The following is a transcription of the original programme of the 1930 amateur drama production. The background shows a portion of the programme cover, signed by many of the cast before it was printed. If you'd like a scan of the full cover - shown below - we'll be glad to oblige.

Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire
"Page the Prince"
A John B. Rogers Production
St. Mark's Parish Hall, Port Hope, October 22-23
Staged and Rehearsed by Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Winter
Pianist - Mrs. Winter
programme cover
In Order of Appearance
Master of Ceremonies:   Jack Dobbs
Heinrich, who runs the Cafe:   Fred Ough
William J. Spurns, who has a clue - sometimes:   Thomas Murphy
Mrs. Brockton, with Social Aspirations:   Gertrude O'Neill
Mr. Brockton, who Supplies the Millions:   Frank Guy
Betty, their Daughter:   Marie Cancilla
Edward Ballantrine:   James Giffen
Bob Benedict, his American College Chum:   Malcolm Mark
Al E. Oop, a Soldier of Fortune:   Jim Thomas
Rosetta Rhinelander, also Princess Ottilie:   Sydney Bennett
Count De Change, Prime Minister of Gondolivia:   Beverley Hancock
Bomski, a Bolshevik:   Paul Somerville
Duke Smixture, Prime Minister of Balkania:   Donald Skitch
Sir Lionsteak, his Shadow:   Lewis Foote
Queen of Gondolivia, Ottilie's Mother:   Louise Gibson
Captain Drazia, of the Royal Guards:   Jack Rowland
Princess Pearl of Balkania:   Mabel Scott

Scene - Cafe "Little Gondolivia," New York City. Time - Present.
1. We'll All Make Whoopee:   Master of Ceremonies and Cafe Patrons
2. Cabaret blues:   Ottilie and Cabaret Girls
3. Specialities...
      1. Solo:   Frances Johnson
      2. Breakaway Girls
4. When You Are Falling in Love:   Ottilie, Bob and Sweetheart Chorus
      No. 1 Chorus on Wednesday
      No. 2 Chorus on Thursday
5. The Girl of My Dreams:   Edward and Betty
6. Finale:   Ensemble

Scene - Public Square, Gondolivia, on-the-Rhine
1. Wedding Bells:   villagers and Guards
2. The Waltz of the Rose:   Ottilie, Bob and Villagers
3. Dance:   Tiller Girls
4. A Song of Parting:   Betty and Edward
5. In Gondolivia:   Captain and Guards
6. Everyone Loves a Fellow Who is Smiling:   Spurns and Heinrich
7. Just Pretend:   Ottilie, Bob and Pretenders
8. There's Nothing Like Love:   Princess Pearl, Al E. Oop and Steppers
9. Finale:   Ensemble

Waiters: Herbert Long, Hugh Coleman, Philip Ryan, Grant MacMillan.

Cafe Patrons: Romaine Millward, Elsie Ansell, Jean Carr, Sybil Gilmore, Madeline Bennett, Addie Kennedy, Syd Taylor, Tom Kennedy, Jack Dobbs.

Cabaret Girls: Aileen Mitchell, Genevieve Price, Mary Curtis, Helen Ward, Elizabeth Shay, Gwen Oke.

Tiller Girls: Gwen Thomas, Lorraine Baker, Adeline Armstrong, Nan White, Honor Gibson, Vivian Peacock, Betty Chislett, Edith Lawson, Cecilia Bennett, Wilma Pillsworth.

Sweetheart Chorus No. 1: Marjorie Boyd, Emma Blaker, Anna McGuire, Phyllis Dayman, Marjorie Horsefield, Phyllis Pillsworth, Lillian Roche, Emma Brown, Margaret McClellan, Violet Phillips, Lois Robertson, Thelma Welde, Loretta Pillsworth, Margaret Nesbitt, Wanda Ogden, Megan Marrick, Mary Cancilla, Bernice Blaker, Catherine Merrick, Norma Robertson, Helen Watson, Louise Wickett, Marion Houghton, Ivy Lock, Phyllis Skinner, Fay Coughten, Aileen Russel, Audrey Hennessy.

Villagers: Irene Pearce, Helen Conroy, Ruth Houghton, Annie Smith, Ruby Quemby, Margaret Comley, Alice Hood, Grace Chislett.

Sweetheart Chorus No. 2: Betty Comley, Jean Cox, Grace Cox, Helen Zealand, Ruth Thompson, Yvonne Hagerman, Norah Marion Coleman, Helen Roberts, Florence Walsh, Virginia Conroy, Noreen Jamieson, Alice Milco, Marjorie Redburn, June Hills, Florence Rowden, Jean Thompson, Hazel Franks, Doris Gibbs, Mary Terbenche, Pauline Matthews, Bernice Quemby, Irene Quemby, Phyllis McBride, Meretta Brown, Frances Jex, Gloria Roach.

Breakaway Girls: Roberta Lowe, Mary McGrayne, Merlee Meade, Aida Nicol, Maizie Bye, Hazel McCullough, Muriel Pirie, Helen Currier, Jean Micks, victoria Balouski, Muriel Carr, Annie Baldock.

Guards: Violet Holdsworth, Josie Milne, Phyllis White, Joan Hume, Elspeth Chisholm, Allaneen Shay, Isabel Hayden, Aileen Hancock.

Pretenders: Joyce Thomas, Margaret Skitch, Dorothy Peacock, Muriel Tickell, Muriel Mercer, Margaret McHattie.

Steppers: Audrey McBride, Ola Fox, Audrie Brown, Marie Giffen, Lola Darch, Harold flood, Jack Winfield, Charlie Martin, Grant MacMillan, Jack Dobbs.

      The I.O.D.E., and Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Winter wish to extend their thanks to the cast who worked so faithfully and cheerfully, to the public who patronized so freely, to the business men for their co-operation and to anyone who in any way contributed to the success of "Page the Prince."

Barbara & Peter Bolton - Port Hope, Ontario, Canada
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