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The Empire Tea Room was a company of the younger women of Port Hope who organized themselves in November 1914 for the purpose of assisting the men at the front. the work that was forst undertaken and gave rise to the name was the serving of afternoon tea twice a week to those who cared to avail themselves of the service.

For four years this work was carried on continuously during the winter season and involved much labor. Other features were, from time to time, added to their efforts and the subjoined financial story tells of the results of their labors and the purposes to which their money was applied.

The Members of the Empire Tea Room were:-
Manageress, Miss Hazel M. Burnham
Assistant Manageress, Miss Elizabeth McLean
Misses Baines, Bennett, Bolton, Brown, Budge, G. Burnham, Bush, Chalk, Chislett, Connell, Cooper, Croft, Curtis, Dann, Fligg, George, Gibson, Gifford, Gray, Hagerman, Hamilton, Hume, Lapp, Lightle, McClelland, McLennan, McMullen, Milson, Quinlan, Scott, Shorey, Smith,Thompson, Tuer, Vair, Walker, Westaway, White, Wickett and Wood.

The Empire Tea room was originated for the purpose of sending comforts to Canadians in Hospital. Among the special uses of some donations are:-
     4 beds to Queens Canadian Military, Shorncliffe
     2 Radiant Heat Baths
     1 Vibratory Machine
     1 Ward at No. 2 Canadian Stationary Hospital at Le Tonquet, under the name of Empire Tea Room
     1 Ward at No. 2 Canadian Stationary Hospital at Le Tonquet, under the name of Port Hope
     1 Bed endowed at Roehampton, for legless and armless

The money was raised by the Tea-room throughout the winter, and occasional garden Fete, Fair Day luncheons, concerts, etc.

Port Hope Empire Tea Room Statement from January, 1915, showing the exact amounts and receipts:

No.2 Can. Sta. Hospital, LeTouquet, France:   $ 1,750.00
No.7 Canadian General Hospital, France:   325.00
Shorncliffe Canadian ospital:   700.00
Clivedene Canadian Hospital:   200.00
Roehampton Hospital for the Armless and Legless:   337.50
Sailor's Hospital Greenwich:   425.00
Belgian Hospital, LePanne:   150.00
Toronto Red Cross:   100.00
Col. Arthur Williams Chapter I.O.D.E.:   100.00
Sand Bag Fund:   12.00
No. 5 Canadian General Hospital, Liverpool:   200.00
4 Port Hope Nurses:   44.90
St. Dustan's Blind Hospital:   325.00
Royal Canadian Regiment Fund:   100.00
Y.M.C.A. Toronto:   127.00
Canadian Navy League:   63.45
Cigarette and Candy Funds:   65.14
Field Kitchen, 136th Battalion:   41.00
Star and Garter, Totally Disabled Hospital, Richmond:   675.00
Cobourg Military Hospital:   150.00
Pearson Hall, Blind Hospital, Toronto:   150.00

Total donations for five seasons:   $ 6,040.99
Total running expenses:   1,079.46
Bank balance:   41.90
Total receipts:   7, 162.35

Hazel H. Burnham, Manageress.
Elizabeth McLean, Asst. Manageress,
PORT HOPE, MAY 31st, 1919.

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