The following is a transcription of the original programme of the 1933 amateur drama production.
The Rotary Club of Port Hope
Geo. M. Cohan's Musical Comedy Success

"The Beauty Shop"

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
May 29th, 30th, 31st.

Book by Channing Pollock
Music by Harold Orlob and Chas. J. Gebest.
Produced through Special Arrangement with Geo. M. Cohan,
New York City.
Directress, MRS. C.H. LEWIS, Wardrobe.


(As You Meet Them)
Vivian, Dr. Budd's Secretary ..... Margaret Milne
Gladys, French Custodian of Shop ..... Florence Campbell
Hiram Sharp, Chairman of Com. of Creditors ..... Walter Saunders
Anna, Ward of Dr. Budd ..... Sydney Bennett
Phil Faraday, in love with Anna..... Herbert Winfield
Daniel Webster Briggs, Dr. Budd's Attorney ..... Charles E. Stephenson
Dr. Arbutus Budd, owner of Shop ..... Frederick Ough
A Dancing Chauffeur ..... George V. Strong
Miss Montmorency, a customer ..... Mae Foote
A Stout Party, also a customer ..... Audrey Brown
Garabaldi Panatella ..... E.J. Wormington
Carambo Maldinado ..... Hugh Bird
Dolores, Spanish souvenir girl ..... Marie Cancilla
Lola, Spanish dancer ..... Hazel McCullough
Lugubrio Sobini, Corsican undertaker ..... Fred McMahon
Natalie, Panatella's homely daughter ..... Mabel Scott
A Mermaid ..... Aida Nicol
Spanish Dancer ..... Stanley Wood
Spanish Singer ..... Elvie Barkwell
The Waitresses ..... Lois Darch and Marie Keeler
The Gobs ..... Ernie Wells and Charlie Scott
The Society Ladies - Elsie Ansell, M. Louise Gibson, Addie Kennedy, Lola Darch.
The Manicure Girls - Adeline Armstrong, Marie Keeler, Aida Nicol, Josie Milne.
The Wives - May Ansell, Elaine Barkwell, Mabel Milne.
The Sailorettes - Cecilia Bennett, Adeline Armstrong, Marie Keeler, Meretta Brown, Ivy Hudson.
The Broadway Girls - Elaine Barkwell, Edith Lawson, Cecilia Bennett, Meretta Brown, Alene Gifford, Joyce Thomas, Bernice Herring, Kay Henderson, May Ansell, Ina Hook, Ivy Hudson.
The Hairdressers - D. Paul Somerville, Ernest Wells, Ted Harwood, Art Smith.
The Business Men - Charlie Scott, Thomas Kennedy, Stan Wood, Stewart Seton.
The Creditors - Philip Ryan, Ken J. Hodgert, D.A. Shay, Walt Badley, Ralph Hodgson, George Garnett, Jim Reynolds.
The Corsican Johnnies - D. Paul Somerville, Hugh M. Coleman, Ted Harwood, Philip Ryan, John Harwood, Frank Southby, Earl Austin, Stewart Seton.

ACT I - A modern Beauty Shop in New York (or Port Hope). It is about 11:00 A.M., July first. Customers and creditors are calling.

ACT II - A Corsican onn, Omessa, Corsica. The natives are celebrating the Feast Day of "Ceres, Mother of Peace and Plenty." Two weeks later.

ACT III - A Corsican Fishing Scene. The following evening.


1. "In a Beauty Shop .....Ensemble
2. "I Want to Look Like Greta Garbo" .....Vivian and Chorus
3. "Come Along .....Anna, Vivian, Phil and Briggs
4. "Saturday Afternoon on Broadway" .....Dr. Budd and Girls
5. "Love's Hesitation" .....Anna and Phil
6. "When the Creditors Come to Call" .....Dr. Budd and Creditors
7. "All Dressed Up and No Place to Go" .....Dr. Budd
8. "Finale - "Poor Uncle Gazazus" .....Ensemble
9. "In Corsica" .....Maldinado, Panatella and Chorus
10. "Carissima" .....Dloroes
11. "Carita" .....Spanish Singers
12. "We're corsican Johnnies, We Are" .....The Johnnies
13. "For She loves All the Boys in the World" ..... Lola and Johnnies
14. The Apache Dance .....Lola and Partner
15. "Twas in September" .....Vivian, Briggs and Chorus
16. "But I Love You Just the Same" .....Lola, Budd, Briggs, Chorus
17. Finale - "Ring Out, Glad Bells" .....Ensemble
18. "The Fishing Fleet is Homeward Bound" .....Chorus
19. "The Tale of the Mermaid" .....Mermaid and Chorus
20. "The Sailors' Hornpipe" .....The Sailorettes
21. "Lola, My Tango Queen" .....Spanish Singers and Chorus
      (Lola and partner dancing the Tango)
22. Finale - "We Will Go Back Home" .....Ensemble
(Final Curtain)

Barbara & Peter Bolton - Port Hope, Ontario, Canada
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