Hope Township school registers
Port Britain School photo (1896)

Original register page

Hope Township resident Michael Szalawiga discovered the registers, laid under the kitchen linoleum, during 1970s' renovations to the former residence of Board trustee George Bertrum Henry Hamilton (1892-1959) and donated them to the Port Hope Archives in September 2013.

Each year’s register is a summary of the student population of each of the eighteen school sections. While not complete, they are quite extensive, providing the student’s name, age, parent/guardian’s name, and concession/lot number for the years:

  • 1892: SS Nos. 1-17
  • 1893: SS Nos. 1-9, 12-18.
  • 1896: SS Nos. 1-18
  • 1897: SS Nos. 1-5, 7-8, 10-16.

Given their fragile condition, I transcribed the contents. Mary Jane Broughton, an Archives’ volunteer, began the process of expanding the data by adding mothers’ and spouses’ names. My grandson, Peter Henry Andrews, also assisted in this research.

Efforts have been made to correct spelling errors in the originals. As a number of pages are torn, stained, or faded we cross-referenced with other years. We also used CemSearch, census returns, and vital statistics entries from the Ancestry web site.

It should be noted that the additional sources used have not been cited in the database. Inevitably, there are errors on our part. Should you find entries that are incorrect, or would like a printed, spiral-bound copy of this publication, please contact the Port Hope Archives.

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Peter and Barbara Bolton - Port Hope, Ontario