Birth, marriage, and death indices for Port Hope and Hope Township

c1840 English: Artist unknown In 2000, Chief Librarian Patricia Enright suggested that Barbara and I index the vital statistics for area residents as reported in the library's microfilms of the Port Hope newspapers. Our goal was to cover the 1832-1899 period, but, when completed, we decided, with the assistance of Barbara Trumper and Shirley Horner, to continue with the remaining microfilms to 1927. Not all entries were recorded - only those that we felt pertained to Port Hope and Hope Township families.

In 2011, Walt Sammis of Florida located the missing issues for 1928-1954 (long believed to have been lost to fire and/or flood), which were acquired through Darlene Robertson's efforts with Sun Media, and microfilmed with the generous assistance of Cameco. They were indexed over a six-month period with the additional help of Bill Hubbs and Allan Mackenzie.

While awaiting the microfilming of the 'missing years', those for 1955-1982 were indexed. Again, we intended to end the project at that 150-year point, but, given the interest, are continuing on.
[The Library has microfilms up to the present. Sadly, in December 2017, the paper ceased publication.]

There are considerable gaps in the 1832-1870 years, with the collection quite comprehensive from 1870. Within the indices periods, anniversaries from earlier periods may appear - for example, a 60th anniversary for an 1850 wedding may be in the 1900-1930 indices and, as the actual wedding itself may or may not be in the 1850 paper, it is wise to check all indices.

As the transcriptions were done by six people, the amount of material in each entry will vary from 1900 on. Where there are both weekly and daily issues, one or the other was chosen at the transcriber's discretion, as most of the material in the daily issues was repeated in the weeklies. Check the Library's finder's index to see the complete collection, and, if interested, email the Library for possible copies.

1832-1899 (3,893 entries)

These entries contain a considerable amount of information, including cross-referencing with the cemetery database (CemSearch) and

1900-1930 (8,714 entries in an Excel file)
Note The entries for 1912, part of 1913 (Feb-Aug), 1921, and 1922 were transcribed from the Library's bound volumes, which have yet to be microfilmed.

1931-1982 (12,406 entries in an Excel file)
Note The 5,873 birth indices for these years have been taken offline, due to concerns about the potential for identity theft. However, should you be interested in a search of those years, we'll be pleased to do one for you.
The existing sixteen issues for 1941 have been indexed, but not yet microfilmed. Missing are issues for Jul-Dec 1950 and May-August 1964. As many of the entries are for weekly issues, accurate dates were often difficult to ascertain (eg. "Married Tuesday last...").

Also indexed are a number of original issues (123 entries in a PDF document) - some housed at the Port Hope Archives (A), and others at the Port Hope Library already on microfilm (M/F) or awaiting microfilming (L).

1983-1990 (1,480 death entries in an Excel document sorted by issue date, to end of April 1990)
Note We are only recording death entries at this point, for privacy issues, and only obits that indicate local people. The descendents, where listed, only include those in the area at the time. There may have been six offspring, but only the area one(s) will be shown.

Jul 1990-Dec 1991 (170 death entries in a sorted Excel document)
Note These entries were taken from a box of index cards, found at the Library.

The following seven entries were transcribed in full from issues housed at the Port Hope Archives, which, due to their fragility, are not accessible to the public.

Port Hope Watchman - 11 July 1850 (3/1):

  • Birth of a daughter to Nathaniel Bate on 09 Jul 1850 at Port Hope.
  • Death of Alice Annette (15 months, 10 days), only daughter of James Grant of Port Hope, at Beloit, Wisconsin, on 10 Jun 1850.
Port Hope Watchman - 11 July 1851 (2/6):
  • Birth of a daughter to James Grant at Port Hope on 05 Jul 1851.
  • Birth of a son to M.F. Whitehead on 09 Jul 1851.
  • Marriage of Rev. H.E. Plees, Missionary in the Eastern District, and Catherine, 2nd daughter of Morgan Jellet of Cobourg, at Port Hope on 25 Jun 1851 by Rev. Jonathan Shortt.
  • Death of Edward Warren Powers. The obituary reads:
         "Died, At the residence of his father, in the Township of Hope, on the 7th instant, after a long and painful illness to which he submitted with singular patience and fortitude Edward Warren, eldest son of Samuel S. Powers, Esq., aged 21 years. The early death of this amiable and promising young man, is deeply regretted by a very large circle of relatives and friends. His manners were gentle, winning and unassuming; and his intellect was such as led those who were intimately acquainted with him, to predict that his future career would be one of usefulness and honour. But the angel of death stood over him and he withered, like a flower that is cut down at noonday. He was perfectly conscious for several weeks that his end was approaching, but he was not afraid to die. He departed in the unshaken belief that "this mortal shall put on immortality," and met the icy gaze of the pale King of Terrors with the calm and sublime triumph of a chritian. The lines underneath were handed to him a few hours before he expired, and which he perused with great pleasure. Tiddy, in the concluding stanza, was the pet name of a beautiful and interesting little sister of his that died about twelve years ago."

    Above this world of care,
    Of anguish and despair,
    Above earth's night of sorrow,
    Above the loftiest star,
    Heaven's shining mansions are,
    And an immortal morrow!
    There no sad mourners weep,
    No looks turn hoary,
    And brows forever keep
    Their gladness and their glory.
    There little Tiddy stands
    Eager to meet you,
    And lifts her angel hands
    To clasp and greet you!
Port Hope Times - 06 Sep 1876 (5/4):
  • Death of Frederick Jacobs (10 months), youngest son of T. Hewson, at Port Hope on 04 Sep 1876 (of whooping cough).

Peter and Barbara Bolton - Port Hope, Ontario