Family Bible entries

Family Bibles often contain records of births, marriages and deaths, and, while not entirely reliable for a variety of reasons (including, for example, incorrect birthdates to show the legitimacy of offspring whose emergence into the world came closely behind - or before - a wedding), are of great value to researchers. If you have material we can include, we'd be happy to hear from you!From Wm. Monaghan's prayer book (c1831)

This family data was taken from a collection of Bibles located at Dorothy's House Museum, some twelve miles north of Port Hope and operated by the East Durham Historical Society. The spelling shown is as found in the Bibles. Our thanks to Ona Gardiner for allowing us to transcribe them.

Another collection of Bibles is housed at the Port Hope Archives.

These contributions have been thoughtfully sent to us from personal Bibles.

While not from a Bible, the following information was transcribed from a notebook compiled by the "Misses Hatch" in Port Hope on 27th May 1861:

In a Declaration of 20 May 1933, Henry Alfred Ward lists a number of entries found in Thomas Ward's Bible.

Birth and death information was taken from two photocopied sheets of a part missing from William John Francey's Bible.

James Madison Andrews' Bible
(Jesper Harding, Philadelphia, 1854)

Found in a vacant house in Ottawa by ME Moffatt, it contains records from two Bibles and shows christening records from St. John's (now St. Mark's) Anglican Church in Port Hope, dating back to the 1840s.

James' wife, Rosanna, was the daughter of John Brown, who came to the United States from Cavan, Ireland, and then to Port Hope in 1818. He was a member of the legislature for Durham County for a number of years. He erected the first brick building in Port Hope in 1823. He died in 1842, after doing much to promote the progress of the town.
Note: According to Lynn Calvin, James M. Andrews Jr. served during the Civil War as a lieutenant in the 30th Regiment NY Volunteer Infantry. He was "in several battles, taken prisoner, confined in Richmond, exchanged and discharged with his regiment". He and many other family members are buried in Greenridge Cemetery in Saratoga Springs. Lynn is the coordinator of the Saratoga County NYGenWeb site. Included on that site are many Bible records of Saratoga County families.
James M. Andrews, born Milton, Saratoga Co., NY 14 Aug 1810
Rosanna Brown, w/o JM Andrews, born NYC 12 Aug 1816. Children:
     John Brown Andrews, born Saratoga Springs, NY 01 Sep 1841
     James Madison Andrews, Jr., born 20 Nov 1843
     Margaret Anna Andrews, born Port Hope 19 Jul 1848
     Rosa Mary Andrews, born 19 Jul 1848
     Eda Fleda Eunice Andrews, born Saratoga Springs 26 Aug 1852
     Ella Marion Turner Andrews, born 29 Aug 1854
     Henry Howard Andrews, born 12 Nov 1858
     George Sandford Andrews, born 19 Feb 1861
Jason Andrews (22 Feb 1768-28 Mar 1858) f/o JM Andrews
Effie Cochran, born 27 Sep 1848, w/o James M. Andrews, Jr. Children:
     James M. Andrews II, born 02 Apr 1868
     Effie Rosa Andrews, born 06 Mar 1870
Clarence E. Breckenridge, born 03 Nov 1851, h/o Ella MT Andrews. Child:
     Clarence Elias Breckenridge, Jr., born 05 Oct 1881

James Madison Andrews & Rosanna Brown, Port Hope 09 Jul 1840 by Rev. Shortt
James M. Andrews, Jr. & Effie Cochran, 06 Jun 1867
Ella MT Andrews & Clarence E. Breckenridge, 25 Nov 1880

Margaret Anna Andrews, at Saratoga Springs 11 Apr 1853
Rosa Mary Andrews, 29 Apr 1853
Eda Fleda Eunice Andrews, 22 Jun 1855
John Brown Andrews, 25 Apr 1857
Henry Howard Andrews, 21 Apr 1883
Jason Andrews, at Milton, Saratoga Springs 28 Feb 1858 aged 90 years, 6 days; f/o Jas. M.
James Madison Andrews, Sr., at Saratoga Springs of acute brochitis at 7 AM, 08 Jan 1890; buried Saratoga Springs
Rosanna Brown Andrews, at Maywood, NJ of debility 06 Jun 1900; buried Saratoga Springs 09 Jun 1900
(last two entries by B. Wallis, Ottawa)

Henry Howard Meredith, born 24 Jan 1815
Margaret Brown, born 28 Feb 1818
They were married 15 Sep 1840 at St. John's Church by Rev. Jonathan Shortt.

Henry John Meredith, born 08 Mar 1844
Amy Margaret Elizabeth Meredith, born 24 Jan 1847
Annie Rosa Mary Meredith, born 10 Jun 1849
William Howard Graves Meredith, born 14 Jan 1856

Amy M.E. Meredith & Charles Austin Williams, St. John's Church, Sep 1869? Children:
     Mabel Robsart Williams, born 07 Apr 1870
     Amy Walsingham Williams, born 28 Feb 1871
     Norma Duckett Williams, born 28 Nov 1872
Annie RM Meredith & Charles Percy, St. John's Church, 02 Oct 1878. Children:
     Howard Meredith Percy, born 12 Jul 1879
     Amy Lorraine Seymour Percy, born 23 Mar 1881

John Brown, at Port Hope Jan 1842, aged 52 years
Margaret Brown, at Port Hope 07 Jan 1856, aged 64 years
Rosanna Brown Andrews, born New York City 12 Aug 1816 (2nd d/o John and Margaret); died Maywood, New Jersey 06 Jun 1900; buried Saratoga Springs 09 Jun 1900
Margaret Brown Meredith, born Port Hope 28 Feb 1818 (3rd d/o John and Margaret); died Port Hope 17 Feb 1901
(last two entries by B. Wallis, Ottawa)

Johnson S. Walker's Bible
(John E. Potter & Company, Philadelphia, c1830)
Donated to Dorothy's House Museum by Mrs. William Hannah of Welcome, Ontario.

Johnson S. Walker, born 1835
Louisa A. Walker, born 1839
Miranda Walker, born 1857
James A. Walker, born 1859
Edgerton Walker, born 1862
Annie M. Walker, born 1869

"Mary Philp her Book July 20th 1851"
(JS Redfield-Clinton Hall, New york, 1848)

John Philp (11 Dec 1791-19 Apr 1841), born Penrose, s/o Hugh & Catherine
Mary Oke (11 Feb 1791-10 Feb 1884), born Hanger St Audy?, d/o William & Christain

Christain Oke Philp, 02 Jul 1830, aged 1 year & 2 months
William Oke Philp, 16 Aug 1878, aged 58
Catharine Philp Dunnett, 02 Jan 1898, aged 81
Belinda Mutton, 1893, aged 81
Elizabeth Fiddick, 1900, aged 75
Hugh Philp, 1902
Robert Philp, 1905
Christiana Philp, 1917, aged 85
John Philp, 1918, aged 92
Mary Dunnett, 1918, aged 94

James Charles Elliott's (of Hope) Bible
(Jesper Harding, Philadelphia, 1850)
Presented to Dorothy's House Museum by Edgar Bowman of Gore's Landing, Ontario, it is signed on the endpapers by John Elliott (01 Mar 1863) and Miss Charlotta Elliott (26 May 1888).

James Elliott, 10 Mar 1856, aged 60
Christiana Elliott, his wife, 12 Mar 1882, aged 87
John C. Elliott, 11 Dec 1887, aged 63

Edward John Symons' Bible
(William Collins, Sons & Company, Glasgow/London, 1869)

Joseph Symons, born 09 May 1844
Anne Symons, born 18 Mar 1846
They were married 30 Dec 1867.

Children, all baptised by Rev. Robt. Hurley, Bible Christian Minister...
Joseph Henry, born 15 Jan 1872, bap. 07 Feb 1872
Wilbert James, born 11 Apr 1874, bap. 15 Jun 1874
Mary Maud, born 09 Dec 1875, bap. Mar 1876
Robert, born 27 Jul 1877, bap. 03 Jun 1878
Clara Jane, born 14 Mar 1879, bap. 09 Jul 1879
Edward John, born 04 Feb 1881, bap. 13 Apr 1881

Joseph H. Symons & Carrie Campbell, 12 Feb 1896
Wilbert J. Symons & Lavina Allie Holmes, 08 Sep 1897
Mary Maud Symons & William G. Chestnut, 08 Sep 1897
Robert Symons & Mabel Ina Leighton, 08 Dec 1908 (Leap Year)
Edward John Symons & Carrie Ethel Wade, 14 Jun 1911

George Holdaway's Bible
(William G. Harding, Philadelphia, 1860)

Agusta Emma Holdaway born September 29th 1847 A.D.
Fredrick Holdaway born April first A.D. 1849
Adaline Holdaway born January 15th A.D. 1851
George Holdaway born September 19th A.D. 1854
Mary Eliza Holdaway born August 30th A.D. 1859
Myram Melissa Holdaway born February 8th A.D. 1864
Agusta Emma Holdaway (Kinsman) born March 14th 1870

George Holdaway Died December 22nd A.D. 1875
Aguta Emma Kinsman Died March 28th A.D. 1870
Adaline Spry Died August 28th A.D. 1894

Thomas Moore Benson (1833-1915) Thomas Benson's Bible
(Oxford Press, 1872)

The following family history was written in the front of the Bible:

Thomas Moore Benson, of Port Hope, Barrister-at-Law, and Laura Abigail Fuller were married in St. George's Church Toronto on the twenty-fifth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy-four by her father the Ven. T.B. Fuller DD DCL Rector of St. George's Church Toronto and Archdeacon of Niagara, assisted by her brother-in-law the Rev. D.I.F. MacLeod M.A. Rector of Chippawa.

Clara Cynthia, daughter of Thomas Moore Benson and Laura Abigail his wife, was born on the 5th June 1875, at Port Hope, and was baptized in the Church of St. John the Evangelist, at Port Hope, on the 22nd August 1875, by the Right Reverend Thomas Brock Fuller, D.D. D.C.L. Lord Bishop of Niagara, Mrs. Fuller her grandmother, Mrs.J.S. McMurray her Aunt, and Frederic Albert Benson her uncle, being Sponsors.

Thomas Bingley Fuller, son of Thomas Moore Benson and Laura Abigail his wife, was born on the 28th October 1876, at Port Hope, and was baptized in the Church of St. John the Evangelist, at Port Hope, on the 28th January 1877, by the Right Reverend Thomas Brock Fuller, D.D. D.C.L. Lord Bishop of Niagara, his grandfather, The Bishop of Niagara and Colonel Arthur T.H. Williams, of Penryn Park, and Annie Maria Benson, his Aunt, being Sponsors.

Jessie Laura Louise, daughter of Thomas Moore Benson and Laura Abigail his wife, was born on the 31st December, 1880, at Port Hope, and was baptized in the Church of St. John the Evangelist, at Port Hope, on the 3rd April 1881, by the Right Rev. Thomas Brock Fuller, D.D. D.C.L. Lord Bishop of Niagara, Mrs. William Fraser of Port Hope, and Miss Jessie Macklene of Toronto, and William Fuller, her uncle, being Sponsors.

Gladys Alicia, daughter of Thomas Moore Benson and Laura Abigail his wife, was born on the 23rd May 1883, at Port Hope, and was privately baptised at Terralta, Port Hope, on the 5th October 1883, by The Rev. W.E. Cooper, M.A. in the absence of The Rev. F.A. O'Meara LL.D. Rector of St. John's - the delay in her baptism arising from the ill-health of her Grandfather the Bishop of Niagara by whom it was desired she should be baptized. She died on the 6th October 1883, and was buried in St. John's Cemetery, Port Hope on the 8th Oct. 1883, by The Rev. Dr. O'Meara, Rector.

John Smart's Bible
(William Collins, Glasgow & London, 1851)
"Presented as a Wedding Present to John & Catherine Sophia Smart, by their Affectionate Father Jn. Smart of Port Darlington. Port Hope 10th Dec. 1853."

Tuesday October 3rd 1854 at St. Catharines John Elias Smart. Married Hattie Johnstone on 7th Jun 1887.
At Port Hope 3 June 1858 Alfred Smart. Married Harriet Elizabeth Gunn on 7th July 1890.
At Port Hope 10 June 1860 Annie Sophia Smart.

"A Memorandum of the Marriage of John Smart and Jean Napier, with the Dates of the Births of their Children.
John Smart and Jean Napier, were married at Bervie, by the Rev. Robert Croll, Minister of that Parish, on the 10th day of November, 1780. Aged 21 years each, after the month of September preceding their marriage: John Smart being born on the 18th September, and Jean Napier on the 10th day of said month, 1759.
     1. Alexander, their first born son, was born on the 9th February, 1782.
     2. Elizabeth, was born on the 5th August, 1783.
     3. Katharine, was born on the 25th May, 1785.
     4. Robert, was born on the 8th May, 1787.
     5. Margaret, was born on the 8th February, 1788.
     6. Katharine, was born on the 1st July, 1790.
     7. Martha, was born on the 12th March, 1792.
     8. John, was born on the 19th April, 1795.
     10. David, was born on the 19 Sept. 1797.
     11. George, was born on the 4th Dec. 1800.
Note: There was a daughter stillborn between the birth of Katharine and Martha. A tear in the paper obscures the rest of the text.
At Port Hope by the Rev. J. Cassie on Saturday December 10th 1853 John Smart (born 1 AM on the 29th March 1825 at Montrose, Scotland; dead 24 Mch 1891) and Catherine S. Smith (born Aug. 16, 1835 at Port Hope Canada; died 19 Jun 1891 aged 56 yrs.)

Seth Soper Smith's Bible
(William Collins & Sons, & Company, Glasgow & London, 1865)
"Presented to Seth and Susie Smith on their Wedding Day By their affectionate Mother Sophia Smith. Port Hope 28th Oct. 1869."

Children of Seth S. Smith & Theresa Ella Smith:
     Kathleen Edith Smith 21st Feby. 1883 Port Hope
     Stella Sophia Smith 7th Jany. 1885 Port Hope
     Phyllis Margaret Smith 11th Aug. 1886 Port Hope

Husband: Seth Soper Smith born 28th March 1843 at Port Hope, Ont.
Wife: Susie Frances Fuller born 24th May 1848 at Simcoe, Ont.
Married: 28th October 1869 at Port Hope
Second wife: Theresa Ella Smith born 24th March 1856 at Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
Married: 23rd June 1880 at Fond du Lac

Susie Frances Smith 5th April 1871 Lindsay, Ont.
Seth Soper Smith 12 October 1922 Port Hope
Theresa Ella Smith 1 May 1925 Port Hope
Kathleen Edith Smith 9 Jan. 1926 Port Hope

John Elias Smart (1854-1932) John Elias Smart's Bible
(A.J. Holman & Co., Philadelphia, 1886)

John Elias Smart of the Town of Port Hope and Harriet Johnstone of the Town of Cornwall were united by me in Cornwall on the seventh day of June in the year of our Lord 1887 in the Presence of George A.C. Bell & Eva Johnstone. Signed: G.B. Pettit M.A. Rector of Cornwall.

Powe/Parsons Bible
(Oxford: The Clarendon Press, for the British and Foreign Bible Society, London, 1821)
(back page) Bideford, Devonshire England

The information from this Bible (now housed at the Port Hope Archives) came from Carol Quirk of Australia:
I have no idea whose Bible this was. It was in the possession of my grandmother, Robina Haskill Mitchell [died 1982; buried Cobourg Union Cemetery], of Cobourg. Her mother was Mary Grace Rowden of Port Hope, so I suspect it came from her, as her family came from Devon.
William Henry, son of Robert & Catherine Powe - born July 19th 1847, died March 3rd 1848
William Parsons - Born Wednesday Nov 5th 1851 at 1/2 past two o'clock PM, died Sept 15, 1916
Maria Jane - born April 17th Monday 1 quarter past six PM 1854
Thomas Henry - born Monday (unreadable) Dec 24, 1855, died June 21st 1857 (unreadable..possibly 'on New York')
Thomas Henry - born July 18, 1857, Port Hope Canada West
(In pencil)Father Powe died Oct. 8th at 2:15 on Tuesday morning, Port Hope. (no year)

William & Phoebe (Mills) Monaghan William O. Monaghan's Bible
(Oxford: The Clarendon Press, for the British and Foreign Bible Society, London, 1828)
This very old and badly-repaired Bible, missing the front/back pages, was discovered in a family workshop in 1995.

John Monaghan born Sept. 4th 1832, Watertown, Jefferson Co., NY
Rachel born Sept. 4th 1835, Watertown, Jefferson Co., NY
Charles born August 9th 1838, C.W. and died May 10th 1845
Margaret Jane born June 27th 1840, C.W.
William James born December 22nd 1842 died May 10th 1845, C.W.

Joseph Henry Hugh's Bible
(J.W. Lyon, Guelph, Ontario, 1873)
In disrepair, this Bible was located (since moved) in the Hugh family home in Port Hope.

Joseph Henry Hugh Port Hope 1850 March 1
Emily Louise Masters England 1853 July 26th
Alice Maud Port Hope 1872 April 4th
Albert Henry Port Hope 1873 October 22nd
Joseph Frederick Port Hope 1875 January 24th
Walter Louis Port Hope 1876 April 13th
Edward William Port Hope 1878 July 22nd
Emily Florence Port Hope 1879 October 7th
George Earnest Port Hope 1882 April 4th
William Charles Port Hope 1883 June 14th
Helen Gertrude Port Hope 1885 September 13th
Henry Bertolotto Port Hope 1890 February 10th
Baby Port Hope 1891 August 10th

Misses' Hatch (notebook)
Port Hope, Ontario, May 27th 1861
Our thanks to Larry Green of Port Hope for allowing us to transcribe the following material.


Josiah Haskill & Chloe Gage Entered into Mariage July 3rd 1813
Louisa Haskill maried July 25th 1833
Wakeman Haskill maried March 9th 1841
Melissa Haskill maried October 9th 1842
Jeduthan Haskill maried November 14th 1844
Sidney Haskill maried January 2nd 1851


Josiah Haskill Born April 13th 1786
Chloe Haskill Born August 13th 1794
Louisa Haskill Born Born February 24th 1814
Wakeman Haskill Born August 9th 1815
Melissa Haskill Born February 10th 1817
Jeduthan Haskill Born March 11th 1818
Jeduthan Haskill Born November 20th 1820
Semantha Haskill Born April 8th 1823
Sidney Haskill Born May 29th 1828
Charles Haskill Born October 17th 1830
Sanford W. Haskill Born November 13th 1832
Eliza Elizabeth Haskill Born September 17th 1835


Eliza Elizabeth Haskill Died January 9th 1845
Melissa Haskill the wife of Arthur Pollard Died January 2nd 1855
Josiah Haskill Died November 28th 1860
Chloe Haskill Died December 4th 1871
Wakeman Haskill Died January 26th 1872


William Hatch and Louisa Haskill Entered into Marriage July 25th 1833
Nancy Hatch married February 2nd 1857
Frances M. Hatch married April 22nd 1867
Paulina Hatch married April 15th 1871
Sophronia Hatch married January 29th 1879


Polly Hatch Died April 13th 1843
Malissa Hatch Died April 2nd 1843
Ellen C. Hatch Died April 10th 1843
Sarah E. Hatch Died September 27th 1871
Louise M. Hatch Died February 10th 1874
William Hatch Died October 29th 1877
Louise Hatch Died August 27th 1883


William Hatch Born March 24th 1808
Louisa M. Hatch Born February 24th 1814
Nancy E. Hatch Born July 25th 1834
Pauline Hatch Born November 13th 1835
Polly Hatch Born May 18th 1837
Malissa Hatch Born May 2nd 1839
Ellen Chloe Hatch Born February 16th 1841
Mary L. Hatch Born April 28th 1844
Frances M. Hatch Born May 17th 1847
Sophronia Hatch Born November 22nd 1850
Sarah E. Hatch Born December 23rd 1853

David Gillespie's Bible
(Phinney & Co., Buffalo, 1852)
The first page of this Bible is inscribed, "David Gillaspie Bible Bought Septr. 20th 1851". Each of the entries was signed by David, with a descendant supplying additional material and dates after David's 1873 death. There is also a note stating that both the Gillespie and Kerr families emigrated to Canada from Co. Fermanagh, Ireland.


David & Jane Gillaspie was married in Port Hope Church of England December 14th 1830.
John & Eliza Anna Lee was married in Port Hope Church of England April 12th 1853.
David & Mary Gillaspie (Kerr) was married 31st October 1859 By Revd. Doctor Bethune in Cobourg Church.


Jane Gillaspie born August 18th 1798.
David Gillaspie born March 16th 1807.
Eliza Anna Gillaspie born June 20th 1835.
Sarah Jane Gillaspie born April 13th 1839.
Written by David Gillaspie Easter Sunday April 12th 1857.

David George Gillespie was born 15 minutes before 6 oclock on 28 August 1861 & baptised November 4th at 4 oclock by Revd. Jonathan Shortt in our own house, he being sick & died on 12 Feby. 1862 & was intered 13 Feby. 1862 in St. Johns Church at 4 p.m. aged 5 months & 15 days.

Isaac Gillespie was born on the 15 January 1869 at 7 oclock in the morning and was baptised in the New St. Johns Church on the 21st August 1869 by the Revd. Doctor Omera (Frederick Augustus O'Meara). Died October 27, 1901.

Elizabeth Lee born May 6th 1854.
Jane Lee born January 12th 1856.

Victoria Gillespie was born July 1st 1868 at 5 oclock in the morning and was baptised in St. Johns Church at Port Hope on the 16th day of August by the Revd. C.H. Bagely B.A. Queens College Oxford.

Thomas John Gillaspie was born September 24th 1864 1/2 past 3 oclock in the evening and was baptised by Revd. Jonathan Shortt on 23 of October in St. Johns Church Port Hope.

Mary Jane Gillespie was born January 6th 1866 & was baptised in St. Johns Church Port Hope on the 8th of April by the Revd. Mr. Alexander.

Jemima Gillespie was born on the 5th day of March 1867 and was baptised in St. Johns Church on the 21st of July by the Revd. Mr. Omera.


Sarah Jane Gillaspie died October 27th 1852 aged 13 years & 9 months.
Jane Gillaspie wife of David Gillaspie was born August 18th 1798 & died September 25th 1858 aged 60 years, 1 month & 7 days.
Victoria Ellinor Gillespie died June 10th 1904 at 1:15 p.m. at Midland House Port Hope aged 36 years.
Thomas John Gillespie died October 16th 1941 aged 77 years.
David Gillaspie died Nov 10th 1873 aged 70 years.
Jemima Gillespie died Jan 5th 1888 aged 21 years.
Mary Jane Gillespie died March 3rd 1910 aged 33 years.
Mrs. Mary Gillaspie (Mary Kerr) died Nov 15th 1900 aged 72 years.
Isaac Gillespie died Oct 23rd 1901 aged 31 years.

A hand-written marriage certificate, in the back of the Bible, reads:
Cobourg, October 31, 1859
These are to certify that David Gillaspie of Port Hope, Widower, and Mary Carr (Kerr) of the same place, Spinster, were this day married by me.
A.N. Bethune, D.D.
Rector of Cobourg

Hannah Skitch's Bible
(The Complete Domestic Bible. World Publishing Company, Guelph, Ontario, 1873)
This Bible was presented to the Port Hope Archives by Robert B. Peelle, Jr. - Hannah's gggreat-grandson - in December, 2005. The first page is inscribed, "Presented to my Mother Hannah Skitch by Her Son Thomas Skitch. Dec. 20, 1883", and the entries may have been done by Thomas. The family first came to Port Hope (Robert was the brother of William Skitch and Jane Yeo of Port Hope) before settling in Millbrook.

This certifies that Thomas R. Skitch and Margaret Montgomery were solemnly united by me in the Holy Bonds of Matrimony at BelliBrough [Baillieboro] on the seventh day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight conformably in the Ordinance of God and the Laws of the State.
Signed, James Cameron
Centerville Presbyterian Church
Witnesses: R.J. Montgomery, Lottie Skitch

Robert Skitch, born Dec. 25, 1826
Hannah Skitch, born Apr. 19, 1830
Their children:
Ann Jane Skitch, born England Oct. 18, 1849
Mary H.S. Skitch, born England July 1, 1851
William Skitch, born Canada Feb. 26, 1856
Silas Skitch, born Canada Apr. 25, 1857, died 1890
Tamar Skitch, born Canada Jan. 24, 1859
Thomas R. Skitch, born Canada Dec. 19, 1860, died 1862
Frances C. Skitch, born Canada Sept. 2, 1863, died Nov. 1945 (death date written in a different hand)
Robert T. Skitch, born Canada Aug. 13, 1865
Emma A. Skitch, born Canada Aug. 13, 1867, died 1897
Samuel J. Skitch, born Canada Mar. 1, 1869
Henery G. Skitch, born Canada July 10, 1876

Alfred Richard Rubidge's Bible
(The Holy Bible. University Press, Oxford, England, 1850)
The following information, from a Bible given to David by his father, was transcribed and submitted by David's great-granddaughter, Joan Gardner Moore - also a ggggrandaughter of Major Thomas Spalding of Grafton, Ontario.

Register of Alfred Richard Rubidge for his son, David.

25 Feb 1811. Alfred Richard Rubidge, son of Robert & Eleanor Rubidge. Born Monday morning 25 Feb A.D. 1811 at 50 minutes before one at Camberwell, near London, England. Married 8th Sept 1841 at Grafton Canada West by the Revd. William Reid, Presbyterian minister to Ellen Semanthe Spalding, daughter of Thomas Major Spalding and Anna Spalding of the village of Grafton C.W.
Ellen Semanthe Spalding was born 4 June A.D. 1818.

Joseph William Rubidge ("Willie") 1st born son of Alfred Richard Rubidge & Ellen Semanthe Rubidge. Born Friday 22nd July, A.D. 1842 at 20 minutes past 2 afternoon. Died Thursday 28th Sept A.D. 1843 after 9 weeks illness - aged one year two months & 6 days. Buried Saturday 30th Sept 1843 at Peterborough C.W. - "Willie" was born at Cobourg C.W.

Ellen Traill Rubidge, daughter of above Alfred Richard Rubidge & Ellen Semanthe Rubidge. Born Monday 18 Sept 1843 at 30 minutes past 4 in the morning at Peterboro.

Edmund Samuel Payne Rubidge, 2nd son of the above. Born Thursday 17th April A.D. 1845 at 1/2 past 3 o'clock afternoon at Peterboro. Died Sunday 13th Sept A.D. 1846 at 30 minutes to one in the morning after 4 weeks & 4 days illness - aged one year & five months less 4 days. Buried by the side of "Willie" Tuesday 15 Sept. A.D. 1846. We called him "Mannie."

David Rubidge, 3rd son of the above. Born at Peterboro C.W. Wednesday 14th October 1846 at noon. "God bless thee my son."

Mary Rubidge, 2nd daughter of the above. Born at Peterboro C.W. Tuesday 1st August A.D. 1848 at 20 minutes past 9 o'clock in the evening.

Anna Rubidge, 3rd daughter of the above. Born at Cobourg C.W. Saturday 24th November 1849 at 1/2 past 3 P.M.

"Grace" and "Gratian" - Twins, 4th son and 4th daughter of the above. Born about 1/2 past 4 o'clock in the morning on Tuesday 23rd March 1852 at Port Hope C.W. "Grace" was the first born. "Gratian" died Tuesday 6th April 1852 at 1/4 past 12 noon. Buried on the Presbyterian Burial Ground Port Hope in the same grave with his cousin "Mary Steele" Friday 9th April 1852 - "Grace" died Wednesday 6th April A.D. 1853 at about 15 minutes to 3 o'clock in the morning after about 6 days illness - Buried by the side of "Gratian" in the same grave Thursday 7th April A.D. 1853.

Martha, 5th daughter of above. Born at Port Hope C.W. Wednesday 15th Feb A.D. 1854 at about 4 o'clock P.M.

"Robert Henry" - 5th son of the above. Born at Port Hope C.W. on Thursday the 25th December A.D. 1856 - Christmas Day - at 8 o'clock evening.

"Alfred Portlock" - 6th son of the above, born at Port Hope C.W. on Thursday the 30th September A.D. 1858 at 2 o'clock P.M.

Ernest, 7th son of the above. Born at Port Hope C.W. on Thursday the 2nd August 1860 at 1/4th to 6 o'clock in the morning.

William Edmund Rubidge, 8th son of the above. Born at Port Hope C.W. on Wednesday the 19th of November 1862. Died on Friday 9th October 1863 at 30 minutes past 4 P.M. Buried in the New Cemetery near Port Hope.

Saturday 4th September 1869 at one o'clock 15 minutes P.M. My beloved partner & the mother of the above children departed this for a better life and now sleeps in Jesus. Buried at St. Johns Cemetery Wednesday 8th September 1869 at 4 P.M.

David Rubidge's Bible
The following register, from the Bible of David Rubridge of Denver, Colorado, was also transcribed and submitted by Joan Gardner Moore. The original was found in an envelope which stated, in her grandmother's hand:
Notes and Memoranda taken from the Bible of David Rubidge of Denver Colo
Died March 8th 1923 at Stoneycrest, Riverdale-on-Hudson
Aged 76 years
(signed) Edith Rubidge Cohoe"

Register of David Rubidge for his children

David Rubidge, third son and fourth child of Alfred Richard Rubidge and Ellen Semanthe (Spalding) Rubidge, Born at Peterborough, Ontario, Canada (or Province of Upper Canada as then called) on Wednesday, 14th October, 1946 at noon.

Sarah (always called Lallie) third daughter and eleventh and youngest child of John Justice Taber and Sarah Pherrill Taber, Born Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, Tuesday July 6, 1847.

David and Lallie first met each other at the Residence of Mr. Henry Benary on Bay St. in Toronto, Good Friday evening March 25th, 1864, Betrothed July 15, 1866, Married at Christ Church Scarboro' Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock, Oct. 2nd 1872, by Rev. John Fletcher, (the new Rector) assisted by Rev. Wm. Belt of Hamilton who was the former Rector of Christ Church.

Alfred Justice David, first born child of David and Sarah Rubidge, Born at the Home of his Grandparents (on Mother's side) 12 o'clock noon, Thursday, June 26th 1873. His dear mother left Denver Colorado for her parents home in Scarboro', Canada. We did not think what a fearful risk she ran to travel over the then long hot dry Western Prairie, through Colorado and Kansas, the journey at that time taking over 4 days and 4 nights from Denver to Toronto. From Toronto she took a mixed train to Scarboro', and then walked a mile and a half to her old Home, and very soon after her arrival the dear baby was born before full time. It was most providential that her brother Doctor Stephen Taber was at Home at the time, and rendered great Service, or we might have lost both the dear mother and her baby. Baptized at the Home of the Grandparents at the age of one week, by Rev. John Fletcher Rector of Christ Church Scarboro'. Richard Clarke Steele (cousin of his father) Godfather and Elizabeth Ann Seager (Aunt on mother's side) Godmother.

William David, Second son of David and Sarah Rubidge, Born at Denver, Colorado, Saturday 6th March A.D. 1875 at 30 minutes past 2 pm. Baptized at Christ Church, Scarboro' 1876 by Rev. John Fletcher, His Grandfather Taber, Godfather, and Aunt Mary J. Taber Godmother.

Frederick Taber, 3rd son of David and Sarah Rubidge, Born at the Home of his Grandparents, Scarboro' Ont. Friday 29th June A.D. 1877 at quarter to 8 o'clock in the evening. Baptized at Christ Church Scarboro' by Rev'd. John Fletcher Aug. 1877.

Edith Spalding, first daughter and 4th child of David and Sarah Rubidge, Born at Denver, Colorado, Saturday Oct. 2nd A.D. 1880 at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Baptized at Christ Church Scarboro' 1881 by the Rector, Rev'd Mr. Mussen. Married June 16th 1902.

Harold Spalding, 4th son and fifth child of David and Sarah Rubidge, Born at Denver, Colorado on Monday Feb. 13th A.D. 1882 at 10 o'clock in the morning. Baptized at St. John's Cathedral (on Welton St.) Denver, Colorado by Rev. H. Martyn Hart, Dean.

Sarah (Lalla) Semanthe, 2nd daughter and sixth child of David and Sarah Rubidge, Born at Denver, Colorado, Tuesday, May 6th A.D. 1886 at 12 o'clock noon. Baptized at St. John's Cathedral by Rev. H. Martyn Hart.

Friday 15th October 1909 at 7 o'clock in the morning, my beloved wife and the mother of the above children departed this for a better life. Buried in the New Cemetery (the Crown Hill Burial Park) near Denver Monday Oct. 18th at 2 pm. Services at St. John's Charter House 13 Clarkson by Rev. H. Martyn Hart, Dean.

Alfred Richard Rubidge, Son of Robert and Eleanor (Payne) Rubidge, Born Monday morning 25th Feb. A.D. 1811 at 50 miutes before one at Camberwell near London England. Married Wed. 8th Sept. 1841 at Grafton, Canada West by Rev. Wm. Reid, Presbyterian Minister to Ellen Semanthe Spalding daughter of Thomas Major Spalding and Anna (Merriam) Spalding of the Village of Grafton, C.W. Died at Port Hope, Ont. Canada Friday Nov. 10th 1876, Aged 65 years 8 months and 16 days. Buried St. John's Cemetery beside his dear wife.

Ellen Semanthe, daughter of Thomas Major and Anna (Merriam) Spalding, born in Village of Grafton, Ontario Canada (then Province of Upper Canada) Thursday 4th June A.D. 1818. Married Wednesday 8th Sept. 1841 Alfred Rubidge, as recorded above. Died Port Hope, Saturday Sept. 4th 1869. Buried St. John's Cemetery Wednesday 8th Sept. on the 28th anniversary of her Wedding Day.

The two above are our dear childrens beloved Grandparents on Father's side.

John Justice Taber, Son of John Taber and Mary (Justice) Taber Born in County of Essex, England Dec. 12th A.D. 1802. Died Toronto Ont. Canada, Monday Oct. 26th 1884, aged 81 years 10 months and 14 days. Buried in St. James Cemetery Toronto.

Sarah, daughter of Stephen and Elizabeth Pherrill, Born Scarboro' Ontario (then Province of Upper Canada) Monday 8 April A.D. 1811. Married to John Justice Taber Thursday Oct. 2nd A.D. 1828 by Rev. McGeorge Presbyterian Minister at Scarboro'. Died in Toronto Sat. 2nd of November A.D. 1880 Aged 69 years 7 months and 19 days. Buried in St. James Cemetery, Toronto.

The above two are our dear childrens Grandparents on Mothers side.
___________Beloved Grandparents_________

Thomas Ward's Bible
In 1933, Henry Alfred Ward wrote a declaration entitled, In the matter of Mary Playter, Deceased, and Mildred Wotherspoon. In it, he listed several entries written by Thomas Ward in his personal Bible. A descendent of the Playters, John B.W. Cumberland UE, was kind enough to let us transcribe it.

I, Henry Alfred Ward of the Town of Port Hope in the County of Durham in the Province of Ontario, Esquire, a Notary Public in and for the said Province of Ontario, by Royal Authority duly appointed do hereby certify:-
1. That I am a Grandson of Thomas Ward late of the said Town of Port Hope, Esquire, Deceased and have in my possession the Family Bible of my said Grandfather in which he kept a Record of the Births, Marriages and Deaths of his family and I find in the said Record, under the heading of "Marriages" the following entry:-
Thomas Ward, married to Mary Playter, the 30th. January, 1803, by the Revd. George O. Hill Stuart, York
2. That I was not born until two years after the death of the said Mary Playter, which took place, according to the said Record, on the 20th. day of February, 1847 but I had been frequently told by my Father, the late George Charles Ward, late of the said Town of Port Hope, Esquire, Deceased, that the said Mary Playter was a member of a United Empire Loyalist Family, who came from Philadelphia to York in Upper Canada, now the City of Toronto during or after the Secession of the United States from England in 1776.

3. That I have also found on the Second front fly-leaf of the said Bible, now in my possession this entry:-
The following are the names of the children of George and Elizabeth [Welding] Playter:-

Watson Playter born 9 Decr. 1766
Elizabeth Playter born 11 July 1768
John Playter born 19 Jany. 1770
James Playter born 10 April 1772
Hannah Playter born 31 Octr. 1774
Ely Playter born 30 Nov. 1776
Sarah Playter born 4 July 1779
Mary Playter born 13 Decr. 1781
Hannah Playter 17 June 1785
George Playter 21 Feby. 1788

4. That all the above entries were made in the hand writing of my said Grandfather Thomas Ward.

5. That Mrs. Mildred Wotherspoon of the said Town of Port Hope is a great, great Granddaughter of the said Mary Playter, the wife of the said Thomas Ward, the said Mildred Wotherspoon being a daughter of Seraphina Fraser Cumberland, who was a daughter of Augusta M.S. Fraser, who was a daughter of Sarah Spradbrow Williams, who was a daughter of the said Mary Playter, all of whom were residents of the said Town of Port Hope.

Given under my hand and seal of office of the said Town of Port Hope this Twentieth day of May, One thousand Nine hundred and Thirty three.
H.A. Ward
Notary Public
in and for the said Province of Ontario.

David Haskill's & Mary Rowden's Bibles
These Bibles were donated to the Port Hope Archives by a member of the Quick family. Both are small, personal Bibles, believed to have been printed by the British and Foreign Bible Society of London, England (the covers are very worn). The family information is taken from brief entries on the inside front covers.

David's bears the simple inscription:
David Haskill
Hope Born
Year 1851.

Mary's has a printed dedication plate, inscribed: Presented by the Rev. T. Cave Childs, St. Mary's, Devonport, to Mary Rowden on leaving England, January 1851.
Below that, she has written, "Mary Rowden hir Book brought on board the rose on leaven England at Plymouth."
A small envelope was inserted into the Bible: "This bible was given to my Great Grandmother Mary Rowden - whose maiden name was Mary Walter or Walters - on leaving England on the ship Rose in 1951(sic). My Grandmother was Ann Cook Rowden who came on the same ship. My mother was Mary Grace Rowden." The note is unsigned.

William John Francey's Bible
Found among the historical papers of former Mayor, Michael Wladyka, this Bible was in a deplorable condition. Two photocopied sheets were found in the Bible, assumed copied from one of the missing portions.

William J. Francey was born Jun 10th 1851
Sarah Francey was born September 11th 1855
Elenor Francey was born April 20th 1856
Ann Jane Francey was born March 20th 1858
George Henry Francey was born febuary 20th 1860
Eliza Emma Sisson was born mar 13th 1857
Margaret Ann Sisson was born July 20th 1855
George Sisson was born August 15th 1850
John Armor Sisson was born Sept 12th 1841
Mary Jane Sisson was born Nov 28th 1844
John George Francey was born Nov 2th 1816
Elizabeth Emma Francey was born Feb 19th 1878
Margaret Ann Francey was born March 31th 1880
Mary Elenor Francey was born August 3th 1882
William Henry Francey was born May 4th 1880
Levern Mercier? was born July 24th 1899

William John Francey died age 85 August 3 1936
Elizabeth Emma Francey died age 64 years old July 1 1925
William Henry Francey July 9/1958
Ruby Frances Mercer Minster died May 12/1957
George Edward Mercer May 25th/1926
George W??? Feb 24/1972
Clearance Ed. Feb 23 1971
Elizabeth Emma Mercer Apr 5-1973

William C. Trew's Bible
(The Holy Bible. John S. Brown & Sons, Harris, Ontario, 1892)
This Bible is owned by (Mrs.) Lorrie Norris, and was "Presented to Our Family by William C. Trew, Oak Hill, 1900."

"Our Family moved to Bridgenorth July 3rd 1911 after father Died.
Ida Trew went to Souris, Manitoba Aug 2nd 1913. Ida was married.
Mary & Lillian left for Souris 16 March 1915. Lillian returned Dec 2nd 1915.
Wellington enlisted 31st Jan 1916. Left for Barriefield 30th May 1916. Signed his name Wellington thinking it all ment the same but Registered Lewelland."

Ida May Trew Born 1895 May 7th day Hope
Lewelland Fredrick Born 1897 Jan 7th day in Clark
Mary Ellen Trew Born 1899 March 7th day Hope
Lillian Letitia Trew Born 1902 Feb 22nd Hope
Eva Vivian Trew Born Jan 31st/1904 Hope
Beatrice Pearl Trew Born May 22nd/1903 Clark
Robert William Trew Borne Sept 9, 1908 Clark
Ethel Berniece Trew Born May 21st, 1911 Emily
Mary Maud Trew Born Jan 11th, 1877

(The more modern entries have been partly obscured by the newspaper report of William C.'s death, which is stuck to the page.)
Henry Lewis Trew Died Sept 16th, 1903, age 32 years
Celina Wilson Died July 2nd, 1904, age 45 years
Wm. C. Trew Died May 6th, 1911, age 44 years
John Trew died Jan 13th, 1916, age...
David Trew died Nov...1929
Maggie Trew Oct...1956
Mary Maude Dec 8, 1939
Isabell Peacock Dec 20, 1961, 76
Freddie L. Trew, Jan 7, 1897-April 11th, 1961
Marjorie Dohse
Wallace Wheaton Dec 31, 1917-May 28, 1962
Eva Vivian Trew
Harry Jones Feb 20, 1961
Lillian Dohse (Trew) died Dec 28/67
Clair Trew Oct 19/71
Beatrice King Trew July 20/72
Ida - Apr 26, 1970
Mary - Apr 5, 1976

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