Providence Bible Christian Cemetery

Providence Cemetery This is a well-kept cemetery, with the earlier stones reflecting the names of the settlers and their descendants of the local communities, notably Rossmount and Whitehead Corners.

It is situated on the west side of Highway 28 - now known as County Road 28 - ten kilometres north of Port Hope and just south of the 7th concession road. A locally-appointed Board maintained the grounds until care was transferred to the Municipality of Port Hope in 2017.

The cemetery is still active, with additional land on the south side for present and future use.

On the lot map, many graves are shown as 'unknown burial'. The earliest existing stone is for Elizabeth S. Metherell (1786-1858), relict of Thomas Cruse (1793-1874).

An up-to-date burial database can be accessed here.

Elizabeth Cruse (1858)

County Road 28 north from Port Hope at Dale Road,circa 1920 This c1915 postcard (For a larger view, tap or hover your mouse over the image.) is included on the page more out of interest than of necessity. For those who care to venture north from Port Hope to visit the cemetery, you can carefully pull over at the brow of the hill just north of Dale Road traffic lights. Best evidence suggests that the image was taken from this position, looking north.

Note the marks in the road resembling the tires of the day, perhaps from the Ford Model T.

Peter and Barbara Bolton - Port Hope, Ontario