Zion United Church Cemetery 1839-1972

From Harold Reeves' History of the Township of Hope:

John Hicks Eymon received the appointment as Missionary of the Bible Christians and arrived from England with his wife in the summer of 1833. He was stationed at Cobourg. He wrote:

"In the early winter of 1833, I was invited to preach at what was called the Log School House, in the western part of the Township of Hope. This was the commencement of the society now known as Zion. The first protracted service that I held in Canada was at the log school house. At the close of the meeting it was agreed to build a Chapel."
The first Chapel was framed, erected in 1839 on land deeded by Samuel Naylor. The first, second, third, and fifth District meetings were held in the Zion Chapel. Minister William Hooper, in a letter dated 09 Nov 1858, wrote:

"A week from next Sabbath (God willing) we intend to open a very neat new Chapel at Zion in this circuit. It is about thirty-two feet by forty-two feet, with a good basement for Sunday School purposes. It will cost 500 pounds and will be the fifth good, substantial brick Chapel in the Circuit."

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Zion map

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