Probates (1821-1997)

A probate is an important document when it comes to genealogy. Names of heirs, their place of residence at the time of the event, and even inheritances often provide insight into the life of the deceased and their family.

Once a probate is registered, it becomes a public document, and therefore is in the public domain. The Port Hope Archives has been fortunate to be able to add to its collection of probates related to Port Hope and area residents recently, due to the generosity of a local lawyer. Many others were added during the indexing of the land registry instruments.

Most probates list the deceased's residence at the time of death, executors, and any heirs, with their residence. Some probates are lengthy and go on for pages, whereas others list the basics on one page. We have provided the names, dates of death, and - from obits and cemetery records (CemSearch) - limited information (names of spouses, children etc.) that will make it easier for you to determine whether the documents relate to your ancestors.

The probates listed are accessible for viewing at the Port Hope Archives, with copies available for a small cost.

Peter and Barbara Bolton - Port Hope, Ontario
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