Indices to local census returns

The earliest official tabulations of the residents of Hope Township we've seen are two 1799 reports: one by Elias Smith and the other by Augustus Jones.

Phyllis H. White transcribed the Oaths of Allegiance of men of Hope Township for 1801-1806.

The Crown Deeds of Hope Township, showing concessions and lot owners...

The Hope Township tax assessment rolls indices for 1802-1807, located in the collections of the
Trent University Archives (Peterborough, Ontario)

A great deal of gratitude is owed by area researchers to the late Percy Climo of Cobourg, who took it upon himself to create a head-of-household index of the 1803-1851 Hope Township census returns (available in hard copy at both Port Hope and Cobourg public libraries). These records have been transcribed for on-line searching with the kind permission of his great-nephew, Dan Climo. When browsing through them, please keep in mind that the entries were Mr. Climo's interpretation of often-illegible and/or faded entries. I hope I haven't misinterpreted HIS hand-written entries too badly!

1803    1804    1805    1806    1807    1809    1810    1811

1812    1813    1814    1815    1816    1817    1818    1819

1820    1821    1822    1823    1824    1825    1826    1827

1828    1830    1831    1832    1833    1834    1835    1836

1837    1838    1839    1840    1841    1848    1850    1851

Although there are no census returns for 1842-1847, there are assessment rolls indices, showing concession/lot owners.

1842    1843    1844    1845    1846    1847

Unfortunately, there isn't an 1851 census available for Port Hope. To our knowledge, the 1847 assessment index of the Town of Port Hope, also originally transcribed by Mr. Climo, is the only document we have showing the property owners of Port Hope prior to the official census of 1861.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of John Allan, Bob Symons, Ken Macpherson and the other tireless volunteers of the Ontario Genealogical Society, the Port Hope and Hope Township returns for the years 1851-1901 are available for on-line searching by surname.

Library and Archives Canada has the complete census returns, with images, on-line for 1901, 1911 and 1921.

Port Hope Business Directory (1856), was the first directory specifically for Port Hope, containing names and members of local organizations, lists of business owners and dozens of advertisements.

The Port Hope section of the Canada Directory for 1857-1858, providing the names and addresses of "professional and business men, and of the principal inhabitants".

The Canton Circuit of the Methodist Church included the Hope Township churches of Canton, Eden, Zion, Perrytown, Elizabethville and Garden Hill. These two financial reports list the donors' names and contributions for 1889-1890 and 1890-1991.

We were able to transcribe two Bell Telephone Port Hope directories: the c1898 and 1900 editions.

The Port Hope Archives received the 1913 Port Hope assessment roll in the spring of 2009 from the Cobourg & District Historical Society Archives. Thanks to Janet Snelgrove for transcribing it.
The 'Status' codes mean the following:

  • F—Freeholder
  • FMF—Freeholder Manhood Franchise
  • T—Tenant
  • TMF—Tenant Manhood Franchise

Tells whether the person listed was an owner or tenant.

Courtesy of Don Workman of Port Hope, we have transcribed the entries from the 1920 Hope Township Voters' List.

Peter and Barbara Bolton - Port Hope, Ontario