The Minister's Wife's New Bonnet

The following article about an upcoming comedy appeared in the 09 March 1922 Weekly Guide.
A Sunday School Convention is to take place in the city. The minister's wife is selected as the local delegate. Her bonnet being rather out of date, she is in a quandry what to do.

The sewing circle comes to her assistance. Several members trim hats and each expects the minister's wife to wear her creation.

You will see this perplexing situation solved on Friday, March 9th at 8 p.m. in St. Paul's S.S. Hall.
(Entrance East Door.)

Cast of Characters
  • Rev. Grundy, MinisterMr. A. Houston
  • Mrs. Grundy, Minister's WifeMiss Gladys Meyers
  • Samantha Slick, President of the Sewing CircleMiss Mildred Carruthers
  • Nodanna Simpkins, who is always asleepMiss Marjory McElroy
  • Penelope Perkins, who is so preciseMiss Vivian Hogg
  • Agatha Squalls, the BlustererMiss Jean Thompson
  • Cayenne Pepper, who stuttersMiss Netta Brownlee
  • Dephe Hardahear, who is deafMiss Audrey Tutton
  • Vivian Walker, city millinerMiss Helena Lockhart
  • Always Knoxit, as his name impliesR. S. Hancock
  • Bill Butcher, a good fellowFoster Hamilton
  • Hugh Howler, a country sportGeorge Jacobs
  • Prof. Highvoice, ChoirmasterErnest Wells
Also choruses by Sewing Circle, Improvement Committee and Choir.

Peter and Barbara Bolton - Port Hope, Ontario