill, Port Hope Octavia Susan Grierson Co. Donegal, Ire. 09 Mar 1846 St. John's Church, Port Hope Youngest s/o Thomas Ward. D/o late John Grierson
Ward, John Alexander Port Hope Jane Brooke Port Hope 01 May 1849 Eldest d/o Thos. R. Brooke. "In this city", at the res. of John Alex. Ward, u/o bride
Weldron, Isaac Port Hope Elizabeth Winship Connecticut, US 24 Jul 1856
Welsh, T.M. Hope Twp. Matilda Dean Hope Twp. 23 Mar 1854 Port Hope
White, George Port Hope Frances Guin Toronto 29 Oct 1852 Wesleyan Parsonage, Yonge St.
Wilkins, Thomas Hope Twp. Eleanor Howe Hope Twp. 18 Oct 1838
Williams, John Tucker Hope Twp. Sarah S. Ward Hope Twp. 28 Dec 1830 Port Hope 2nd d/o Col. Thomas Ward, 1st Regiment Durham Militia
Williams, Wynant Cobourg Isabella Jardon Port Hope 08 Nov 1833 Marriage Bonds at Cobourg
Williamson, Benjamin Edinburgh, Scot. Frances Janet Owston 09 Apr 1834 St. John's Church, Port Hope Eldest s/o Capt. David Williamson. Eldest d/o Wm. Owston, Royal Navy
Willson, Edward Port Hope Margaret Burnham Hamilton Twp. 25 Jun 1831 York Eldest d/o John Burnham
Willson, James Catharine Hartley Port Hope 15 Aug 1832 York
Wilson, N. Bowmanville Susannah F. Woodhouse Port Hope 21 Jul 1847 Port Hope
Wilson, Robert Port Hope Mary Churchville Port Hope 19 Nov 1853
Wood, James Hope Twp. Margaret McAmis Cavan Twp. 09 Feb 1848 Hope Twp. At residence of James Wood, f/o bride
Wright, Thomas Hope Twp. Elizabeth Morrow Hope Twp. 29 May 1841
Yeomans, Horace Belleville Ann Daman Beamish Port Hope 03 May 1849 Port Hope 3rd d/o Capt. W. Beamish

Peter and Barbara Bolton - Port Hope, Ontario