CemSearch is an online database of 400,000+ interment records, covering 800 cemeteries in 100 townships. It was begun in the 1980s by Ron Smith and Dave Long under the auspices of the Lakeshore and Quinte Branches of the Ontario Genealogical Society. Originally intended as a record of all known burials in Northumberland County (which includes those parts of Durham County that were amalgamated with Northumberland some years back), it has since grown to include all of the cemeteries in the surrounding counties. Here is a map showing the CemSearch locations. Ruby Adams stone
CemSearch area covered
  • The Old Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery (c1830-1873) records contain little more than the name of the lot owner, range and number of graves. There appear to be no existing records to indicate who was actually buried there.
  • The Presbyterian Pioneer Cemetery (1827-1873), on a sandy hillside in a quiet residential area, has approximately 65 known or alleged burials of early area pioneers.
  • St. John's Anglican Cemetery (1862-present), originally purchased by the Diocese of Toronto in 1853, has approximately 4,700 recorded burials, the earliest in 1863.
  • St. Mark's Anglican Cemetery (1819-1873) has some 140 burials in its churchyard. There have also been recent cremations.
  • St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, originally situated behind the Church, and presently located just north of Union, records its earliest burial as 1849. There are 1,200 interred here.
  • Union Cemetery (1873-present), adjoining St. John's, has approximately 7,700 recorded burials.
  • Welcome United Church Cemetery (1855-present), with 3,200 recorded burials, is located at the northwestern corner of town.

Peter and Barbara Bolton - Port Hope, Ontario