Baldwin List preface

     "While researching at the Bata Library at Trent University, I became acquainted with the collection of the Canadian Institute for Historical Microproductions (CIHM/ICMH), a microfiche version of over 100,000 books, pamphlets and leaflets of pre-confederation Canadiana. As an amateur historian, I found this intriguing collection an endless source of information. As a genealogist, I was particularly interested in books such as Joshua Thompson's compilation of the Militia lists of Upper Canada (CIHM #48193) for the year 1847 and published in 1851.

     "Official records of residents of Upper Canada during the mid 1800's are scanty and often difficult to find. In discussion with a fellow researcher, Barbara Hill, it was decided that the time and expense of making these lists available to others was worth the effort. While the lists provide no information beyond the name and residence of the militia man, it is hoped that these clues may open a door to further research.

     "Unlike many transcription of earlt records, we were working from a typed manuscript and so were not faced with the difficulties inherent in reading early handwriting. However, it would appear that Joshua Thompson did have that problem since it is not uncommon to find a name spelled two different ways for what is clearly one individual. In such circumatances we have accepted Thompson's spelling.

     "We wish to express our appreciation to Ms. Pamela Bjornson, of the Canadian Institute for Hsitorical Microproductions, for permission to copy and make these lists available to interested researchers."

Phyllis H. White
Barbara Hill
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada