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Port Hope, Ontario
A  Living  Past
Ontario Genealogical Society This site was created in early 2000 with the hope of expanding our own genealogy database. Along the way, we discovered, and began to transcribe a wealth of family research material for Port Hope and Hope Township including: births, marriages and deaths, census returns, probates, newspaper articles, and other information. We hope you find something of value here, and if you have any local resources that you are willing to share, please let us know.
We were honoured to have the Ontario Genealogical Society (OGS) partner with us in 2017, to ensure our site's future online presence. To access their website, click the OGS logo.
- Barbara Kyle & Peter Bolton

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Our family
maple leaf We are hoping that presently unknown relatives in the following family groups will browse through our lineages pages, recognize a connection, and get in touch. To date, we have met sixty-five cousins!
  • Bolton, Gray, Powell, Thomas (Buckinghamshire/Middlesex)
  • Skitch, Peardon, Bailey, Harris (Cornwall/Devon)
  • Nicholas (Yorkshire)
  • Holloway (England)
  • Kyle, Carse, Oliver, White (Northumberland, England)
  • Currie (Argyll, Scotland)
  • Monaghan, Mills, Beatty, McCleary, Campbell (Ireland)
  • Frederick, Rush (Loyalists from New Jersey)
  • Greenleaf (Bergen Co., New Jersey)
  • Marshall, O'Connell (Quebec)
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maple leaf Local family histories we have received. If you would like yours added, please remove any living relatives from the file for privacy concerns.

Port Hope and Hope Township resource materials
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maple leaf The following census (and related) materials are available for online searching:
  • Crown Deeds of Hope Township
  • Elias Smith's 1799 Hope Township report
  • Augustus Jones' 1799 Hope Township report
  • 1801-1806 Port Hope/Hope Township Oaths of Allegiance
  • 1802-1807 Hope Township tax assessment rolls indices
  • 1803-1841 Hope Township census indices
  • 1842-1847 Hope Township assessment rolls indices
  • 1847 Port Hope assessment roll index
  • 1850 Hope Township census returns
  • 1851-1921 census returns
  • 1856 Business Directory
  • 1857-1858 Business Directory
  • 1890 Financial Report of the Methodist Church, Canton Circuit
  • 1891 Financial Report of the Methodist Church, Canton Circuit
  • c1898 Port Hope Bell Telephone Directory
  • 1900 Port Hope Bell Telephone Directory
  • 1913 Port Hope assessment record
  • 1920 Hope Township voters' list (with a township map)

Vital statistics
maple leaf An index of some 32,000 local births, marriages, and deaths, as reported in the 1832-1991 Port Hope newspapers.
maple leaf The 152 Port Hope/Hope Township marriages (1804-1854) taken from Reid's Marriage Notices of Ontario and Wilson's Ontario Marriage Notices and Marriage Bonds in Ontario.
maple leaf A partial list of 133 baptisms (1854-1884) from the registers of Our Lady of Mercy Roman Catholic Church (Port Hope), transcribed by Laurie Winter during family research. The entire BMD (1853-1920) image set for the Church online has not been indexed, so researchers will need to go through them page by page.
maple leaf The 148 baptisms (1875-1914), as recorded in the Garden Hill Presbyterian Church register and transcribed by Walt Sammis, are presented with the kind permission of the United Church Minister, Reverend William Service.
maple leaf Bernadine Dodge, Trent University Archivist, has graciously allowed us to list the Port Hope/Hope Township extractions from these four holdings in the Archive's extensive collection, beginning with this listing of 273 births (1869-1872), taken from the United Counties of Northumberland and Durham Vital Statistics fonds (#83-016).
maple leaf A listing of 238 Port Hope/Hope Twp. marriages (1869-1872), extracted from the United Counties of Northumberland and Durham Vital Statistics fonds (#83-016). Also included are several recently-discovered marriage entries in the 1825-1848 range.
maple leaf Extracts from the United Counties of Northumberland and Durham Vital Statistics Additions fonds - 1838-1855 (#84-004), consisting of baptism records, marriage lists and burial lists. The transcription maintains the original spelling - except where known errors have been corrected - so it would be advisable to manually check the database in addition to using the search engine.
maple leaf A listing of 260 Port Hope/Hope Township inquests taken from the United Counties of Northumberland and Durham Court Records fonds - 1832-1914 (#84-020). As this transcription also maintains the original spelling, you should manually search the database. An example of the inquest procedure can be read for that of Robert Best, who died of exposure in 1867.
maple leaf Local Family Bible extractions
maple leaf CemSearch—an ever enlarging online database of 400,000+ interments. Information is also provided about the local cemeteries.
maple leaf A lot map for Zion United Church Cemetery (1839-1972), located in Hope Township on Con. 3, Lot 31, contributed by Robert Symons.
maple leaf 139 death/funeral notices from 1861-1916
maple leaf Local funeral home records dating from 1864
maple leaf Elizabeth Hancocks, of Generation Press, has graciously given permission to list the Port Hope/Hope Township entries from her book, Surrogate Court Index of Ontario, Canada (1859-1900) Volume 4, Northumberland and Durham Counties.
maple leaf The Port Hope Archives holds a collection of 1,400 probates (1821-1997), mostly of area residents. Further information and copies can be obtained from the Archives.

maple leaf 1st Regiment of the Durham Militia (15 Dec 1837)
maple leaf 1st-6th Durham Battalions of the Militia of Canada (1847)
maple leaf 1st Battalion of the Durham Regiment of Militia (1856)
maple leaf The Prince of Wales' Canadian Dragoons (c1857), an article prepared by Neil Dukas
maple leaf List of Royal Hospital Chelsea out-pensioners in the Toronto District (1859)
maple leaf Port Hope Light Infantry Volunteer Company (01 May 1866)
maple leaf Photograph of the 46th Battalion band, taken at the Commons, southeast of the viaduct (1869)
maple leaf Photograph of the Fenian Raid veterans of the 46th Battalion of Port Hope (c1870)
maple leaf With the Midland Battn. during the North West Rebellion of 1885—a personal diary written by William E. Young
maple leaf An article from the 15 Nov 1935 Evening Guide, featuring a reprint of the 1915 Fenian Raid veterans' banquet
maple leaf List of Officers of the 136th Durham Overseas Battalion (15 May 1916)
maple leaf List of Appeals: decisions of the Appeal Tribunal in Port Hope and Hope Township cases (25 Jan 1918)
maple leaf List of Hope Township WWI soldiers (24 Dec 1918)
maple leaf Book of Remembrance: Local Participants in the Great War (1914-1918). Only two copies of this 1919 book were made, both now located at the Port Hope Archives. This transcription also includes the photographs, submitted by the families of those who lost their lives, on permanent display at the Town Hall.
In July 2014, Library and Archives Canada began the digitization of 640,000 Canadian Expeditionary Force personnel service files.
maple leaf As a companion to the Book of Remembrance, 134 letters written at the WWI front and published in the local newspaper have been indexed. Many of these letters were used in the Port Hope Archives' 2007 reprint.
John Batchleor: killed at the Somme 19 Sep 1916
maple leaf Photos of Port Hope's WWII veterans, published in the 11 May 1945 issue of the Port Hope Evening Guide.

Miscellaneous historical
maple leaf Letters, diaries, and logs penned by residents of the Port Hope area (dating from 1819), including the 1890 log of Sylvan Glen Camp
maple leaf A listing of Port Hope hotels and their owners/operators over the years
maple leaf Early Council: the Chief Magistrates of Port Hope from 1834 to the present day (a work in progress)
maple leaf By-Laws of the newly-formed Board of Police (1834)
maple leaf A description, with map, of Port Hope in 1834
maple leaf A list of daguerreotypists, ambrotypists, & photographers operating in Port Hope in the 1850s-1940s: a useful aid for identifying ancestral studio portraits.
maple leaf Port Hope harbour, as shown in an 1854 plan for the proposed Grand Trunk Railway. There are links to an 1831 letter to the editor about the conditions at the harbour, as well as the 1846 projected harbour plans.
maple leaf Information about Louis Bertolotto of 1830s London, England, flea circus fame, buried in Port Hope's Union Cemetery.
maple leaf A newspaper article (1889) listing 495 local citizens who had emigrated from the area, mostly to the United States.
maple leaf A listing of the 1891 Port Hope Fire Brigade members, with some history of the Brigade.
maple leaf Portions of the Port Hope Model High School Register (1891-'92) and the complete Training Register (1884-1904) for those in teacher training. There's also a link to a report card from 1880.
maple leaf Hope Township School Section student Registers (1892, 1893, 1896 & 1897), discovered under linoleum flooring during 1970s renovations.
maple leaf Port Hope High School Commencement Exercises (15 Dec 1899), held at the Opera House.
maple leaf A souvenir booklet produced for the 1901 Port Hope Old Boys Reunion, presented with thanks to Kit Kennard and the Port Hope Archives.
maple leaf The annual report, year ending 31 Dec 1907, for the Durham Lodge, No. 78, IOOF
maple leaf Five newspaper articles describing the local I.O.O.F. Decoration Day services (1918, 1921, 1923, 1926, and 1939)
maple leaf Six plays that were performed by Port Hope citizens: Little Snow White (1908); Fi-Fi of the Toy Shop (1915); That's That (1929); Page the Prince (1930); A Royal Cut-Up (1930); and The Beauty Shop (1933).
Cover of Hope Township registers booklet

Sources of information
maple leaf The Port Hope Archives is located in the refurbished former County Registry Office at the foot of Walton Street.
maple leaf The Port Hope Public Library has a number of resources, including microfilms of the available newspapers. The Ancestry (Library Edition) programme can also be accessed at the library.
maple leaf features an extensive collection of photos and information, largely assembled by the late local historian, Cal Clayton.
maple leaf Sites, including the Upper Canada Land Petitions, that we have found particularly useful for our own research.

While happy to search out and transcribe local resources for this site, we simply do not have the time to fill requests for photocopies. Similarly, if you're looking for information on families beyond what we have on these pages, please contact the Library or the Archives.
Please let us know if some link is not working. Happy searching...and good luck!
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Barbara Kyle & Peter Bolton, UE
Port Hope, Ontario, Canada
Peter and Barbara at the grave of Wm. George Lightle, France

1930 logo from a newspaper advertisement For a unique experience
Visit Port Hope's fully-restored atmospheric theatre! The Capitol is believed to have been the first such theatre built in Canada specifically for "talkies", opening August 15, 1930 with Queen High. The theatre was given National Historic Site status in November 2017. For more information, click the Capitol Theatre logo.

Sergeant Lawrence Robb Batchelor in France (c1916) Website structural development by Lee R. Batchelor
Technical Writer - Port Hope, Ontario

Dedicated to the memory of my grandfather, Sergeant Lawrence Robb Batchelor (Montreal - Duke of York Regiment), who courageously fought and survived the Somme, Vimy Ridge, and Passchendaele. Did he spend a few moments with some of the Port Hope boys before engaging in one of those battles? I would like to think so.

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