Christopher Oliver & Eleanor White of Northumberland, England (c1800)

Christopher Oliver and Eleanor White were married 15 March 1818 in the parish of Tweedmouth. To date, little else is known of them.

In the 1861 Belleville census, they were living with their daughter, Catherine, and her family in a one-story frame building:
...Christopher Oliver (55), married, born England, Church of Scotland
...Eleanor Oliver (55), married, born England, Church of Scotland

I have been unable to trace their whereabouts after that date.

Direct descendants of Christopher Oliver

Christopher Oliver (1795-
+Eleanor White (1795-
...2 James Oliver (1817-
(According to the Oliver family Bible, Christopher married Helen on 27 May 1816, whereas the marriage register states 15 Mar 1818. This creates one of two problems with James. Was the date wrong for his birth or was he illegitimate? The other problem: was he even a member of the family, as he doesn't appear in the parish registers with the rest of the children.)
...2 Andrew Oliver (1819-
...2 Matthew Oliver (1822-
...2 Catherine Oliver (1824:Spittal-1904)
.... +John Kyle (1823:Spittal-1905)
...2 Elizabeth Oliver (1826-
...2 John Oliver (1828-
...2 Agnes Oliver (1831-
...2 Helen Oliver (1833-

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